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2008 Sighting Reports

Date: Tuesday, March 4.
Location: Sudbury, Ontario.

"Who do I get a hold of as I am watching the things in the sky. Is there somebody you can call right away to confirm what you are seeing. Example last night (March 4, 2008 10:00 pm) I was looking out my window when I noticed what I thought was just a plane. I could only see the lights, no shapes until it got closer. You could see an oval object hanging down from it. It was traveling from the east going west when suddenly a jet coming from the west and went over top of it. It suddenly turned and started going east also. As I live in an apartment block my view was obstructed, so I could not see what happened. However, I am a very avid sky watcher and this is not the first time I have seen strange sightings. With one sighting I tried to call the police. They just said no other calls came in about anything. So I would appreciate it if you could give me a phone number to call as it is happening so others could verify what I am seeing. I live in Sudbury Ontario. Sincerely."

Date: Monday, March 10.
Location: Sudbury, Ontario.

"Between 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m my wife and I were driving down Falconbridge Road when all of a sudden we see a bright green fireball with a tail fall from the sky at extreme speed. It fell behind the houses and I never heard anything. Just wondering if anyone else in the area seen or found anything."

Date: Wednesday, March 26.
Location: Sudbury, Ontario.

"Looking out a window, saw a light going across the sky in the vicinity of the usual planes traveling to the airport. Realized it was too big and the wrong shape to be a plane, and then thought I must have been witnessing a meteorite falling to earth (there have been a lot of reports of strange lights around here lately, which have been dismissed as meteorites). Then I tried to follow its descent, but it gained speed and darted out of my line of sight. Then I moved towards the window to see where it went, when all of a sudden it veered upwards! That's when I knew it was no meteorite! By that time I was right at the window and saw about between 5 to 7 more of these big bright circles, moving erratically, jetting back and forth quickly, almost too quickly to keep track of, then they all darted quickly out of my line of sight behind a big fir tree. I am sure they saw me looking at them and they hid from my line of sight. It was obvious. I was afraid, and yet fascinated at the same time."

Date: Wednesday, May 5.
Location: Between Wahnapitae and Coniston, Ontario.

"Monday night about 11:30 p.m., I was watching the stars. The sky was clear and one small star in particular caught my eye because it sparkled so white and was like a pin prick in the sky. As I watched it, it got a little larger, then it got a little bigger as it seemed to move closer. It had a emerald green glow around the outside and a white centre. It then turned a really bright green, all of it. About 1-2 minutes passed and it got about the size of a baseball, all the time it looked like it was coming towards me. It was moving from the west to the east (mind you it was high in the sky and far away, I was looking towards Coniston where there are no homes or buildings). The emerald green light was intensely bright but did not light up the sky around it. Then it suddenly zig zagged to the North about a meter, then stopped then zig zagged downward toward the ground about 1/2 meter. But then it zig zagged upward to the North once more. Now the bright emerald color started to fade to the intense sparkling white and it got smaller and smaller and changed direction once more to the East and then back to the North again and then disappeared.

I know it sounds weird, but I have no idea what it could have been? Yes, there are airplanes that fly through this area to the Sudbury airport but they fly a south to north direction and they always have flashing lights. I saw no tail or flashing lights at all and I viewed it only for 2-3 minutes."

Date: Saturday, November 15.
Location: Sudbury, Ontario.

"Time:6:50 pm (Approximately)

Where: Travelling down Bancroft drive past Shappert turning right onto Barry Street flying slowly towards the wooded area of HOPE Coop.

Description: A Triangle shape (that was like half a cracker cut diagonally held out at arms length) travelling in the opposite direction up Bancroft. The object appeared to have 4 or 5 yellowish/white lights along its left side. The bottom had a light moving right to left like a marquee . The middle had a red/white light?

What Happened: While driving down Bancroft, this triangle was flying slowly towards my direction and slowly turned left on to Barry street (observational comment). I turned left and watched this triangle make an unusual turn at 60 degrees over the Co-op, making the right turn at an unusually slow flowing turn without slowing down or stopping. The triangle appeared to fly lower in back of the wooded area of Hope Co-op . I went to the end of Barry (dead-end street) to look in the woods by my neighbour's unit to see if it landed. As I turned around, a 2nd identical triangle was coming down Barry on the same flight path as the first one."

Date: Unknown
Location: Mattawa, Ontario.

The following photos were taken by Marc Duchesne and Michel Ranger while on a camping trip across the Mattawa River.

If you look closely at the second photograph, you will notice that the camera has captured an unusual object in the sky. It was only after the film was developed that the photographer noticed the saucer-shaped craft above the hills in the distance. He never saw the object when he took the photo.

Left: photo of Marc Duchesne taken by Michel Ranger. Right: photo of Michel Ranger taken
by Marc Duchesne just a minute or so later after both men switched places.

Close-up of the saucer-shaped object.

Names of witnesses withheld. For educational purposes only.