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UFO Occupants

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According to the UFO literature, UFO occupants come in different humanoid shapes and sizes. Regarding shape, the occupants have more or less the basic humanoid shape: two legs, two arms, a head, and bilateral symmetry. Regarding size, the UFO occupants are typically described as being small, ranging from roughly 1 to 1½ meters in height. But some witnesses have also reported encountering humanoids ranging in height between 5 and 13 feet tall.

From left to right: Reptilian Alien, Ancient Alien, Grey Alien,
Nordic Alien, Men in Black, Neonate Alien and Roswell Alien.

Here is what is known so far about these seven types of alien beings...

In some rare cases, information about alien physiology and anatomy was leaked by a few privileged insiders who revealed that autopsies had been performed on alleged alien lifeforms. One particular case was discussed on a 1988 television special entitled UFO COVER UP - LIVE! hosted by Mike Farrell, which is referred to as the Foreign Technology Division/Wright-Patterson AFB Alien Evidence.

Then, in 1995, the FOX Network aired a controversial film entitled Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction? hosted by Jonathan Frakes. It was subsequently aired twice more, each time showing more footage of the "autopsy" and crash debris. After having been around the media circuit for a while and the subject of controversy, the film was eventually discarded by most researchers when someone apparently claimed to have faked it.

In their books FLYING SAUCER OCCUPANTS (1967) and ENCOUNTERS WITH UFO OCCUPANTS (1976), Jim and Coral Lorenzen wrote about several cases where ordinary people encountered unusual creatures in relation to the observation of an unidentified flying object on or near the ground. The following PDF file is a compilation I created of all the UFO Occupant observations gathered from these two books:

UFO Occupants.pdf

In a 1979 documentary film entitled UFOs Are Real, Ted Phillips of the Center for Physical Trace Research is quoted as saying: "You find a surprising number of instances in which humanoids are reported...near the landed UFO. Some 22% or 325 cases involved humanoids. Generally described as small in size...kind of pale grey skin...little if any hair...wide set, quite prominent eyes...thin, spindly bodies...slightly enlarged heads, and wearing tight-fitting diver's suit, as it is generally described. In over 50 of the cases, there were found small footprints correlating of course with the small humanoids seen."

Click on images to enlarge
Lima, Peru
February or March 1947
Sao Paulo, Brazil
July 23, 1947


August 1947
Valenciennes, France
September 10, 1954
Ournoy-la-Chétive, France
October 10, 1954
Caracas, Venezuela
November 28, 1954
Branch Hill, Ohio
May 25, 1955
Riverside, California
August 29, 1955
Minot, North Dakota
November 1961
Kent, England
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
August 28, 1963
October 12, 1963
Little Lever, England
Newark, New York
April 24, 1964
Valensole, France
July 1, 1965
Felixstowe, Suffolk, England
September 20, 1965
Aveyron, France
January 11, 1967
Pilar da Goias, Brazil
August 13, 1967
Zafra, Spain
Dolomite Mountains, Italy
July 1968
Coleraine, Quebec
August 29, 1968
Dakelia, Cyprus
September 1968
Palos Verde, California
Early 1970s
Imjarvi, Finland
January 7, 1970
Rosedale, Alberta
June 9, 1971
Itaperuna, Brazil
September 22, 1971
Woodland, California
November 25, 1971
Santa Isabel, Argentina
September 21-22, 1972 -
September 27, 1972
Vila Velha, Brazil
February 3, 1973
Beech Hills, Pennsylvania
August 23, 1973
September 6, 1973
Cincinnati, Ohio
October 12, 1973
Albany, Ohio
October 16, 1973
Lehi, Utah
October 16, 1973
Ashburn, Georgia
October 19, 1973
Draguinan, France
October 19, 1973
Athens, Georgia
October 20, 1973
El Yunque Mountain, Puerto Rico
October 20, 1973
Bahia Blanca, Argentina
October 28, 1973
Vilvorde, Belgium
December 1973
Warneton, Belgium
January 7, 1974
Saint-Cyrille, Quebec
June 25, 1974
Feignies, France
August 26, 1974
Rawlings, Wyoming
October 29, 1974
1975 Close Encounter
Fargo, North Dakota
August 26, 1975
Tripp Pond, Maine
October 27, 1975
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
November 1975
Garden Grove, California
November 21, 1975
Saint-Jean-en-Royans, France
January 9, 1976
Benacazon, Spain
January 28, 1976
Carignan, France
May 2, 1976
Goodland, Kansas
June 20, 1976
Canary Islands
June 22, 1976
Talavera la Real, Spain
November 12, 1976
Winchester, England
November 14, 1976
Montreal, Quebec
January 6, 1977
Wales, England
April 22, 1977
Quebradillas, Puerto Rico
July 12, 1977
Lindley, New York
July 25, 1977
March 17, 1978
Samaya, Japan
October 3, 1978
Western Kazakhstan, Russia
June 26, 1979
Puerto Rico
Trowbridge, England
January 1980
Mount Vernon, Missouri
July 1983
Lakewood, New Jersey
October 1989 Encounter
South Dade, Florida
May 1992
Calama, Chile
November 28, 2002
Neonate Alien


O.V.N.I., DIMENSION AUTRE by Jacques Lob and Robert Gigi
OVNI by Yurko Bondarchuk
Status Report II: New Sources, New Data by Leonard H. Stringfield
inexpliqué - Volumes 1 - 26 by Grolier Publishing
Falkville, Alabama Humanoid Photographs by Police Chief Jeff Greenshaw

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