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2011 Sighting Reports

Date: January 25
Location: Near Gore Bay, Ontario

I received a phone call from a resident of Manitoulin Island who claims to have photographed a UFO which seems to appear above the south-eastern horizon and hover there until morning.

Date: June 18
Location: Garson, Ontario

I recently received an e-mail which included the following:

On Saturday, June 18, 2011, 10:20pm I live in Garson, checking out the constellations. It looked like it was the same size as one of the stars I was looking at, that's how I notice it as it was moving above the 2 stars I was looking at. It was moving it was bright dot. I thought it could be a night flying jet (with my head bent back to my left) was going straight then dropped a little still fast then dropped a little more;and as I was looking straight up at it *My head still bent back) stopped but started to get smaller and disappeared.


Date: July 6
Location: Dowling, Ontario

I received the following message via an ipad:

Hello, last night July 6th, in Dowling Ontario looking in the southern night sky at roughly 10 pm I was standing in the dark in front of my kitchen window having a drink of water before bed, kind of just staring out side when I noticed this whitish green light through my oak tree that was slowly moving, then as it was visible past the tree it shot straight up slightly angled to the east very fast with a more green thin streak light then vanished. I wanted to go out and investigate more but could not because of my children sleeping. I follow and research like crazy every thing to do about space shuttles the space station and meteor showers, NEO's and such...for my husband always says my head is always in the clouds!! So I know the space shuttle is not lifting off until tomorrow morning and the space station was not on that path at that time, jets don't fly that fast, and meteor's don't just hang around for a while and then put it into overdrive! It all lasted about 10 -15 seconds...just thought you'd be interested.


Date: Unknown 1966-1968
Location: Cobalt, Ontario

On October 8, I received the following e-mail:

"Hi Michel,

I found your web site on the internet and decided to contact you.

I grew up in Cobalt, Ont. When I was about 8-10 yrs old (1966-68), I was playing outside my house on Lang St. which was the main commercial street running through town. I remember it was a clear, sunny summer afternoon (possibly around 2 pm) with a beautiful clear blue sky. All of a sudden, I looked up above me and to the east and at about 1 o'clock from my position, I saw a very large silver cigar-shaped metalic object moving incredibly slowly from south to north. It was practically hovering, it was so slow. From where I was standing, it seemed to be only about 400 ft away from me, so I had a very clear side view of it. The three things that struck me the most were: it was huge - perhaps 200-300 ft long and maybe 30 ft high on the side I could see; it was completely silent as if it were a balloon; and it seemed totally out of place in the sky. I don't remember any distinguishing marks or lights or anything like that. Certainly not a compartment underneath like a blimp because if there was, I could have waved hello to the pilot...it was that close. It was completely smooth and shiny silver in colour. I have no recollection of how it departed, i.e slowly drifted away, took off in a flash...?

I never thought much of it for many more years, but now I am curious. Because it was in the middle of town and not in some remote area and it was in the early afternoon, did anyone else report seeing it and if so, was there ever a newspaper article or report done? Have you come across anything as part of your research? What about a similar object somewhere else in Northern Ont around that time? If so I'd appreciate hearing about it.

Keep up the great work in your search for the truth!

Bill McIntosh"

Location: Sudbury and area, Ontario

On October 13, I received the following e-mail:

I have several UFO sightings in the Sudbury area to report for the year 2011. The dates and times are approximate but if necessary I can speak with the other witnesses for each case to determine more exact details (degrees from the horizon, distance, size, speed, etc…). I have been a “believer” for as long as I can remember, but I had never personally witnessed anything that could not be explained as a natural celestial event, optical illusion, man-made or other phenomenon…until this year. So far in 2011, I have seen five major events, four of which were with other witnesses. They are listed in chronological order as follows:

#1: Late March-Early April 2011(still some snow on the ground), around 11pm, in a dark forested area 1.1 km South of St-Laurent st (technically in Chelmsford) and about 1 km East of Monte Rouleau. Conditions were clear and mild. I don’t remember seeing the moon in the sky. I was visiting a campground that I made a few years ago and I was sitting by a campfire with my girlfriend Dawn. At one point, I got up and stood on a high clearing when something caught my eye towards the South. I turned to see what appeared to be a brilliant white star low on the horizon (45 degrees or so) that was several times bigger and brighter than any other star. It was slowly descending in a straight vertical line (somewhere near Copper Cliff, I think) only several km away. I called Dawn over to see it and we both watched as it came down, a secondary light appeared beside it, just sort of faded in, that was much dimmer than the main light. They formed a line parallel to the horizon and descended in total synchronization except that the secondary light faded in and out occasionally. They continued to descend together until, after a total of about 30 seconds, they reached a point at about 10 degrees over the horizon and both dissolved. The light itself was almost multi-coloured like pure white light refracting off an invisible field, very beautiful. No plane or helicopter could have made such a steady descent (or disappear) in sync, and too slow for anything falling.

#2: Late April 2011(snow mostly gone), at dusk (roughly 9 pm?), in the exact same forested area as above. Conditions were fairly clear and very mild. I was again visiting the same campground with a friend who is a high school math teacher. As we were leaving, I stopped when I noticed a bright star in the distant East that was low on the horizon. I had just been telling my friend about the UFO sighting a month before when just then we witnessed the exact same event. This time the lights were far away, possibly near Garson, and we barely noticed them in time before they were gone but still managed to watch them for 15 seconds or so. It was fun to watch my friend going through the list of possible explanations and eliminating them all except for one: UFO!

#3: Mid-Summer around July 2011, roughly 7-8 pm when the sun is blindingly low in the Western sky but still high enough to be daytime, at my parent’s house on St-Laurent st. Conditions were very clear. I was sitting on the back porch with some friends talking. I was facing West, since there is a large tree blocking the late afternoon sun, when a bright object in the sky caught my attention. It seemed like it was either a bright white-orange light, or a very shinny metallic object that was reflecting the sun. I dismissed it as a plane at first, but as I kept glancing back at it, I noticed that it was absolutely stationary; it made not even the slightest movement in any way. It just sat there at about 75 degrees above the horizon to the North-West of my position. I didn’t know what to think. I had, at this point, now seen two other UFO events and told almost everyone so I didn’t want to say anything in case it really was just a plane because that would make me look like a fool. I said nothing to the others that were sitting around. Then, suddenly, it was gone and I knew for certain that it wasn’t a plane.

#4: Mid-August 2011, near midnight, at the family cottage on Onaping Lake (the site is just several km up the lake from “3-Mile Narrows”). Conditions were very clear with no moon. While star-gazing, my girlfriend and I spotted what appeared at first to be a satellite moving along the sky. It was quite bright and moved a little faster than most man-made satellites but was of relative size. We kept our eyes on it and noticed that its path was not constant but seemed to zigzag slightly as it went along. It travelled from the Northern sky where we first noticed it, to the Southern horizon towards Sudbury then faded away. Sighting lasted less than 30 seconds.

#5: August 30th, 2011, around 10 pm. Near White Water Lake in Azilda (North-Eastern shore). Dusk, the sky was not yet totally dark with fairly clear conditions. We were having a backyard birthday party for my girlfriend when myself and at least four other witnesses noticed a bright “star” that was about 45 degrees over the South-Eastern horizon. It was in a slow vertical descent, similar to events witnessed earlier this year. My teacher friend came over, pointing at it and shouting: “Hey, that thing’s moving!” Before long, we lost sight of it behind the trees.

#6: Early September 2011, continuous from 9pm to 11pm. Onaping Lake (see #4). Conditions were clear over our area but stormy in the distant South-East. Though not forecast in the weather reports, a very unusual electrical storm was raging somewhere North of Capreol. The storm was completely isolated on an otherwise clear night, with lightning flashes at least every second or so for approximately two hours. During the flashes, one could clearly see that the storm was small and intense, with a mushroom cloud center. Throughout the storm, it remained in the exact same spot until the end when it gradually dissolved. I viewed this with many of my relatives, all of whom have lived in the area for their entire lives. They were all completely mystified by this strange storm, each one claiming that they had never seen anything like it and quickly called over the others so they could see it as well. This may not have UFO connection but I felt that it should be noted.

#7: Mid-September, 2011, noon. At my home in Copper Cliff. Outside conditions were bright and sunny with few to no clouds. In the kitchen with my girlfriend Dawn, I was facing away from the window, she was directly facing the window (East facing the Smelter from Power st). There came a sudden flash of light that was so fast, I couldn’t be sure that it happened until I looked at Dawn and saw her baffled expression. Our eyes felt like they had been exposed to bright light but the effect was minor because of the brief duration of the flash. Dawn confirms that no one was driving by in the parking lot or closing/opening a car door at the time of the flash, excluding the possibility of reflection from the sun.

That’s all for now. Lengthy, I know, but I hope these help with your studies. I’ll ask around about the flashes because I think it could have a connection to UFO sightings in the area, especially after that exciting footage from Jerusalem recently with a similar flash.

I just thought I should mention that one of the photographs that you have posted is assuredly not a UFO. It is listed as having been shot somewhere near Val Caron and shows what appears to be a metallic, upside-down tear shape hovering in a field a few years ago. I know exactly where that picture was taken (from Monte Rouleau) and I know beyond doubt that the silver object in the picture is actually a balloon. As strange as it may appear, they had these large (3-4 foot) silver balloons tied down in farmer’s fields every 100-200 meters for what was apparently a geophysical survey or something of that sort. Absolutely not extra-terrestrial in origin. However, I worked in mining exploration for years and my uncle, who lives in the area that the balloons were situated, is a geologist and neither of us have ever heard of this technology being used in mining exploration. No one seems to know for sure what they were for but they were gone after a couple of weeks.

E. L.

Date: September 1
Location: Near St. Charles, Ontario

Again, on October 13, I received this second e-mail:

Hi Michel

I am writing this to you with a little hesitation cause I never would of believed in ufo's until Sept 1st 2011. I was at my cottage in the west arm of lake nipissing with my friend and at approx 11 pm, we were star gazing when we saw a bright orange/yellows big glow coming towards and we both have never seen anything like this in the sky before, it was lower than any plane it was brighter than anything we have seen and just glided across the sky almost like a satellite and absolutely no sound it was a very quite night and you could here a twig break. My friend and I were trying to think of what this could possibly be and we could not justify what this was. As this object got closer to us, it just stopped and hovered for approximately 30 sec to a minute. At this time, my friend and I grabbed each other's arm in disbelief and we just asked each other if we were really seeing this; then, with a blink of an eye, this object shot straight up into the sky in warp speed, turned almost into a tiny pink ball and then it was completely gone. This has been bothering me ever since and cannot explain what this could be and was wondering if anyone else saw what we saw that night. As I said, I would of never believed in ufo's until now and am hoping you can maybe just explain to me what this could be so I dont think I am going crazy. The fact is we both saw it; my friend is a school teacher and I am a firefighter so please know I am not crazy, just confused

Rachel L.

Date: Unknown
Location: Meldrum Bay, Ontario

On Sunday, November 13, I received the following e-mail:


I came across your name while searching for UFO sightings on Manitoulin Island. I read an article the Sudbury Star did with you and it mentioned that you were looking for accounts of UFO sightings in Northern Ontario. The one I experienced was several years ago, in 2006, so I don't know if it will be of any help but here it goes.

Location: Meldrum Bay, Manitoulin Island
Time: Just after midnight
Witnesses: 2
Objects: 1

My cousin and I had just left a friends house on the main strip of Meldrum Bay (Water Street) and were heading back towards my grandparents cottage. The street we were on passed directly beside the waters edge of the bay and had no street lights. It was very dark and as we were walking I noticed a strange light shining just above the treeline on the opposite side of the bay. The object was rather large and was too close to the treeline to be a star. It was a white light and made no noise whatsoever. The light also cast a beam that stretched across the entire bay. The beam was even in width for its entirety (it was about 20cm wide) and was so bright that you couldn't see the water underneath it. It looked as though you could walk across it. What was also strange was that there was no light cast on the trees underneath of the object nor on the land. The beam started right at the waters edge on the opposite side and ended at the waters edge where my cousin and I were observing it from. Once we had moved closer to examine it, the light started to move to the right very slowly. Neither of us have any auditory memory after that point and neither of us have any idea as to how long we watched it for. It was like we lost all conception of time. After watching it for however long it was, the light simply went out and disappeared along with the beam. My cousin and I then ran home and pulled out some lawn chairs to watch the night sky as we were both very scared yet also very curious. Eventually, we spotted a red light moving across the sky at a faster than normal pace. It then proceeded to shoot straight up, continue horizontally and then shoot up once more on a very steep angle. It then passed out of sight.

Over the past few years the event has really started to bother me so I've decided to start to search for people who have had similar experiences. I hope this helps in some way and if not, best of luck with your endeavors.


Taylin W.

Date: December 10
Location: Claremont, Ontario

On December 15, I received this e-mail from James "Buster" Fykes:

"Dec. 10th 2011 about 6:57 P.M. Claremont, Ontario, Canada
Latitude = 43.9717, Longitude = -79.1256
Lat = 43 degrees, 58.3 minutes North
Long = 79 degrees, 7.5 minutes West

I was sitting in my living room. then, all of a sudden, something told me to put on my coat, grab camera, and go out into the backyard.

so, I did, before really knowing what I was doing.

I took off the lens cap, looked up at the moon, which had just become full, and zoomed in on it. Then I saw this large ball, moving. I took three pictures, two, with automatic setting on the camera.

These came out at ISO400, and 1/8th second exposure. this is a slow shutter speed, and so showed movement of the object. The third picture was taken with the aperture setting F 5.6 at ISO 3200, and 1/40th of a second exposure, so that "froze" the motion. it emitted a pale glow. I have no idea how big it was, because i have no way of knowing how far away it was, but it seemed to be almost rotating around the moon. it was obviously closer than the moon, I think. I ran back into the house, to get the pictures on my Mac, and have a look. it scared me, but I went back out to take some more pictures. It was gone, but I took a few more pictures of the moon, just in case. the pictures, all have the moon over exposed. I should have used a smaller F-stop, and shorter exposure, but who knows, then the object may not have been visible on the pictures. This was not light refraction on the lens, there was no other light, and the blurring by the moment, and no blurring of the moon, shows that it was not camera shake. my lens has VR , and so lets me do longer exposures, while keeping the lens steady. what is it? what was it? that's something that I keep asking myself."

To listen to the audio report, please go to http://www.noufors.com/audio_clips.html

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