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2009 Sighting Reports

Date: Monday, January 19.
Location: Garson, Ontario.

A Garson resident and her husband were coming back from Falconbridge, and as they got to the set of lights at Church Street, they noticed above them an object which they assumed to be an aircraft. It was described as having a red light on the one side, a blue light on the other, with a row of white lights in between and a large beaming light on the front. The strange thing about it was the fact that it seemed to be hovering!

Date: Mid-September 2009.
Location: Valley East area, Ontario.

In October 2009, I received a message on Facebook from a woman who claimed to have taken photos of three unusual upside-down teardrop-shaped objects over a Valley East field in September. The following is the information she gave about the sighting, including the three photos she took:

"Hi, I just uploaded 3 pictures taken yesterday, Saturday September 19/09 in the vicinity of Sudbury Ontario. Can anyone tell me what this is? I thought maybe it was some sort of balloon so I called a local farm and asked if they used balloons for any reason. The woman told me that yes, some farms did. She proceded to tell me that her and her staff had also witnessed exactly what I described on Saturday as well and that the majority of her staff was freaked out saying it was a UFO. She told me that farm balloons are mainly tied down where this one clearly was not and that they are closer to the ground to fend off birds. She could not explain what it was saying she had never seen anything like it before. After snapping these pics and a short video we drove about 10 minutes farther up the road and seen another hovering. It was stationary although windy then would move against the wind. A second one quickly appeared for about 5 minutes then was gone in a flash..I'm confused and curious!!"

"They were silver balls with a cone shaped bottom..They were just hovering there then they would move straight up then sideways then down...weirdest thing I've ever seen. The 1st one we seen was alone then about 10 minutes down the road we pulled over when we spotted another, then all of a sudden there was a second one. We watched for a bit but the second one disappeared...I have a few pictures, not the clearest but I will post them this week."

UFOs over Valley East - September 19, 2009

Date: November 2009.
Location: Taheke, in the Hokianga, Far North of New Zealand.

You struck me as someone who might be interested in my sighting - but more so as someone who might be able to shed a bit of light on it.

I saw it from a place called Taheke which is in the Hokianga, Far North of New Zealand, (West Coast). It was south/west when in turbulence and when it disappeared from sight it was North/west. It was so far away it looked like it was travelling around the earth's hemisphere?...if thats the right word?

It was no different to most reportings: It was along way away as the flashing lights (red & blue), were about the same size as the stars. In fact I first thought it was a satellite. But the thing that was diferent to most other sightings which you may find interesting was...

When I went outside and saw it, it was madly bouncing around and like I said, I initially put it down to being a satellite, which I thought must have been stuck in some sort of turbulence. I watched it for I suppose a minute or 2 and before I knew it, it recovered from the turbulence and just shot off. This was when I called out to my father in law, as I knew then it wasn't a satellite. We watched it zoom off a full quarter or 45 degrees to our right in mere minutes and then it just disappeared like it was travelling away from Earth. I know it wasnt a man built plane or jet as 1/. it or any man in it would never have survived the turbulence; 2/. it was travelling at a ridiculous speed, and 3/. It handled the turbulence like it was a regular occurence!

Have you ever heard of a UFO being caught in this type of turbulence before?"

Names of witnesses withheld. For educational purposes only.