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Military Officers and UFOs

This page contains a list of military officers who, at some point during their military careers, have dealt - directly and indirectly - with the subject of UFOs and Flying Saucers. In most cases, the exchange of information was done through the chain of command, and kept in the strictest confidence by those who were directly involved in the UFO cover up. Whenever possible, links or additional information about their involvement in the UFO secrecy will be found at the end of each biography. For a listing of UFO-linked military personnel, click here.

Over time, UFO researchers and Historians have pasted together a picture of what actually took place during those early days of the Flying Saucer Era, but with like any other jigsaw puzzle, many pieces are still missing which have yet to be discovered. In a recent book entitled "UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry", some of those missing pieces are beginning to fall into place.

A copy of that book was given to me as a gift, and from what I've read so far, I am greatly impressed by the quality of the research that has been done in order to bring to light the real facts behind the Flying Saucer controversy and the UFO secrecy.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to learn more about how deeply this phenomena affected the military from the get-go, and what was done in order to minimize the public interest in the subject.

Captain Stan Fulham (1925 - 2010)

The following is a direct quote from the book 'Light at the End of the Tunnel: A Survival Plan for the Human Species' By Paul Hellyer:

"A Canadian World War II veteran also tracked me down to relate his wartime and subsequent experience with UFOs. Flight Lieutenant (Captain) Stan Fulham, of Winnipeg, Manitoba, tells the stories of his wartime and post-war experiences. I have condensed the former due to space restrictions.

In July 1944, Fulham was in a German prisoner of war camp in Poland. One hot afternoon, ne and his fellow prisoners observed what appeared to be a German rocket flying at incredible speed and great height over the prison camp. As they were all well trained in aircraft recognition techniques, they recognized at once that it was too large, too high and too fast for any aircraft that they were aware of. For a moment, they suspected it was a German rocket but then realized that didn't make any sense because it was flying in the wrong direction. It was only after the war that they concluded that it had been a UFO."

"Later, as a fighter controller with the North American Air Defence Command (NORAD), I had the opportunity of monitoring UFOs on radar and then of scrambling fighter aircraft to investigate the alien spacecraft. One night in the early 60s, two UFOs hovered two miles off the runway at an altitude of one thousand feet. The radar returns indicated craft three to four times the size of our jet fighters. I called NORAD command and informed them of the situation and suggested that I scramble standby jets to identify the unknowns. This was agreed.

"As soon as our jets were airborne, the UFOs streaked away at phenomenal speeds approaching three thousand miles per hour, with our jets in slow pursuit. The discs reappeared and hovered over the ocean near Vancouver, British Columbia, until our fighters finally caught up to them. As our jets closed in, they streaked away and disappeared over the Pacific.

"Thousands of people had seen the UFOs and also our jets. They called the control tower asking for information as to these strange lights and aircraft in the sky. Several people suggested that they could be UFOs since they were not helicopters and yet hovered in the sky without sound. Some authorities (not identified) stated that it was an illusion and suggested that aircraft flying west to Japan would appear as if they were standing still in the sky. This was a phenomenon, they said, that very often confused people. The media were not happy with this explanation because they knew that aircraft flying from the west coast to Japan would fly the Great Circle route which was actually in a north-west direction toward Alaska and not directly west which would take them to Hawaii.

"Early the next morning, the media called the Base Commander for confirmation and information about the UFO sightings. The Commander called and advised me of the media interest. 'However,' he cautioned, 'since nothing unusual took place last night, I suggest that we have nothing to discuss with the media.' I understood. 'This was the standard response to the public and the media in NORAD under a secret United States-Canada Communications Agreement signed in 1956 relating to the control and reporting of UFO sightings."

Captain Stan Fulham - UFOs and NORAD

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Brigadier General George F. Schulgen
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