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1998 Sighting Reports

Date: Wednesday, March , 1998.
Location: Capreol, Hanmer, Sudbury, Chelmsford, Garson, and Copper Cliff. Power Blackout.

A Capreol resident reported that he saw a bright light in the sky, in the direction of Sudbury. He added that he had never seen anything like that before, and that the sighting took place at about the same time the power went out.

Date: Monday, May 4, 1998.
Location: Dowling, Ontario.

A Dowling resident (VH) reported seeing one object moving way up amongst the stars in one direction. One flash followed by a thin tail of light, then darkness at intervals of nine seconds. He said he had a similar sighting the year before, but much closer.

Date: Wednesday, May 27, 1998.
Location: Dowling, Ontario.

VH reported that he saw two quick flashes one second apart in the southwestern sky, at 45° angle. It was too high to be a helicopter, and there were no airplanes in sight. The night sky was clear.

Date: Friday, June 5, 1998.
Location: Sudbury, Ontario.

A friend of mine (MV) reported that he saw two UFOs, one behind the other. The main object came from the west and headed east. It was slightly bigger than Jupiter, with a smaller orange light trailing it. The small light caught up with it and merged with it from behind. Both objects were completely silent. The altitude was approximately 3500 feet. His mother also witnessed it.

Date: Thursday, July 16, 1998.
Location: Sudbury, Ontario.

JB, former INCO worker, called to report that he had a daylight sighting near Long Lake, approximately 12 years ago while having a coffee at a doughnut shop on Paris Street. He described the object as diamond-shaped and slightly rounded at the top. It was moving or gliding very slowly around a large, dark cloud. It first came in from the direction of the Memorial Hospital, and then turned north as it maneuvered in front of the dark cloud. JB said he was amazed at the fact that although there were a lot of people in the doughnut shop, he was the only one who saw the object. One man actually joked by saying: 'Maybe it's a flying saucer or something!' JB also said that about 20 years ago, he and another man had another sighting.

Date: Thursday, July 23, 1998.
Location: Dowling, Ontario.

At 1:45 p.m., Friday, July 24, I spoke with VH and he related to me that the previous night, he had seen something in the sky at about 11:40 p.m. The object or whatever it was had alternating colors, going from white to red to blue, the white light being on the right side, the red light being in the middle and the blue light being on the left side, but flashing one at a time: white, red, blue... white, red, blue. There was absolutely no sound. The sighting lasted 5 seconds and he was looking straight up at it, at about 90°.

Date: Wednesday, July 22 or Thursday, July 23, 1998.
Location: Spring Bay, Manitoulin Island, Ontario.

On Friday, July 24, 1998, at about 8:30 p.m., I received a call from HW, an elderly resident of Gore Bay, Manitoulin Island. He reported to me that an unidentified flying object was observed by some people, including a man and his nephew residing near Spring Bay, Manitoulin Island. It was seen zipping back and forth above the trees and was eventually chased away by military helicopters.

Date: Thursday, August 13, 1998.
Location: Sudbury, Ontario.

I had settled into my new apartment, and as I was trying to figure out how to use my VCR and TV without the cable connection, I happened to look out the window and noticed a light in the sky. It looked to be as bright as Jupiter at its dimmest. I watched it some more until I realized it was moving away. As it became dimmer and dimmer, it suddenly blinked out. The clock on the microwave oven indicated 10:06 p.m. Had it been a plane, I would have been able to see it longer and further away. But it was gone within seconds. I later received a call from a Garson resident who reportedly saw the same thing on three consecutive nights.

Date: Thursday, August 13, 1998.
Location: Sudbury, Ontario.

On this day, a friend of mine (MD) told me that he and his girlfriend had a sighting on August 5. MD mentioned that his girlfriend had another sighting, which was witnessed by a group of people while on a houseboat on Nepewassi Lake, on July 18.

Date: Friday, August 30, 1998.
Location: Sudbury, Ontario.

MD called me to give me more details about the sighting he and his girlfriend had witnessed on Wednesday, August 5. On their way back from a fishing excursion at Lake Penage (near Whitefish), they were followed by a bright light flying at very low altitude. The time was about 11:00 o'clock at night. There were no flashing lights. The 'object' resembled a triangle that would change shape or position. And each time they'd stop at traffic lights, the object would do the same. When they got within city limits, his girlfriend noticed that the light suddenly disappeared.

It later showed up when MD got to his mother's house. From the backyard, he and his girlfriend could see it between a tree and a set of railway lights. MD described it as the size of a dime at arm's length when it was closest to them. And about the size of an aspirin at arm's length when it was further away from them. Then it performed what he calls the 'chicken' movement. It went from left to right very quickly, several times, and then stopped. It eventually became orange in color as it moved away and disappeared. They later saw it again, behind their apartment building. After looking at it for a while, his girlfriend went to bed, but MD kept on watching it and took two photographs with a Polaroid camera, which did not come out. He said the object was still there when he went in for the night.

Date: Saturday, August 30, 1998.
Location: Coniston, Ontario.

I spoke with a man (BM) who had been referred to me by another friend of mine (LJ). They had met at the Southridge Mall and discussed UFOs after noticing LJ's license plates (UFO KID). LJ gave me the information, and on Aug. 30, I gave BM a call. He described the event as it happened: In 1963, he was working at INCO and one Saturday, he and a friend went trolling on Landry Lake, north of Capreol. The only access road to the lake is the 'pole line' (a dirt trail used by hydro personnel to install, inspect and repair high voltage lines in the middle of nowhere). It was about 1:30 or 2:00 p.m., and as they were fishing, they noticed an object approaching in the distance. At first, one of the men said: 'it looks like a plane about to crash land.' 'Yeah,' said the other, 'but it can't crash into the bush.' Then, the other replied: 'you know how sometimes, a plane in trouble will attempt to land on the water. That's probably what it's going to do.' But as the object got closer, they realized it wasn't a plane. It got closer and closer until it was about 40 yards away. At that moment, they both lost consciousness. Before they were knocked out, he saw that the object was a large disk, 100 feet in diameter, with a large dome on top that had somewhat square edges. And there was a smaller dome underneath the craft. The object was dark grey in colour; no silvery reflection, no shine, and no light.

When they awoke, the men were lying on shore next to the boat. They looked at each other and said: 'we've must've been really tired or something.' They made their way back to the city and headed to the mall. When they got there, they realized that all the stores were closed. They couldn't figure out why stores would be closed on a Saturday afternoon. They asked a passerby about it and he said it was Sunday! The two men thought he was joking, so they went to a convenience store and asked the clerk, and he said the same thing. So now, the remaining witness thinks that he has lost 24 hours out of his life. No explanation.

Date: Thursday, September 10, 1998.
Location: Sudbury, Ontario.

An 18-year-old boy (JS) reported that on Friday, September 4, 1998, he and a friend (also 18) saw an unusual light while standing outside Blockbuster Video, in New Sudbury. The time was between 8:51 - 9:00 p.m. He described it as a red light at first, which then turned white as it maneuvered near the communication towers at the Adanac Ski hill. It eventually made its way past Cambrian College and disappeared in the distance. He was reluctant to tell his mother about the sighting for fear of being ridiculed, but when he did, he was surprised to find out that both his mother and grandmother had seen something a few years before.

Date: Thursday, September 10, 1998.
Location: Sudbury, Ontario.

I happened to call a friend of mine from Capreol when he related to me an account that he had heard from one of his neighbours. A few years ago, he, a friend of his, and two other people went fishing on a lake behind Capreol. The two men were in the boat, while the other two were on shore, looking at them fishing. Suddenly, the two men in the boat noticed a light in the distance, that was moving towards them. In a matter of seconds, the object was right above them. Then, nothing. They were in the boat, fishing. When they got to shore, the other two came up and asked them if they had seen anything strange and they said no. Well, the two men on shore told the other two how they had seen this object come over them, and saw the two men in the boat as they were being levitated into the light by a beam or something. The two men couldn't believe it.

This incident would explain the weird behaviour of one of the men...the same one who happens to live next door to my friend. His entire backyard is booby-trapped with all kinds of traps. He has an elaborate security alarm system, including motion detectors.

Date: Friday, September 11, 1998.
Location: Hanmer, Ontario.

On Saturday, May 16, 1998, at approximately 11:50 p.m., Mr. RS, Mr. MG and his wife (both school teachers) were sitting on the swings on the back patio when they saw three lights moving in from the east. The formation was triangular in shape, with one light slightly offset from the others. As they came into the atmosphere, they looked to be the colour of copper. The one offset object sped up and joined the others, as all three moved in really fast. Then, they veered to the south in a very sharp turn and left. There was no sound, no blinking lights; just three 'disks'... lights like stars. RS called collect to NORAD in North Bay, and reported his sighting. Apparently, someone there accepted the charges and the call went through. The first one to take the call was a man who said: 'It might be meteorites'. RS replied by saying: 'Since when do meteorites come in from the east and turn sharply to the south?' The call was then passed on to a woman who said that the call was being recorded. The witness said that he didn't care. After he told her what he saw, she answered that she didn't know what he saw. But RS says he knows that these objects weren't from earth, and certainly weren't meteorites. He has agreed to be recorded on audio tape, and said that his friend will probably do the same.

On Saturday, September 12, I called Mr. MG and he related to me that the night following this sighting (May 17), he sighted the objects again. But this time, they came in from the south and traveled north, covering the distance in about 4 seconds.

Date: Tuesday, September 22, 1998.
Location: Blind River, Ontario.

My friend JM called to report that someone in Serpent River had a daylight sighting on Wednesday, September 16. At about 1:00 p.m., two people - a man and a woman - were returning from lunch, walking towards the Cutler First Nation Band Office when they spotted a silver, hamburger-shaped object hovering overhead. It was below cloud level and stayed there for a few seconds, then moved further away and stopped; at which point, it looked like a light. Then finally took off real fast.

The woman called Science North to report the sighting and someone there mentioned that UFOs have been reported several times, and that many of them are seen in and around animal mutilation sites. The person on the phone even mentioned the fact that in most mutilation cases, the carcasses were dropped from the air, leaving a depression in the ground as a result of the impact, and that certain organs and body parts are usually missing from the animals.

Date: Saturday, September 25, 1998.
Location: Elliot Lake, Ontario.

I received a call from a resident of Elliot Lake who related an unusual event on behalf of her boyfriend. DB-E, a Crisis worker for one of the local hospitals in Elliot Lake, reported that in January 1992, her boyfriend set out to go ice fishing on a nearby lake. He drove his truck until the snow got too deep. Not wanting to get stuck, he got out of his vehicle and walked the rest of the way. When he arrived at the lake, he was surprised to find two large circles in the snow. Each was approximately 20 feet in diameter and 4 feet deep, right down to the surface of the ice. There were no footprints, no snowmobile trails, nothing to indicate that someone had been there. He also said that the snow or ice within the circles looked as if it had been melted and then rapidly froze over.

Date: Saturday, September 25, 1998.
Location: Long Lake, near Sudbury, Ontario.

On Tuesday, September 28, my friend WM and I were walking downtown. After I finished telling him about the call from Elliot Lake, he told me that on Saturday, he was out in the backyard at his girlfriend's house with her two dogs. He said he noticed a red light in the sky that was moving from right to left, in an erratic motion. He described it as 'making W's in reverse.'

Date: Saturday, October 24, 1998.
Location: Ramsey Lake, Sudbury, Ontario.

A 25-year-old man reported that he and a friend witnessed an unusually white object hovering above Ramsey Lake while driving towards the downtown area, at around 4:00 p.m. The sky was clear and the sun was shining. The object was described as two teardrop-shaped balls (one larger than the other) connected by a tube. The UFO remained motionless above the lake for a moment before disappearing. The witness estimated its height to be about 1 mile high. At arm's length, it measured about 22 inches long. The colour was a very bright white. As they drove closer, the driver had to crouch down in order to see the object through the window of the car. The witness said he'd provide me with a sketch of the object and other details of the sighting.

Date: Monday, December 7, 1998.
Location: Minnow Lake, Sudbury, Ontario.

That night, I went over to a friend's apartment to watch a movie. At around 11:45 p.m., after we finished watching the movie, I was getting something in the kitchen when I happened to look out the window and noticed a bright light to the left of the INCO stack. At first, I thought it was Jupiter. But it was much too low for that time of night (about eye level, from my friend's second-floor apartment) and in the wrong part of the sky (west). It was about as high as a thumb at arm's length. The sky was clear and I could see the red lights on the communication towers and the flashing white lights on the stack. I also looked up at the sky, and the stars were clearly visible. This was not a plane because there was no flashing coloured lights...it was just white. As minutes went by, the light seemed to fade away, as if it was gradually moving away from me, heading west. I thought it might have been passing through the smoke plume from the stack. But the smoke was going to the right of the chimney, and the light was to the left of it, and slightly higher. While my friend was at his computer, I grabbed his second-hand telescope and looked at the 'object'. I focused in on it and there was either a halo around it, or it was starting to fade out, but it was still visible. I watched it for a few more minutes and at about 11:52, the light was gone.

The next day, he told me he didn't see anything. But my friend MV says that he might have seen the same thing I saw while he was walking his dog, at approximately the same time.

Names of witnesses withheld. For educational purposes only.