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2014 Sighting Reports

Date: January 1
Location: Val Therese, Ontario

I received a phone call from a cabbie who was all excited about something he had seen while picking up a fare in Val Therese on January 1, at around midnight or so.

He described seeing five reddish-orange lights moving from the N - N-W heading S - S-E, one after the other. He pulled over and stopped, lowered his window and realized there was no sound. When he was asked if these objects could have been Chinese lanterns, he said that what he saw (the lights) were about the size of a car and moving too slow to be an aircraft.

After he picked up his fare, he said that they too, had seen one of the objects as it flew by in the night sky.

He later called the airport and asked if there had been any helicopters with orange lights in the area at the time, and the person who answered the phone said that there is no aircraft with amber lights, and that if helicopters had been in the area, even during a frigid night, he would have heard the sound of the blades.

This cabbie was so excited about the whole thing that he didn't waste any time in wanting to meet with me and discuss what he had seen.

Date: August 2013
Location: Greater Sudbury, Ontario

On January 12, I received the following message on Facebook from a Sudbury resident who reported that he had seen a UFO while on a fishing outing with his friend:

"Hello. I have been trying to find your contact as I have heard about you. I would like to share something with you and would like no media. I cannot exactly remember which month it was last summer, but I'm guessing Aug. Me and one of my close friends were fishing on Ramsey Lake at a common spot known as CPR bay. It was around 7:30 p.m. when we were casting right off the rocks. While my friends was casting his line, I was, I believe, changing my hook. For some strange reason, I had looked to the right facing the road up top when I seen a bright object. I told my friend Blane: "dude, wtf is that?" He briefly looked and said "a plane" as he kept on with the fishing. I still kept eye contact with the object. It was moving too slow to be a plane or any other type of craft. No lights, just a bright light. Soon enough, it vanished. I said to my friend: "dude, it's gone; it just disappeared. He said: "what?". We had both been looking for it at that point and all of a sudden, it came out of nowhere and shorlty after, it drifted over us and I swear on anything - that was the coolest, scariest thing in my life. It was right above us and it was just bright and white and as funny as it sounds, it was just round like a disc. At this point, we were in shock. Both in histeria, we kept looking at the object with disbelief. Few seconds after, it move forward and disappeared out of thin air. We then seen it a km or so away from its last spot. We were waiting for a friend to meet us and I screamed at him: "Randy, hurry up and look at this!". By the time he got there, it was gone. I promise on my children - true story. I was excited to share it with the news but I'm sure it would have made both me and Blane look like fools. Thanks for your time. A truly insane experience in life."


Date: January 20
Location: Greater Sudbury, Ontario

On January 23, I received the following message by e-mail through a contact of mine from a young lady regarding a strange and frightening encounters she had with "Shadow Beings". What follows is what she wrote:

"The first encounter was when I was like 5-6 yrs old (1995-6). I remember mom was going to Timmins and was coming back home late (this was the time I used to have my bed in her room). Summer time around 10 p.m. that's when I heard the door open and I wake up and I just see these shadowy creatures with red glowing eyes, a tall one and a shorter one, steadily walking around mom's bed to reach mine. As they arrive closer to my bed, I try to hide myself in the hope that they couldn't see me. These creatures were similar to human shapes but not as detailed. They didn't make a sound; it was the most weirdest feeling to have them near...like death was aproaching...I peak out and they just stare at me and I call out "mom?" a few times and no answer. And then shortly after, I hear the house entrance open and I hear shopping bags and that's when I realised mom was finaly home. But I still didn't know what these shadowy creatures were, but they look at the room's entrance and fade away... and I've never seen them since...stilll freaks me the fuck out. I'm just glad my mom arrived when she did cause who knows what would of happened..."

Shadow Beings

"The second encounter was a few years later, once again, in summer but it was around noon. I was around 13-14 (2003-4). I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. We have a window on top of the sink and I always look outside, but to my surprise, there it was again. Near my mom's garden. I thought someone was in our guarden. But looking closely, that's when I realised it was one of them. But this time, there was only one. I was able to see it a tiny bit more clear as I could see its arm crossed on its chest. But, just like the other one, he was a tad see-thru but as you look down to his legs, they begin to be more transparent until you can't see his feet. That made me wonder if that's the reason I didn't hear them walk in my bedroom but only heard my bedroom door open. It was looking at me intensly and then it was looking at my dad's old horse carriage he recently got, and I saw it started to catch fire. I got scared and told my family the horse carriage caugh fire and we ran out to put it out. I looked back at where it was and he looked angry and faded away. Like...how the hell do you fight off a freaking shadow creature? Like...you can't! Especially when I thoguht light was the answer but that fucker decides to fuck with my logic and go to broad daylight."

R-A M-P G.

Date: January 21
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On January 22, my friend Ken Klingbell posted some UFO photos on my Facebook page. I replied by asking him to send me the photos and anything else he might have captured recently, and what follows is what I received from him:

January 21, 2014: Filmed at 2 a.m. from Humber Court. Spotted an object up high in the north sky. It was flashing red and green, sometimes brighter and some flashes not as bright so I got the camera out and recorded this object. Well, I was not sure of what it was, but the colour change was interesting. I just kept recording for a few minutes. It slowly faded away after an hour or so. It was very cold (-28 out) and had to come in to warm up, but kept looking out the window to see where it was. It had move east a bit but faded away shortly after that.

January 21, 2014.mp4

Even though I'm posting some of the more interesting photos associated with this video, Ken has been able to take photos and capture additional footage of objects maneuvering around Frood Road and Lasalle Extension for quite some time. UFO sightings were scarce for a while, but seem to re-occur now that the New Year is upon us.

Date: February 15
Location: Timmins, Ontario

On this date, I received a message from a friend of mine from Timmins who reported via Facebook that she had a daytime sighting. What follows is what she wrote:

"FYI, sighting today down Pine street, heading south of Timmins at 11:11 .....silver metallic disk, 2 witnesses (myself and my friend). We spotted it; it was super shinny. We stopped the truck, then it disappeared. Seen it for about 2 minutes in wooded area (clear skies). Not a plane, not a helicopter......... I know what I seen , first daytime sighting ....was really excited. I was heading for my camp with my kids. Also forgot to mention oval shape (sun was shining on it) so it caught our attention right away."

N. L.

Date: November 26, 2011
Location: 30 miles west of Rochester, NY

On Friday, March 7, while I was at work, I received a phone call from a New York State resident who reported that he had had a sighting of a bright round object over Lake Ontario, back in November 2011. I returned his call on Saturday, March 8, and we spoke for an hour or so. On Monday, March 10, I received the following details of the sighting in an e-mail:

"On Saturday, November 26, 2011. Awaking around 4:45 am, I decided to go outside and check out anything that might be happening in the sky. I was looking directly north over the shoreline of Lake Ontario, on the New York State side, approximately 30 miles west of Rochester NY.

At 5:15 am, a white filled circle appeared directly north over the lake, 45 degree angle from where I was standing through a very light cover of clouds. Quite large in size, close to half the size of a full moon, it didn't move in the sky at all, no noise, and no flashing lights. It was displayed for 5 seconds or so, then the light disappeared.

It reappeared again to the right (east) of its last display, the distance of two times its diameter, same size, same distance from the water, still remained stationary. This time I flashed a 1 million candle power light at it with no response from it. The light reappeared again and disappeared for 2 more times. Each time it showed itself, it moved to the east the same distance as the last display. After the fourth display, it disappeared.

I continued to quickly pan the sky in the same area and to the east and west only to have it appear again, farther to the east, approx. half mile around 5 minutes later (5:20 am). This time there was only one display of this white filled circle. The shape still remained in a circle form considering the distance down the shoreline that it appeared. The position over the water was the same, and still remained stationary in the sky until it disappeared. It was a timed display, 4 times on, 4 times off, each time it moved the same distance to the east.

I continued to watch the sky until it happen again, 5:30 am, back where it originally showed itself. Again same size, same display time and position over the water, no noise or flashing lights but only one display and no more.

I continued watching for over an hour or so until the skies started to show the beginnings of the sunrise."

Larry Fortunato

Date: March 27
Location: Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

I was recently scanning through my e-mails when I came across this UFO report from the States that had been made to me, back in March. The following e-mail was accompanied by a video that was taken the night before:

"Hey. I live in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. My family and I saw something last night, a few houses down from us, just above the pine tree line. I reported this on ufoinfo already, but I was wondering if you could tell me what you think. Here's my report description, as well as the video.

My mother, my girlfriend, and myself saw three glowing orange lights sitting still just above the trees down my street, around 50-65 yards. The trees are your average pines you see in most housing developments. The lights were close together. For perspective purposes, "ooo" best represents the space between each glowing light. My girlfriend and I quickly made our way down the street to get a closer look. I ran ahead of my girlfriend out of excitement and yelled for her to record this with her phone. The object was sitting completely still, completely silent. It was close enough now to notice the three lights formed a triangle with a black body, each light occupying a point. At this point, I'm ecstatic. The object's middle light suddenly shrinks in size, similar to a car turning its brights off. It began to slowly move over our heads, and given the object's elevation, it couldn't have been moving faster than 10 mph. When it was directly over our heads, we heard a sort of soft humming sound. It was a deep pulsating hum, and we only heard it when the object was crossing over. We watched it as it left our field of vision. My girlfriend was about to take a short video of the object with her iphone. The video starts recording the object while it was stationery up to when the middle light dimmed. The skies were clear as can be. The next morning, our local news actually had a segment on the clear visibility of the stars."

Z. D.

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina UFO.mp4

Date: March 29
Location: Lively, Ontario

On April 22, a fellow co-work told me of a sighting her mother had witnessed from her residence in Lively. It occurred March 29th at 2 a.m. She said it was like a huge red Christmas light in the sky. She watched it until it flew north towards Chelmsford. The object was unusually bright and was stationary in the sky. A few seconds later, the object suddenly shot off in a northerly direction.

Date: The week of April 6 - 12
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On April 21, a fellow co-worker reported that as she stood outside of the Good Life gym around 12 midnight during the week of April 6-12, she spotted an unusual object that looked like a star. When she first saw it, the star-like object was stationary in the sky, but then suddenly flared up to a bright glow and took off at great speed to another point in the night sky where it abrubtly came to a stand-still. As quickly as it had stopped, the curious object flared up again to a bright glow and took off at great speed, disappearing from view. Her boyfriend, who was standing by her side facing another direction, never saw a thing.

Date: April 28
Location: Timmins, Ontario

On April 28, I received the following e-mail from a Timmins resident:

"I exited the 101 mall and headed south to my car. The sky is clear, blue, not a cloud at all. The sun was just above the mall so I was in the shadow. At no point did the sun hit my eyes so I know it wasnt just my eyes. It was about 25 degrees from the horizon and not moving one bit. I paused and put the telephone poll in the way to see if it was moving. I first thought it was the moon but then I realised it was too small. It looked like a shiny finger nail in the sky. It was west of the sun and reflected the sun's light. I got into my car, then decided I was going to look again so I got back out and it blinked out and left no trail or any type of trace. I only have a crappy blackberry and couldnt get the camera app out fast enough. It truely was amazing!

This is my Mufon report. It happened in Timmins, Ontario at approx. 10:15 am."

David Webb

Date: May 19
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On May 20, I found a phone message left on my answering machine by a friend of mine who reported that he has seen the unusual object depicted below. He said he watched a bright reddish-orange triangle-shaped UFO on the evening of May 19 (Victoria Day), at around 9:48 p.m., near Cambrian theater located on Eyre street. He said that there were at least four other witnesses who also saw it. He was understandably excited about it since he had not witnessed anything unusual for the past few years. What follows is the recording of his sighting which was done on May 21:


Date: May 19
Location: Hamilton, Ontario

On May 29, I received a phone call from a Hamilton resident who described having seen - and photographed - UFOs that seems to streak down to the ground. The following e-mail was received shortly thereafter, along with the accompanying photographs:

"Hi there,

Sorry for the delay on sending these pictures. I had to download them and you are welcome to the camera card I took them on. First, I would like to say that I am not crazy and I am not the only witness to this. On Sunday night (May 18), my friend Steve and I left my house to go to his neighbours' for a get-together. When we went outside, we seen a gold-coloured object flying from south west toward the north east. I live at K______ and B______, the front of my home faces east. We thought maybe it was a new age fire cracker or one of those chinese lanterns but we both agreed that it wasn't. On our walk, we seen 4 more. When we got to Steve's neighbours, while we were there, we seen 1 more. His neighbours also witnessed this. On Monday morning, I went online to see if anyone had seen anything similar. I went on YouTube and the net. The only thing I found that looked the same was recorded on YouTube in May of last year aound the same time; it looked like a golden fire UFO and I heard fire crackers in the background.

On Monday night, my friend and I decided that we would have a camera on-hand to see if we could see one again as there would be fire crackers and obviously, if it happened the night before and last year...it may happen again as people would be lighting fire crackers. At 8:30 p.m., we started to hear fire crackers. I said a few minutes later that I was going to look outside to see what I could see. A couple of minutes passed and I then saw a golden fire-like object started to appear in the same direction as the night before, followed by a second one. I ran to get my camera (my son told me I was crazy the day before so I wanted proof of what we saw). At 8:41 p.m. and 8:42 p.m., I took a picture of the flying objects...what I recorded on camera compared to what was visible made me feel very upset as you will see.

At 8:47 p.m., we went in the front of the house to see if we could see another one. We did and took a picture from the front steps of my house of the golden UFO - and as you can see, much more was shown than a UFO, as in the other pictures. Segmented beams...in the pictures from the backyard, you can see segmented beams and the rectangular-shaped fire wall at the bottom??? The UFOs in these pics are obscured from the beams...and we could not see the beams; only the UFOs???

I seen another in the farther distance at 9:07 p.m., looking north. This is the only one that doesn't have the beams coming down. In all of the pictures that were taken, it shows the ship but it isn't golden fire-looking on the camera???

Then we saw one closer then all of them and really wanted a picture of that one.....this is what the camera caught as it was disappearing, not to the naked eye...all we saw was the ship...a big circle that looked like a moon with different red explosions on it: 9:32 p.m. and then a big yellow circle with rings 9:33 p.m. When we looked at what the camera recorded, we were all very upset and scared. My phone number is ______________ and my name is B____ P_______. We have witnesses to this and I am willing to have the camera and picture card analyzed.

These were not firecrackers!!!

Thank you


Hamilton, Ontario - May 19, 2014

Notice the similarity between these recent photos (above) and the ones below, which were taken in Pine Bush, New York in the early 1990s.

Pine Bush, New York - Early 1990s

Date: June 3
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

My friend Ken Klingbell has been filming UFOs in the Sudbury area for a while, now. As I'm trying to keep up with what he's captured, he keeps sending me some amazing photos and also posts them on my Facebook. This is what he has to say about this next set of photos:

"June 3, 2014 at 8:22 p.m. Orange pink-coloured object was flying north. I was looking east. The object looked twice as big as an airliner. Took 4 nikon 35mm photos and sent them to you. Object went into cloud and didn't come out."

Date: June 14
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On June 15 (Sunday), my friend Ken Klingbell posted a video he took the evening before, and then made the following comment about it:

"Last night, I heard fire trucks so I got up and looked outside. I seen a large red light in sky to the north east, hovering over by where the tax center is. While it was there, I started my sony handy cam that was on a tripod, got it centered and then grab my Nikon 35mm camera and took a few shots. The lens of the 35mm stayed open longer and I did not have it on the tripod. The photos are a little shaky but the red colour shows good. In the first photo, the flash went off. I turned the flash off and the object had changed from hovering to heading west, and made a left turn towards me. Now the object is heading west-southwest. I went back to my handy cam and got the rest of this red light. The object then turned off its light and started to gain height. Now a black orb-shaped thing went into the clouds. It was a lot bigger then I thought it was. It almost looked like a disk, but too dark to tell, plus I was watching the camera I was recording with. It moved up after the light went out and disappeared into a cloud. This was at 10:05 p.m. This is the third time I wrote this report out. Twice, the explorer shut down on me while I wrote this."

Photos taken with 35mm camera at slow exposure

Date: June 26-27
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On the night of June 26-27, Ken Klingbell witnessed a very unusual sight. What follows is the brief description he gave me of the event, along with a set of photographs which includes close-ups. You will find the link to the video below the sets of photographs:

"This photo was what I got when it was there before 12 midnight on the 26th. This was when I spotted it going towards Frood Mine using the 35mm camera. There was only a single white light seen every few minutes. It would go down below the trees when I frst saw it comming from the east. It only popped up for a second every minute or so. I kept pausing the camera and had to stop recording for long time - a minute or two, sometimes."

Photo and close-up of the single object taken on July 26, before midnight.

"This is when it came back after 12 midnight, on July 27. It was hovering in the distance, right across from me, above the trees and in between a couple of bigger trees. It kept going down below the trees, then come back up for a couple of seconds, then go back down. I felt like it knew I was recording it. Then, it was making its way slowly moving east and doing this up and down movement again. It never came back up. I remember that it took me about 8 videos of just that light going behind trees and not comming back up. And it wasn't until the last video that I got a good recording of it, along with the one photo of it going away slowly. At night, if the object is moving, I dont get a picture like this; only if they stop moving, do I get a good shot."

Still photos and close-ups of the "headlight"-looking object, taken from video shot on July 27, just after midnight.

June 27, 2014.mp4

Date: June 26
Location: Ottawa, Ontario

On Monday, June 30, I recorded an interview I had over the phone with a female resident of Ottawa, who described to me a sighting she had on June 26 of four separate objects while walking. What follows is the recording I made of that report:


Date: July 5
Location: Chatham, Ontario

On Sunday, July 6, I received this following e-mail from a female resident of Chatham, Ontario, who reported having seen UFOs on several occasions in and around the area where she lives:

"I came across your site as I was looking for, hoping for, someone who may may have seen what I see in the night sky last evening, on the outskirts of Chatham, Ontario.

It was approximately 1:30 am and I looked out into my back yard to see if our pool had been covered and through the trees, I seen a very bright light in the sky. It was very evident at first glance it was not a star, planet or even a plane. It was hovering in the sky, swaying slightly from left to right in an effortless motion. It began to move in a quicker manner unlike the movement any man-made object could do. If then stopped as I had called others in my home to look at it. It was too dark outside (as I live on the outskirts of the town) and the object was too bright to determine the shape or actual size but it I'm certain it must have been very large. There were lights on it, the best colour to describe the lights flashing would be red, but it was pulsating very quickly. We observed it for 10 minutes. As we continued to watch the bright light, it got increasing larger and began to descend slowly downward. The trees in the backward then obstructed any further viewing.

My mother and I often see objects in the night sky over Chatham and Wallaceburg, Ontario. We see them zip across the sky very very quickly. No man-made object could ever fly as quickly and precisely as the objects we see. They also change direction without effort in sudden and abrupt movements. They also will disappear without any warning, even when the night sky is crystal clear. Last night's object was the closet I have seen one, and it descending to the ground was frightening. I tried to see where it had went but I have too many trees in my back yard. The activity over this area in the last three years has been alarming.

What I will say, from my observations, as that it most definitely is extraterrestrial in nature and the most alarming point is it's clear they are not trying to hide. Their visitations in the skies are becoming more frequent, and I've seen up to 8 in one evening alone as my mother and I watched the skies as we often do. I believe our planet is close to uncovering the nature of these visitations. I believe disclosure is close and imminent. One can only hope that whoever they are, are here for a good reason.

Have a wonderful day"

Sent from my iPhone

Date: July 12
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On July 12, while chatting with Ken Klingbell on Facebook, he took the following photograph from his balcony. Notice the unusual vertical trail left behind by the object. Whatever this is, it appears to be small in size ... especially when you realize that it's located in front of the tree tops in the background.

Odd object photographed near Terry Fox Complex

Date: July 17
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

The following photograph was posted by Ken Klingbell on my NOUFORS page off my Facebook on the morning of the 17th. He was outside at 4:40 a.m. and he spotted a pink and yellow-coloured orb fly across Sudbury, heading west. He said there was only one. From what he could see, it looked as though the object was near the Minnow Lake area.

Date: July 19
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

Ken Klingbell took this following photograph on July 19th, using 9-second shutter speed. The object was orange and moved away quick so he couldn't get another shot of it. Obviously, these objects are still hanging around.

Photo taken using 35mm camera with 9-second shutter speed

Date: 1963 and 1973
Location: Skokie and Evanston, Illinois

On Thursday, August 7, I interviewed a lady from North Carolina who related to me a couple of UFO sightings she had had when she was younger, along with a sighting made by one of her friends. She is one of a very few witnesses who claim to have been in close proximity to a UFO for an extended period of time.

She also went on to relate a couple of really interesting incidents that involved having computer work done at two military installations, including Area 51 and a secret military facility in Virginia.


Date: August 15
Location: Near Bowmanville, Ontario

On Saturday, August 16, I received the following e-mail from a resident of Courtice, Ontario, who reported a UFO sighting he had near Bowmanville, Ontario:

"UFO Sighting near Bowmanville, ON, Friday August 15, 2014

I was driving towards Bowmanville along Hwy 2 at 10:25 p.m. to pick up my wife from work. I was talking on the phone (speaker) with Tony when I told him I saw a strange light hovering to the NE of me near Holt Rd. I told him I thought it was a UFO and it looked like the top of a tower, even though I knew there was no tower there. It was about 300 feet up. About 10 other cars would have seen this too. I spotted it right after I passed Rundle Rd.

I kept my eye on it and could tell I was getting closer and closer to it. I could tell it was right over Holt Rd as I was now just beside it. I knew if I turned north on Holt, I could get out to see it as I was now basically right below it. I was still talking to Tony and told him not to hang up. I found a place to park just north of the group mail boxes right across from Bob's towing, a junk yard and a car dealership. From the time I turned at the traffic lights to park there took approx. 10 seconds. I got out and immediately looked up, but the object had just flown off in an easterly direction towards Bowmanville (3 kms away). I could see it moving away and then out of sight. To have moved that fast from Holt Rd to over Bowmanville would require a speed of 300 kms per hr, I am guessing. I have yet to do the math. I had no time to use my phone to get a photo. I would have if it had not taken off. If I had had a gun, I would have shot it down just so I could prove what it was. I may never know.

At first, I was hoping it was a Chinese lantern as it would explain things. I had seen these lit and flown last year at my sister's wedding. But of course, they don't sit stationary in one spot and then dart off at unimaginable speeds. The object was round and a firey orange colour that glowed and I was close enough that I could actually see the glow shimmering. Because it would have appeared as the light on top of a tower, I am judging that it was 300 feet up, and that it was from between 5-20 feet in diameter. There is no way it was more than 600 feet up. There was no sound that I could hear either. This is the typical type of sighting that others have reported since the 1960s.

A friend thought it might have been a drone. My questions are: do drones hover? Do they look circular and firey orange at night? And can they travel at phenomenal speeds?

I am not a believer in paranormal events like ghosts or alien abductions, but I know what I experienced and I will label it as a UFO. My family and I also saw one back in around 1981 at Gravenhurst, but that one has already been reported.

I also have another story you can add to your site from my friend. He was driving at 6:00 a.m. in January 2010 and he saw a huge light over top of a field of farm equipment in Oxford County, Ontario. He stopped to get a picture but as soon as he did. this thing flew off at incredible speeds also... It was round and white and seemed to hang over the equipment about a few hundred feet up. Very similar to what I saw about the auto dealership and junk yard..."

C. S.
Courtice, ON

Date: Early evening in June
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On October 10, I received the following e-mail from a Sudbury resident who took the photographs posted below:

"Dear Michel,
How are you?

This past June 2014, I was taking photos of these beautiful clouds. Never saw or heard anything out of the ordinary while taking my photos. When I downloaded my photos, in one of them, I notice this white dot with two grayish trails coming from its sides.

Below, the first 4 photos are my UFO. The last two, are from a site called ThirdPhaseOfMoon. When I saw their photos and video, I realized that theirs looked a lot like mine. I sent mine to MUFON. It's still under investigation. My freelance writer/media consultant Bob Mitchell sent me a video to view, http://huff.to/1BpSEbH. He seems to think it's this.

I would like a second opinion, hence I'm reporting this to you. Please let me know of what you think."

In a second e-mail I received from her, she relates a sighting she had in the '70s:

"| also had a sighting in the 70's. We were living in Blezard Valley on Martin Road South. The front of our house was facing East. One night, my husband and I were in bed. All of a sudden, I had this overwhelming sense that someone was looking at us through the window. Which by the way, our bedroom is on a second floor facing west!

I told my husband that I needed to go and see out of the window anyways! There, I spotted two hovering UFOs side by side. They were small, the size of beach balls. No noise, just hovering in place in the field in the back of our house. I then called my dad because he's into UFO's. They stayed there while I was talking to him. After I hung up the phone, they shot at a ridiculous speed towards the south where the Blezard Creek is. Stopped there, hovered for 3 seconds, then at a supersonic speed, shot towards the West and disappeared into the sky over the Sudbury Horse racing tracks."

C. L.

Date: October 10
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On October 11, I received two additional set of photos from Ken Klingbell, a Sudbury resident who has been filming UFOs, off and on from his balcony, for the past few years. The sighting took place at around 6:20 p.m. on Friday, October 10. This first set was taken with a Nikon 35mm camera with a 200mm lens. I later got this description of the event from Ken:

"I was sitting on the couch and spotted a blue flash outside. I looked and then took 4 photos with 35mm Nikon camera. I called my son Shawn Ken and said: 'look outside...theyre back! UFOs, that is.' Seen two UFOs, one blue and the other was red and green in color. The blue one was zooming everywhere, so I zoomed in on the green and red object. It was red on the left side but looked as though it had 4 rings of green in a tube shape. The red area then moved through the green tube and came out on the right side. It did this back and forth a few times while the red and blue object darted at the red and green one. My younger son Jesse and his girlfriend Vicky came in, both excited too. He asked if I got my chopper that has a camera in it, and I said: 'no'. I said: 'There's two UFOs outside.' He said he and Vicky saw a blue one zoom from the north to above my apt. building, hovered for a few seconds and then zoom back to where it came from, over by the red and green object. I downloaded the first minute and a half to my pc and turned the camera back on and left it to upload to Facebook and you."

There photos are in sequence and were taken on October 10, at around . Notice that the blue sphere actually turns red as it climbs slightly to the upper left in front of the cloud layers.

As for the second set of photos that Ken sent me, they are stills made from a video he took while he and his sons were watching this sighting as it unfolded.

On these stills, you can see the vivid green color on the stationary object. Amazing yet is its ability to change colors, from red to green, with a tinge of yellow and white.

In the video below, you can see how the green object remains stationary while a second object maneuvers around it at a high rate of speed.

Note how hard it is to keep the object(s) in sight when so much is going on. It is also difficult to keep the object in view when zooming in or out with the camera...since you are looking through a small viewfinder in an attempt to locate an object that may be far away and then trying to capture the best possible shot of it before it suddenly darts away at a very high rate of speed. In most situations, you do the best you can with the equipment that you have at your disposal.

Date: September 5
Location: Skead, Ontario

On October 14, I received an e-mail from a Skead resident who said that she and three other people had seen a UFO. I received assitional information from her on October 15, and this is what she related to me:

"Hi. You may not remember me but you work with my sister at Walmart. We used to talk about UFOs and stuff. Well, I moved to skead and there was 4 of us outside. We seen something. I have a video to send you. E-mail me back if you're interested, OK?

It was dark out, around 9:12 p.m. My husband and I were sitting outside when he jumped up and said: "What's that?" We were just standing there. First, we thought it was a star ... then a plane. Soon, we realized it was just hovering over our mountain. I ran to get my best friend next door. By the time I grabbed my phone to take the video, I only got a minute or so on it, but it just disappeared over our mountain. It came from the left of my house. I am so bad with directions. I live on Bonhomme road in Skead. If you google it, you'll see it. There are only two houses on the road.

It was a light that went on and off very fast and moved very fast, side to side, up and down, no sound, then gone. If it's not a UFO, then I'm at a loss. I'm telling you I have never seen anything like this before; my husband and friends were also amazed. From my house, it was over a pond and way to the left of the airport. I'm way in the bush. Nothing I have ever seen can move that fast! I'm right in the bush."

K. N.

UFO near Skead.mp4

Date: July
Location: Hanmer, Ontario

On November 28, I recorded an account given by a Hanmer resident who, along with his wife, had witnessed a series of V formations of red lights flying across the sky, in a westerly direction. Below are the three photographs they took of the objects.


Date: December 8
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On December 10, I received the following e-mail from Ken Klingbell, along with six photos he took of an unusual orange light source moving low across the sky:

"On December the 8th, 2014, at 4:55 p.m., I spotted a ball-shaped object flying slowly over the tree tops of the Terry Fox Sports Center, looking north from Humber Court. I was using a Nikon 3100 with a 200mm lens. I tried to video record the object but had a hard time keeping it in focus and switched to just photos instead. Because of the focus trouble, I was unaware that the object was splitting in two, forming two orbs. But in the photos, it is easy to see the objects forming. These photos show an object starting to form and grow bigger as it is flying along."

Date: December 30
Location: North of Toronto, Ontario

On Tuesday, December 30, I received the following message from a contact on Facebook:

"5:02 pm, near Toronto, Ontario, just before Wonderland; very bright star at low altitude, no movement. Was airborne for a minute and faded out. Been awhile since I seen a UFO. Okay, there was definitely no aura around it and appeared as a sphere/orb. It took a total of 5 seconds from its original size to the point it disappeared, no movement, right before the wonderland amusement park, on the left hand side as your driving forward. Ordinary light bulb color, colourless."

A. F.

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