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2010 Sighting Reports

Date: Thursday, February 4.
Location: Sudbury, Ontario.

A member of the housekeeping staff at Pioneer Manor was driving to work from Long Lake when she spotted a red and white light hovering near College Boréal. It was a stationary light. For a second, she thought it was a tower light, but she looked, and because she was in traffic, she had to look quickly from side to side. And she noticed there was no tower...it was just a light suspended in the air.

This witness has had other UFO sightings in the past which she related to my colleague Todd Fraser, who works as a housekeeper at Pioner Manor.

Interestingly enough, at 20 minutes to 8, there was a power outage in his building. There was also power outages in the Minnow Lake and New Sudbury area. Transformers were blowing up around town.

We don't know if they are linked to the sighting or not, but it's interesting, nonetheless.

We've known from previous cases when a UFO would cause blackouts by being in close proximity to the lines and literally suck the power directly from them.


Flashing Lights over water (Lake Huron?)
Happenned Last Fall(September/Oct)
Yellowish Lights-RoundBlinked out and reappeared twice in same spot in the air
happenned near dusk(time of day)
They dissappeared second time
2 witnesses (unamed)
First time they diasappeared one witness had a cave light LED on his hat....turned it on /off a couple of times
The object reappeared the second time after that!!!Object was reported to the Police (OPP?)
They said U.S sends areial drones over the lake
That was probably what they saw?

Date: July 1, 2010
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

I received a report from one of my friends who said that she, her boyfriend and her mom were watching the fireworks display on Canada Day when they noticed some orange lights in the sky.

Another report of the same sighting came to me from one of my friends who gave me a link to it. It was posted at the National UFO Reporting Center website from Seattle, Washington and there is a video of it at the link below:

Sudbury, Ontario

2 orange orbs appear for 15 minutes on Canada Day.


While watching a Canada Day fireworks display, we noticed one then two orange orbs rise, remain stationary, then speed away.

Date: July 31, 2010
Location: Azilda, Ontario

I received the following e-mail on August 4, 2010:

Hi. We were having a family reunion and we were sitting around camp fire around 12 am, Saturday morning of the 31st. There was about 35 of us there. My nephew screamed 'what the f is that?' We all looked up and seen an object come in over White Water lake, Azilda. We thought it was a meteor, than it came towards us, stopped directly over us. It was a sphere, and there was a flame inside of it! We were in shock and then, it took off into the east heading towards Sudbury! Then we watched it in the distance until it disappeared!!!

Later on, 2 days after, a buddy from the Sudbury Police force told me there was 2 call outs from coniston, seeing the same thing!

It stopped right over us and stayed there for at least 30 seconds, then picked up speed and zoomed away! Thanks. Family was pretty shocked over this!

Date: June 18, 2010
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On August 7th, I received the following e-mail:

Hello Michel,

My name is Steven King, and yes I've heard jokes my whole life about writing scary books and creating scary movies. But on a more serious note, I have recently witnessed my first official sighting which I am told is of the 1st kind. Here's how & when it happened.

JUNE 18th, 2010 *previous apt* ( 69 Tuddenham Apt.1 ) [approx. 1:54 am to *exactly* 2:02 am]

Me and my girlfriend Julia had just walked in from a night out with friends. Neither of us had been drinking, due to money issues. I sat in my kitchen which has a rear porch door leading you out onto a small landing at the back right side of the building, top of the staircase (my porch). I had a really great last few days and was feeling very positive with energy, that night. I stepped outside on the porch to have a cigarette while my girlfriend was changing into pj's and making instant coffey . I stepped outside feeling very happy once again, and started waving to the stars, saying hello to the odd one, shooting up the peace sign with my fingers, asking how do you do to various others...acting as if I was staging off at a big grand hall to a extra large audience.

And then,I literally felt the chills come over me (cold shiver), just before witnessing a traveling light hovering around the smokestack. At first I stared in awe, basically in disbelief. But then, I called out for Julia to come witness also, and as she stepped outside onto the porch with me and as I pointed out the travelling light, she pointed out a second travelling light, the same size barely 200 meters away from the first. We both started kinda freaking out, saying: "No way...this isn't happening" and "wtf is that?"

Watching both light sources now hover in circular motions, they seemed to near each other, then retract from each other at various times. The light source was a basic purple from both, but when they decided to take off, one turned green while the other turned an almost white, yet shining very brightly compared to the other. Both luminous objects seemed to be rotating while hovering. They did not drastically change colours; it was more of a slow transition between larger movements. We stood on the porch for nearly 5 minutes or more, watching these two objects dance around in circles. Then one took an awkward dive before escalating towards the other object. It seemed as they escalated, it was very fast, yet every movement descending was slower, but as soon as they came very close, I'd say within 40-50 feet of each other, they nearly met and darted in the opposite direction towards Chelmsford or the Valley alongside each other. I watched both lights for a pretty long period of time, travelling very fast in an escalating then descending pattern off into the distance until I couldn't see either flying objects no more, although my focus was on one more then the other because I didn't want to lose sight of it. Considering it was pitch black outside - the stars were bright that night, which made it more obvious that these light sources (flying objects) by no means were Stars or any type of Human Controlled Device. I immediately went inside, grabbed the nearest writing utencil and drew out exactly what I had just witnessed on napkin, and then made my girlfriend confirm I wasn't going crazy, and that everything we just saw was real. It was real, and as awkward/freaky as it may be, it was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, and the most energetic feeling came over me for the next few days.

Date: August 10, 2010
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

I bumped into a former cashier at my place of work who told me that her (skeptical) sister and her son had seen an unusual object in the sky on August 10th.

Date: August 28, 2010
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On August 31, I received the following e-mail:


I read your letter in the Northern Life here in Sudbury and I wish to share a sighting of some sort that I experienced recently.

I am not sure if you are familiar with Sudbury, but on Saturday August 28th, at 10:08am, I was travelling southbound on Paris Street, just south of York Street (south side of Sudbury). As I was rounding the corner going down the hill I caught a glimpse of something moving in the sky to the west.

The object appeared to be in the shape of a sphere, and I was able to make out the outer edges of the object, while the middle of it seemed to blend in with the blue sky. It was a beautiful morning that day, bright sun, blue sky.

The object appeared quite high in the sky (maybe 300 metres or so), but it could have been higher I suppose depending on the size of the object.

The object was moving in a southerly direction, and I am confident that it was not a helicopter or airplane.

As I was observing it moving across the sky, it flashed a brilliant white light, once, than about 2-3 seconds later, it flashed brightly again. This entire incident lasted 6-7 seconds.

I lost sight of it as I approached Ramsey Lake road, it seemed to have headed south very fast and the hospital was blocking my view of the sky to the south.

I was hoping somebody else had seen it and reported it, but I haven't heard .

Hope my sighting coincides with another you may have heard from.

Thanks for your time.

P. M.

Date: July 31, 2010
Location: Azilda, Ontario

On September 1, I received a phone call from this witness regarding the sighting that was witnessed by a number of other people on July 31. I've also received this following e-mail:

Hi. I'm an Azilda resident and me and my boyfriend, 3 of our friends and a bunch of campers saw a large orange glowing or even possibly burning object in the sky over Whitewater park in Azilda last night. Strangest thing I've ever seen came close enough to look like it was baseball-size and then gradually got smaller and moved from west to north east at a speed faster than a satellite and slower than a local bush plane. It was soundless and moved in a very bizzare curved-like path. The whole incident lasted for at least 45 seconds as we all got up and followed it until it disappeared. We were all wondering what the heck it was. Any insight or reports from other people would be interesting. I'm attaching a picture I got with my crappy phone camera. I adjusted the brightness and zoomed in about 200%.

Thank you
C. D.

Date: July 1, 2010
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

I received the following e-mail on September 1st, 2010:

I was reading your letter in the Northern Life. July 1, 2010 on Canada Day - about 10:15 p.m., me, the wife, my 2 kids and mother-in-law were waiting for the fire works to start at Science North. We were on Howey drive on the tracks at c.p.r bay with about 40 to 50 other people .....when out of the north east came this clear cylinder with a ball of fire in the center. It stopped in front of us and just hovered or floated there for about 15 sec. Then it gradually started to make its way back home into space. We watched until it disapeared into space...not kidding! My mother in law is a true believer in God and I'm pretty sure it changed her perspective on things. Anyways, I have one question: do you know how to enlarge the video I have on a computer or something. It's the coolest thing I've ever seen and I always believed in UFO's. I was so excited, I even called the Sudbury Airport to see what flew over sudbury on Canada Day evening. Of course, no one called me back so it lets me believe that they are aware of what's going on. Anyways hoping you can answer my question about the video....and if you want a copy for yourself you are more then welcome to it.

T. L.

Date: August 10, 2010
Location: Garson, Ontario

Here's another e-mail I received on September 1st, 2010. It concerns the sighting that was witnessed by two other people on August 10:

I just read the article in the Northern Life from August 31st. I have this to say. My family and some family was outside at the time on August 10th, and I heard a banging out my window. It was my dad asking me if I could see this weird red light in the sky. I couldn't see it from my bedroom window, so I went outside expecting to see a satellite. But then when I looked up, I saw this red light dancing around in the sky, and then we were very suprised at the speed we saw it disappear at. I live in Garson so I must have been looking at the exact same thing the woman and her son were watching.

M. H.

Date: July 2, 2010
Location: Chelmsford, Ontario

I received this e-mail on September 2, 2010:

I was reading the article in the northern life dated Aug 30, 2010. My husband and I both seen an object in the sky (at night) on July 2, gliding over Chelmsford towards Val Caron. It looked like a big ball of fire...gliding slowly in the sky ....we thought it could be a hot air balloon on fire...but that appeared to be a little odd. I put my sighting on facebook and learnt that my husband's cousin and boyfriend also seen it on the same night.

M & S

Date: March 1972 and July 1974
Location: Lake Panache and Sudbury, Ontario

On September 2nd, I received this additional e-mail about some sightings witnessed in the 1970s and another more recent:

The first sighting I had was with my two cousins on the south shore of Lake Panache; a large red glow at ground level, being at night during the winter month of March in 1972. The red glow was tremendous in size. As we drove our snowmobiles, two Elans and a Johnson, my eldest cousin Bill's machine died, then his brother's and then mine, but it was still running until I got off of it. Not one sowmachine had electical, not a spark. So we left them there and walked the rest of the way to our friend's camp about one kilometer. We checked them in the morning and they ran fine.

Another time was with my father going to our Marina at 11 p.m. dark of the moon with no stars during the month of July in 1974. On the way out from Sudbury on the top of Blue Berry Hill, our truck lights went out then the truck motor died as we coasted down the hill above the Black bridge of the CPR railway bridge. We saw three small lights then two more. They come in from the north by northwest, hovered for a while then zipped back and forth hovered then zipped out one two then three out towards the north by northeast ten times faster than any fighter jet or helicopter.

The most recent time was with my friend Mike at our camp on the south shores of Lake Panache. It was around 11 p.m., sitting on our back deck, observing the Milky Way - a beautiful night it was. Then across the bay, just below tree level, a small red and seperate white light appeared. They hovered for some time then zipped around for a while then zipped out of sight to the northeast at tree level. Then about three minutes later, we saw one bigger white light at about one thousand feet above the ground, followed by the small red and white lights. Not a single sound was observed. They flew ever so quitely upward to the south by southeast; the small red and white lights went out of sight but the remaining bigger white light stayed for some time at one spot in mid-sky at about 2 o'clock and then started flashing light as if using the Morse code - v ven u levn. In question, what does this mean? Can you give an answer to this?

G. L.
Lake Panache

Date: September 3, 2010
Location: Garson, Ontario

Here's an e-mail I received tonight (September 3) concerning the observation of a square-shaped object above Garson:

Hi Michel,

I just had a very strange sighting and have been trying to research plane construction and mechanisms on-line with no success so I need your help. Tonight at 8:42 pm I heard a very loud noise which sounded like a rushing wind to which I immediately thought it was thunder since it was very cloudy and rainy out. So, I proceeded outside on my deck and then noticed a very large object over head, mirroring that of a very large plane flying at low range, approximately 10,000 feet or below in Garson, Ontario. The object seemed to be heading south towards Skead, Ontario where the Sudbury airport is located. The object though looked like a perfect square with 4 white lights...not flashing, on each corner of its squared looking shape. The problem here is, is that I have seen many planes in my life time and many planes fly over my area at low range every so often but not once have seen a squared shaped object like this and it was flying so low then it quickly dissappeared into the distance. By the time I made it to the front of my home, the object was gone and I couldn't hear it or see it anymore. If you have any info on this please advise or if you have any other reports of this event tonight please email me back with details, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

S. O.

Date: September 10, 2010
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On Friday, September 10, I received this e-mail:

Hey man, I just finished reading your article in the Northern Life from August 30th on UFO sightings. A friend had just told me about it on MSN literally minutes ago after I explained to her that I had been walking to the corner store and saw a very bright star moving across the sky. At first, I thought it was a plane but it was clearly too far away to be moving this fast, and too slow to be a shooting star. After about 30 seconds, it stopped moving and slowly at first started getting dimmer, then disappeared altogether.

Not sure if that means anything at all to you, but it's a super weird coincidence to me. I just figured I would let you know just in case anyone else in the area witnessed the same thing.

J. L.

Date: September 10, 2010
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

Here's an e-mail I received today (Friday, September 24) concerning the observation of three small bright lights in Huntsville in 1994:


I'd like to share a UFO sighting I had when I was a child. I'm 22 and only recently accepted that what I saw was UFOs. I grew up in Huntsville which is a small town about an hour north of Orillia. Myself, my mother and my brother where outside lying on our lawn watching a meteor shower one night. My brother was into space and things like that, so we decided to watch the shower. About 30 minutes into the shower, I looked into the sky above our house when I observed 3 small bright lights in a row sweep in from the east. The lights made no noise and stayed in exact formation. They were spaced apart at equal distances and never left that formation. The lights stopped above the bush behind our house and descended into the bush.

A few minutes later, I saw the lights come back up from the bush and sped off. These lights moved in a very delineate manner and had to have been travelling at an incredible speed. This was not any kind of plane or helicopter. There was nothing attached between the lights. I could clearly see the sky and stars between the lights. I'm sure you're thinking some of the same things I have been for years. I know that children have vivid imaginations, but I know that I saw this because I was going to ask my brother if he had seen it, but I was afraid to. This was not a meteor or any other kind of stellar object. I don't know what it was, but I truly believe that these lights were not anything man-made. I've only told one other person because, frankly, I didn't think anyone would believe me. As I've gotten a little older and a little more logical, I feel like maybe, it won't be dismissed so quickly. Thank you for your time.


Names of witnesses withheld. For educational purposes only.