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1995 Sighting Reports

Date: Sunday, January 15, 1995.
Location: Near Radar Road, near Hanmer, Ontario.

An auto mechanic reported that he saw a very large object while driving along Radar Road. He had two other men with him in his pickup truck and they were heading back to the city. All three witnesses were pretty shook up. He said that before he had this sighting, he was a real skeptic. He also said that there were a lot of other cars behind him, as well as the oncoming traffic and they too, saw the object. He later filled out a UFO report form and made sketches of what he saw. It was a long, cylindrical object which he estimated to be approximately 1000 feet long and about 40 feet in diameter, hovering over the power lines some 50 feet from the opposite side of the highway, and about 150 feet up in the air. His girlfriend said that he was as white as a ghost when he got home for supper. The incident occurred at about 6:30 - 7:00 p.m. that evening. After further investigation, the actual size of the object turned out to be about 450 feet long!

Original sketch made by the witness

Model of the object I made based on the sketch provided by the witness.

Date: Wednesday, March 1, 1995.
Location: White Water Lake, Azilda, Ontario.

Six people ice-fishing on White Water Lake witnessed a white, oblong object or light moving, then suddenly stop to finally take off vertically. It was too high to be a helicopter and no plane stops in mid-flight and hovers. I later spoke to one of the witnesses and he told me that the sighting occurred the day before the rockburst at Creighton Mine. The night of the sighting, he got home around 11 p.m. and told his parents he had seen a very rapid, circling light up in the sky, which was brighter than a star. There were two other boys with him who saw it also, but they didn't think much of it at the time.

Date: Friday, March 3, 1995.
Location: Beaver Lake, near Lively, Ontario.

I called The Sudbury Star to tell a reporter friend of mine about the recent sightings. In turn, he told me the following:

On the day before (Thursday, March 2), he received an anonymous call from someone claiming to have had a UFO sighting two weeks earlier, over Ella Lake, near Beaver Lake, which is located between Penage and Espanola. The witness looked at an object with red and blue flashing lights, with his binoculars. It was visible for approximately one half hour, and then took off. This sighting occurred at 1 a.m.

Date: Wednesday, March 8, 1995.
Location: Radar Road, near Skead, Ontario.

A man called to report a sighting he had witnessed with his wife and daughter, in late spring 1994. It occurred between 7 and 9 p.m. while he was driving on Radar Road, on the other side of the radar base, near the airport turnoff. They were followed by an object which he described as a big ball of light about the size of a full moon. It would sometimes follow them from behind; at times, it would fly parallel to the car and would occasionally fly ahead of the car, while dipping up and down below and above the tree-line. Other drivers were stopped along the highway, and some were standing outside their vehicles, looking at this object.

Date: Thursday, March 23, 1995.
Location: Sudbury, Ontario.

I received a call from MV, a guy I'd met at the Reference Library the year before and who happened to be very skeptical about UFOs, even after having seen the documentary UFOs Are Real. He called to report that he had seen something strange in broad daylight while walking downtown, at around 5:30 p.m. He immediately thought it was a weather balloon, but after it suddenly disappeared, it was no longer visible in the sky. He called the control tower at the airport and they told him it probably was a balloon of some sort. But we found out later that it couldn't have been a balloon because it was too low in the sky (3500 feet), not 36,000 feet like it should've been.

Later that night, one of our UFO group members (J-P) had a sighting while driving off Lasalle Blvd. onto Roy street. He looked towards the west and saw a green-coloured object heading down towards Frood Mine. It was like a glow-in-the-dark green and it moved in a downward curve, from south to north.

A few days following these sightings, I witnessed a dark green military helicopter that flew over my house, heading towards the airport. I called a colleague of mine and told him about it. Having been an Air Cadet himself, he suggested that I go to the airport and check it out. When I got there, I was surprised to see a large C-130 Hercules transport plane with Canadian markings that was parked in front of the control tower. As I drove past the terminal, I noticed that the helicopter was being refueled. As I drove down the highway, I looked in my rear-view mirror and caught a glimpse of it as it took off in a southerly direction.

There have also been reports of F-18 Hornet jet fighters flying around in this vicinity. I'm beginning to wonder why there is so much military activity all of a sudden. The only military installation in the area is the Falconbridge Radar Base, and it's been closed since 1987. There is no logical explanation why these aircrafts should be flying around here unless they are keeping tabs on the UFOs that have been spotted by numerous people, the past few weeks.

Date: Wednesday, May 17, 1995.
Location: Gainford, Alberta.

I received a daytime call from a friend of mine who told me that two girlfriends of hers saw UFOs over Gainford, on three separate occasions. The first sighting was of an object seen 75 feet above a car driven by one of the ladies. The second sighting was that of a bright oval-shaped object with a green or blue light on one side and a red light on the other, which was seen above some power lines. This took place on two separate nights. On the second night, the witness contacted another friend who confirmed the sighting. The object was last seen departing from the power lines.

Date: Wednesday, May 24, 1995.
Location: New Sudbury Shopping Center.

A friend of mine (MD) called me to report that on Thursday, May 18, he and his girlfriend were at the midway. While they were on one of the rides, she noticed a bright light, low above the horizon. After looking at it for a while, she said that it went out, all of a sudden. She never saw it again.

Date: Tuesday, May 30, 1995.
Location: Ramsey Lake, Sudbury, Ontario.

I was having a conversation with a man (MR) who told me that about three weeks earlier, two friends of his were near Lake Ramsey, looking up at the sky. They saw a cylindrical object flying in a break in the clouds. There was absolutely no sound and they estimated the object to be approximately 100 feet in diameter. They said it took off straight up into outer space.

Date: Wednesday, September 12, 1995.
Location: Richard Lake, Sudbury, Ontario.

I received a call from a female resident (LH) who said that for three nights in a row, she saw strange objects with red and green lights, that were stationary in the wester sky. She saw this from her residence near Richard Lake and Pinegrove Golf Course. For the first night or so, there was only one object. Then a second one appeared above or below the first one, one slightly brighter than the other. They would remain there for approximately 3 hours, at around 11:00 p.m.

Date: Wednesday, September 20, 1995.
Location: Lively, Ontario.

I received a call from a real estate agent (LL) who told me that she had driven out to Lively and saw an orange light low in the sky, hovering between two trees. She looked down to get something in the car, and when she looked up again, the light was gone. Later, when she drove to Creighton, she said she saw a fast-moving light that streaked across the sky and made a complete stop over some trees, a great distance away north of Creighton.

NOTE: Creighton is the location of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory.

Date: Thursday, November 23, 1995.
Location: Near Horseshoe Lake Road, Highway 69 South.

I received a call from MD who said that he and his girlfriend had witnessed a triangular-shaped object moving slowly from a northeasterly direction heading towards the south. The sighting occurred on Wednesday evening, between 6:55 and 7:00 p.m. At first, they could only see two lights moving side by side. When they saw that the lights were heading their way, the driver stopped on the side of the road, rolled down his window, and looked up at the object as it passed over the truck. His girlfriend did the same and noticed that the object now had three lights, describing a triangle floating below the cloud layer. The witnesses said it was moving too slow to be a plane and the lights were not flashing; they were on steady. I checked with the weather office and I was told the clouds were at 10,000 feet - less than two miles high.

Names of witnesses withheld. For educational purposes only.