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Date: September 13
Location: Near Halfway Lake, Ontario

In late September, I received a phone call from a Michigan resident who reported that while he and his family were coming back from a hockey game in Iroquois Falls, they had a close encounter with an object of unknown origin. While their young son was sleeping in the back seat, the couple witnessed a UFO within 20 feet of their vehicle, and while the man was anxious and curious as to what this was, his wife was terrified and urged him not to stop and drive away from the area as fast as they could. Because of the fear of being ridiculed, they wish to remain anonymous. On October 11, I recorded the following:


Dates: September 29
Location: Ottawa, Ontario

On September 9, I received the following message via Facebook from the New Brunswick resident who is also responsible for posting the photos below:

"Hello Michel. First, let me say good work you are doing. I came across your name today, while going through the Moncton Times & Tanscript's opinion page of Saturday, July 25, 2015, wherein you had a letter to the Editor. I just registered with your site, noufors. I have seen UFO's probably more than anyone else, going back to 1959. That one, I must admit, is a bit nebulous, but later ones are not. In my case, I am not talking about something miles away, but crafts as close as 100 feet, 100 yards, being followed for up to 27 kms. There were witnesses in most cases. On one occasion, I dared a woman to drive 50 miles with me, and I would show her one, and it was there when we got there. In some ways, that has disturbed me, as I do not understand certain things, that being one of them, but the feeling was so strong. I saw UFO's twice during daytime, though most were at night. I was never afraid of what I saw, but it was fascinating, especially the way a craft can travel on a level trajectory at 50 mph and then change direction and be out of sight overhead in a split second. I was in the Army and saw tracer bullets and they are very slow in comparison. One sighting alone can change you. I am a writer and poet. My last book is titled "My life as an Alien," which is both a play on words and also describes a number of things, as they pertain to my reality. The first few pages of that book can be accessed online. I include my website link, so you can see who I am. www.spiritsinpeace.com

As far as I know my last sightings were last winter, at which time I saw two that were a few hundred yards away. My dog was going crazy barking, something he never did before or since."

R. D.

Then, on Tuesday, September 29, that same resident from St. Louis, New Brunswick and his girlfriend posted the following three photos on my Facebook, along with the brief descriptions below:

"Wonder if anyone might have any idea what my girlfriend got in this picture, taken today, in New Brunswick? I count 8 of whatever they are. The picture was taken around 9 AM, facing North-East, about 10 miles north of Richibuctou, N.B., on old Highway 134. Chantal did not notice objects, only saw this after the fact. She often gets things in her pictures. In one shot, what appears looks like a rocket of some sort."

Photos taken in St-Louis, New Brunswick. The photo on the left was taken in late summer of 2014, but the exact date in unknown.
The photo on the right with the blue lights was taken on November 16, 2014.

Dates: August 31 and September 10
Location: Fort Frances, Ontario

On October 16, I received the following information from Brian Godin, a resident of Fort Frances, about the two photographs he took which are posted above:

"August 31 roughly 5:45am. The one picture that was a metallic ball flying towards us, flashing just like a plane, guessing it was about 6 feet in diameter, flew above my neighbour's garage about 40'-50' in the sky and when I snapped 4 pictures, it vanished into thin air. The other picture was Sept. 10 at about 9:30 pm was an orb on the top and bottom and the middle line was a solid black flying ball. Flashing like a plane as well."

Dates: Unknown
Location: Ottawa, Ontario

On Tuesday, September 22, I received the following e-mail from an Ottawa resident:


I live in Ottawa, Ontario near the Ottawa River and have a clear view of the skies over Quebec - near the Gatineau area and a little west. I have had 5 sightings in roughly the same area of sky over Quebec, two being in the daytime over the last 4 years.

The ones that have really fascinated me are the cloud UFOs. About 2 months ago, I captured one of them obviously hiding behind a cloud but obviously didn't realize the cloud had moved and it was visible. It was made up of 5 bright small white lights that obviously belonged to a solid object from underneath and under that triangle of lights, there were 3 other white lights dancing around under the triangle - like little orbs. I can still see how clearly it just sat there for several minutes till someone/thing at the helm realized the cloud had moved so it slowly went behind the cloud again.

After that one episode, I have never looked at clouds the same way again. Today for instance, I was watching the clouds in the sky and all of a sudden, one large one seemed to be moving across the sky and the thing was...no other clouds were moving. So couldn't have been the wind as all would be moving. The cloud was shaped like a saucer and actually, if you look at a sky full of clouds, many of them are - some flatter than others but the general shape.

I have seen, in a darker greyer sky full of darker clouds, what seemed like headlights in two places - 2 bright white lights positioned across from each other in two places amidst the dark clouds. Very strange indeed.

I am coming to think that there are UFOs behind clouds if not often, then maybe even all the time and if you watch the skies for long periods of times, you will notice something odd here or there - follow that instinct because 9 times out of 10, you will see something for sure.

This area seems to be a real hotbed of activity over Quebec, I wish someone would come out and study this area. I know there was a famous UFO incident in Carp not far from where I am, something seems to be attracting them to the area, or so it looks to me.

I have reported all my sightings to Mufon but saw your site and thought I would share.

Recently, I have seen the same object in that same spot in Quebec skies 3 times. It's flashing red white and blue almost like landing lights but it is up in the sky for almost 2 hours when it appears. It also appears about the same time at night around 9:30 pm and stays in the same area for a long time. It descends and goes way back up but slowly a few times then it's just gone. I have tried to track it through an airport over in Quebec but nothing so far. I saw it once 2 years ago and again about a week ago when a friend was with me and saw it too.

Once you have seen one of these, you can't go back. What are they doing up there and who are they? Fascinating stuff.

All the best.

T. M."

Dates: August 10 - September 3
Location: Fort Frances, Ontario

On Friday, September 4, I interviewed a resident of Fort Frances, Brian Godin, who reported to me that for the past 17 nights, he has been witrness to several odd sightings in the sky, sometimes in the company of a friend. He also reported power outages that occurred in the town of Dryden and elsewhere.


Date: August 8
Location: Lake Lauzon near Blind River, Ontario

On Monday August 10, I was told by a co-worker that she and her husband had seen a red ball of light hovering over Lake Lauzon where their camp is located not far from Blind River. On October 1, she wrote the following:

"On Saturday Aug. 8/15 around 10:00 p.m., my husband called me outside onto our deck to look at a round large red ball hovering just to the east of our site. As we watched, the 'ball' began to shrink in size but never moved positions. After about a minute, it blinked out of sight."


Date: August 10
Location: St Charles, Ontario

On Monday August 10, I received the fdollowing e-mail from a resident of St-Charles who reported that, along with a friend of hers and her daughter, they saw a delta-shaped object with red lights:

"Greetings this rainy morning!

A friend and her daughter are at our cottage in Musky Bay (St Charles) with me. Last night, we spent a few hours in our gazebo, sitting and visiting (a few beverages were consumed). At around 00:00, the daughter and I came indoors and my friend went and sat on the deck alone then quickly called us to come out to our deck which is south facing. She motioned to a very high rapidly moving object in the brightly starlit sky. It was silent, delta-shaped and had numerous red lights around it. I can't exactly say that the lights moved in a zig-zag motion but it definitely seemed to not be moving in a straight line. It was at approx. 100° to the horizon in the south-west sky. Within very few seconds, it proceeded in the north-east and was concealed behind the trees in our backyard. The distance it covered in a very few seconds was vast. I do not believe it was an aircraft that we originally saw but shortly afterward, we did see an airplane in the southern sky behaving in the way you'd expect an aircraft to behave, flying in a straight linear line. We could hear the slight droning sound of an airplane. I cannot even guess at what we saw last night, but it did not seem ordinary to me. I haven't yet spoken to my friend and daughter about what we witnessed last night yet this morning because they're still in bed. I wanted to get this note off to you while my memories are intact and not clouded by anyone else's perception."

S. T.

Date: November 28, 2013
Location: From Sudbury to Naughton, Ontario

On Saturday August 8, I recorded an interview with a Sudbury resident who, along with her sister and her nephew, noticed a stange light on November 28th, 2013:

"In November 2013, I, along with my sister and nephew, experienced a sighting that began in New Sudbury and continued all the way in to Naughton. Around 5:30 that evening I was getting gas at Pioneer and noticed (it was more of a pull, like something was telling me to look in that direction) over the roof of the little house across the road this really large, bright, what I thought was a star. Except it was really big; bigger and brighter than any star I have ever seen. I made a note of it then left and went west on Lasalle, heading toward the Lasalle extension. While waiting for the lights at Frood, I saw directly in front of me, off in the distance, what looked like the same exact thing I just saw at the gas station and pointed it out to my sister. At first we thought it may be a light off one of the towers so she watched while I drove. But no matter which direction the car headed, around every turn (with the exception of the under pass/on-ramp part as we could not see it), it stayed exactly in front of us in the same position, as if it was moving with us, trying to get our attention. When we got to Copper Cliff, we pulled over behind the town houses that burned down a few years ago and started to take a couple of pictures. While we were doing that, it moved quickly to the left, and then stopped dead. Then went up quickly, stopped dead. It did that in a few directions, then stopped moving altogether again. We continued towards Naughton and the same thing started happening as before. It was directly in front of us, no matter which way we turned. When we pulled in to Naughton we couldn't see anything because of all the trees, and when we got back out to the highway and continued west toward Espanola, it was gone.

Since then I have been looking in to UFOs, other beings, etc., trying to find out as much information as I can and have kind of reached a block (for lack of a better term) in my path. I have all of this information but it is all sort of blurring together and I could really use another person who actually knows what they are talking about to help me figure some things out, and possibly answer questions that I have not been able to find credible answers to. I was wondering, if you have time, if you would be willing to help me try to make sense of all of this? Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated."

Top left: Photo showing the Moon for comparison. Top right: photo of the object that followed the witnesses.
Bottom left and right: photos of the object the witnesses said they saw.


Date: October - November 2000
Location: Woodstock, NB
Time: Roughly 1:00 am

As a response to my Letter to the Editor which was printed in the Moncton, New Brunswick Times & Transcript, I received this following e-mail on August 4 from a member of the Greater Moncton Paranormal Society:

"Times have changed, and so has the town. Memories however, especially the one I am about to tell you, has not. The year was 2000, in late fall. I was the designated driver for a bunch of college buddies one night (exact date unknown) when it was my job to go check on the group. I did not own a car at that time, but one of my friends did, and they had it with them that night. The job was simple, go meet up with them throughout the night to see if they wanted me to drive them home. I had to walk from the next to the college in town (where I lived at the time), down Main St, to two separate bars where they said they would be throughout the night.

It was a cool autumn's night, but the sky was almost completely clear, and the light of near full moon lighting the sky. The first bar I went too, none of the guys were there, so I continued to walk on to the next one, known as JR's (still there today). I met up with the some of the guys, and they said they were ok, and did not need a drive. My friend Eric, who asked me to be the DD, wasn't feeling that good, so he decided not to drink but still went out with friends.

We noticed one of the guys was not there, so I said I would go check back at the first bar in case I missed him, and would help him if needed. Other than the noise from the fading bar in the background, the night was peaceful, beautiful. Once I checked out the first bar and could not find our missing friend (turns out he was sick in the other bars bathroom most of the night), I decided to head home.

The first bar (known as The River Restaurant - https://www.facebook.com/theriverrestaurantinc), was under construction, building a new patio on the left hand side of their back deck, overseeing the Saint John River, and the valley around it. Something drew me to go take a look at the deck, as it was almost completed, and not blocked off to the public. I saw a beautiful maple tree, its empty branches lit up with the light of the moon. The tree was huge, and the image of almost countless branches zig-zagging all over the place with each branch and twig lit by the soft blue-white reflection of the moon was mesmerizing.

I stood there for a moment or two, listening to the music of the bar as people came and went, opening and closing the door in the process. Other than that, an almost eerie calm loomed over the town. I am staring at the tree, and through it, looking at the incredible and vast stars that were out that night. Then, out of nowhere, something to my right, downriver, caught my eye.

Up in the sky, I would say no more than a couple thousand feet up (but I am no expert here), were 5 very bright, neon pink lights. They were lined up side by side, and vibrated as if it was one solid object moving at the same time. I was confused, but captivated by this strange object. I could see through the spaces between the pink lights, as I could see the distant stars behind them.

I could not believe what I was seeing. I turned my entire body to face the object, still vibrating, gently, but noticeable. Then, it was like it knew or saw that I had seen it, for the vibrations stopped completely, the lights ceased to move but for only a couple seconds. After that, the object shot off in a half crescent, only never gaining or losing any altitude. As it did this though, the lights merged into one as it got further away, and as it came back close to me, they separated again back into the 5 separate lights.

It then came even closer to me, almost overhead. The patio, the ground, my clothes and everything turned a pale pink in color, as the object lit up the surroundings with its brilliance. I had enough time and remembered thinking "fight or flight", should I have ran or should I have stayed? The curiosity got the better of me, especially because I have always been fascinated with the paranormal, so I did not move, except to duck and cover my head, thinking the object was going to hit me or something.

As soon as it got overhead, it stopped again, silent as can be. No sound came from this object at all, I could not see any shapes over than the 5 individual lights themselves. It was now almost 50% larger than from when I first saw it, and it wanted to make sure I knew it was there.

Suddenly, it shot across the sky, over my left shoulder, northeasterly, over the river, the hills, and mountains beyond. As it did this, the lights once again merged into one, and shrunk in size as it was getting farther away, until it was completely gone out of sight.

The entire event took roughly a minute.

I was shaken up needless to say and ran home after that. My heart was racing and could not calm down or go to sleep, so I ended up staying up until about 5 am that morning staring at the stars, hoping it would return, or I would see something else. I had no such luck.

I have studied and have read countless stories of ufo's and the paranormal throughout all my life, and I remember noticing that I experienced no loss of time, as I remembered to keep an eye on my watch that night before hand and after, I checked my entire body when I got home in the mirror, showed no signs of marks, scratches, unexplained anomalies, and I know for a fact I was stone cold sober when this happened. I was not over tired beforehand and cannot to this day explain what or why I saw what I saw that night.

I talked to a bunch of friends at college the next day, no one seen or heard anything. Some of course thought I was crazy and was drinking when I said I would be the driver. A few friends believed me, one in particular, who convinced me to right this story down all those years ago and send it to world renowned UFO Researcher, Stanton Friedman. I found out that he lived in Fredericton NB by looking him up online, and sent him my story. I have never heard back from him, but this moment has been burned into my mind ever since that night. I have never before or since saw anything like that in our skies."

D. M.

Date: 1973
Location: Kukagami Lake Road, near Highway 17, Ontario

On July 28, I interviewed one of two area residents who, in 1973, witnessed a UFO as it was taking power from the high tension wires on a pole line that intersects Kukagami Lake Road, near Highway 17. He showed me a sketch he made of the incident and a sketch of something his mother had seen,many years ago.

A. L._July28_2015.mp3

Dates: Unknown
Locations: Temagami, Ontario and Clearwater River in Alberta

On Wednesday, July 15, I received the following e-mail from a Sudbury resident:

"I have several photos of UFOs that I took a few years ago in the Temagami area and wonder if you'd be interested. Also I've had other sightings, one in BC, another in Alberta in addition to the one in Ontario. If interested, please return email me. Thanks."

W. W.

On July 22, I received the following photos, accompanied by the description of the events witnessed by Mr. W.

"I was driving from Alberta to southern Ontario via Highway 11 and wanted to photograph some of the white and red pine stands in the Temagami area, so I had my digital camera on the passenger seat, handy for when I saw something I would photograph. I often stop and take photos of scenery or animals.

I was scanning the trees alongside the highway when I noticed up to my left, just above the tree-line, two dark objects. These were dark, sort of greyish in colour and moving slightly faster than my own speed of about 90 kph. I sped up to about 100 kph but the objects were still travelling somewhat faster than that.

I reached over and grabbed the camera, hit the on button and with one hand through the open driver's side window managed to get about four photos in a distance of about 1.5 kilometers. Then these objects crossed the highway ahead of me and went out of view behind the trees.

They were dark in colour and resembled sort of vertical jelly beans,

For clarity, I used Adobe Photoshop and converted them to bas relief. On doing this, I was surprised to discover there were more than two objects."

"This is another photo with a UFO similar to those I sent. This one was taken on the Clearwater River in Alberta. It was more of a dull aluminum colour as opposed to the dark ones I saw in Ontario.

I have no idea if these are seen frequently, but I've heard two other accounts that meet the description.

My daughter was lounging in her back yard in Cambridge, Ontario, when a flight of hot air balloons passed over. She saw another object following the balloons at a leisurely pace and her description matched these. She said she tried to draw the attention of balloon occupants to the object but they didn't seem to understand.

Another instance was related by the wife of a friend in Prince Rupert, BC. She is a post office employee and told me she and two co-workers went to the rear loading dock of the post office for a smoke break when they noticed an object of the same description as those near Temagami hovering over Prince Rupert harbour. It remained stationery during their break, but was gone when she checked a half-hour later.

The object in this picture is at the upper right of the frame."

Date: August 8, 2014
Location: Dowling, Ontario

On July 9, I received the following e-mail from a Sudbury resident:

"Tried to report this last year, with not much luck. Noticed you in Northern Life. Anyways here it is...sitting in my back yard in Dowling at about 10:45 pm aug. 8 2014. Seen a V-shaped craft flying from east to west. It had five, mayby 7 dull lights in a V shape. It was moving very fast with no sound. Pointed it out to my wife. It was gone in about 5 seconds. It was one craft but not knowing the size or height, hard to say speed. I'd say it was big high and very fast."


Date: April 22
Location: East of Hayward, California

On June 12, I received the following message via my NOUFORS Forum page from a California pilot:

"If there is any way I can send some screen shots of the video I captured on April 22, 2015 flying a cargo run from Van Nuys to Hayward Ca @ 0330am. I have tried to contact a few people and I am not getting anything. This is not a hoax. I was in contact with norcal ATC and on an IFR flght plan. If Mr. Courant can accept an email from me, I will send the pictures to him.

This is probably the closest contact ever recorded. There will be no one that can give any explanation other than not of this planet. I had objects that appeared as green/red orbs and there were 6-9 of them. I was paced for 10 minutes while indicating 160kts and they hovered; paced me; did very, very, very high speed passes within feet of me, and were constanly in my view."


Billy Van Horn
Redding Ca

Date: Saturday, June 6
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

After a full day of having breakfast with my friends, shopping around at garage sales and getting my wash done, I went out sky-watching with my pals at around 9:30 p.m. or so...until about 11:40 p.m. In total, we spotted seven satellites. But I also saw a couple of objects or light sources that behaved differently. At eleven minutes to eleven, I saw a moving light flare up to a dull bright glow as it passed the Big Dipper, and then faded and disappeared as it headed north. Then, at around 11:25 p.m., as I was looking in a south-southwest direction, I noticed a single bright flash of light in between a semi-circle of stars, low to the horizon. I kept looking in case I'd see something else, but I didn't see anything after that. My friends were busy looking at other areas of the sky at the time. We headed home at around 11:40 p.m.

Date: Sunday, May 17
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On Sunday, May 17, I received this following e-mail from a Sudbury resident who reported between six to twelve UFOs:


My name is Dylan. I live in Sudbury, ON. I was outside my house tonight from about 11 pm May 16, 2015 to about 12 am May 17, and during that time, I saw six to twelve UFO's! I've never reported any before, though I have seen them, five in the last two years, to be exact. Then all of a sudden, they're just everywhere tonight. I say six to twelve UFO's because some of them could possibly have been the same ones flying back over again. All of them except one were bright lights high up in the sky (not flickering like a plane), brighter than any of the surrounding stars, all of them changing speed every now and then and a few were also changing direction every now and then as well. At one point, there was 5 at once going in all different directions. The one that wasn't bright like the others (and which freaked me out the most) was a dark triangle-shaped aircraft that flew maybe 200-300 feet above my head, heading west at about 11:07 pm. I could hardly see it; it almost seemed transparent, aside from the faint outline, as well as 5 very dim orange lights along the edge of the craft. There was no jet engines or exhaust fumes that I could see; also, it was completely silent. As I said before, I've never reported any previous UFOs that I've seen, but this seemed way too crazy to just keep to myself. I hope you find this interesting."

Dylan M.

Date: Monday, May 4
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On Monday, May 11, I received the following e-mail, along with an unusual photograph that was taken with the eyewitness' cell phone:

"Good Day,

I took a suspicious picture last Monday... I do not know where else to send this picture in order to acquire a sound opinion of what is in this picture.
Brief description....

I saw a weird cloud formation occur above my home... no rain in the forecast or clouds.

I was drawn to this interesting scene and decided to take a pic. It was not until yesterday I decided to examine it... what I see is a beam of light coming from the inner funnel of the clouds... I sent the pic to my niece and she said to look at the bottom of the beam of light... there in a small child like shadow is the shape of a being of sorts.

If you could please review this and get back to me asap, I would greatly appreciate it. While I do not feel any negative energies from this presence, I know it is something, just not sure how to identify it.

Thank you"


NOTE: If you look closely at the base of the vertical beam of light, you will see what appears to be a humanoid form standing in the middle of it. No one is positively sure, but it is something to consider.

Date: Unknown
Location: Near Manitoulin Island, Ontario

On May 5th, I received a text message from an eyewitness who described having three separate sightings during the last ten years:

"Had 3 sightings over the last 10 years of a bright light each time coming east down the north channel towards and past Little Current; no sound. I wrote it off as being close to the States' drones? I don't believe in aliens but even drones don't fit. I know a lot of other folks have seen them also, and surprised to see how much and many people out there have seen the same. Keep up the good work."

M. W.

Date: April 14
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On April 14, I received a very short e-mail from a resident of .

"I saw a wierd black round object in the sky on sunday around 3:30 pm. It was rotating and twisting and turning like crazy and it had a flashing blue light. I don't know what it is, but I think it is a ufo."

- Aidan

Date: Late 1960s
Location: Island of Paxos, Northeast of Greece

I received the following e-mail either in March or April from a person whose aunt had witnessed a flying saucer in 1968:

"Recently my aunt, nearly 80...told me a story she encountered when she was younger. Actually, I was really curious why my beloved aunt never talked about this before.

Her homeland is a small island ... remote from the mainland and as you can understand, the population there are mostly superstitious, and as most of the Greeks, deeply religious.

Anyway ... She was walking in olive grove from her home to go to meet my uncle...it was normal, because this happened around 1968...to walk a long distance until you reach your destination in Paxos, small island NE of Greece.

So she walked through the olive grove following a path. It was late evening and it was dark when she felt something above her. She raised her head up to the sky and saw a flying pan (as she described it) ... with no sound and very bright as the sun, without rays. She just stayed there, watching it moving slowly ... yes, this is what we call "UFO" today ... and this "pan" moved up the hill in the olive grove ... silently, in a neighbourhood called "Romanatika." Who could believe her?

Next day, the village's women, after their work, gathered to gossip as usually happens in small societies, and they were talking about a neighbourhood man who often is drunk and mocked him, because the previous night, his family found him passed out on the ground...

When he got home, he was sick with fever and other symptoms I dont remember while she was in some kind of delirium and talking of a flying pan … He had a memory loss, actually for a day.

While the other women mocked him, my aunt said that he had witnessed that and the man wasn't drunk as usual. The man finally recovered, but until the end of his life, had serious health problems because of this and never recovered completely. As far as I know, he died from lung cancer.

PS. Thanks for hearing me and sorry for my English. You can correct any vocabulary or syntax error you find."

Thanks again

Kolovos Stephanos


Date: March 22
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On March 22, I received the following e-mail, along with photos, from a Sudbury resident who has seen and photographed UFOs similar to those captured by my friend, Ken Klingbell:

"Hi UFOMAN, just thought I would send some more photo's of the sighting I had. I was able to zoom in on the craft that flew over my yard in August 2014. Please have a look. It's quite similar to the one Ken Klingbell had photographed/filmed. If you zoom in with windows photo viewer, you can see it is a big sphere/pancake with strange lights that move and change colors. Anyway, I have the originals and other ones. Perhaps if you ever know someone who is good at editing ipad2 footage or even uploaded youtube footage, and is interested in UFOs, let me know. I haven't found a good enough program other than this one that helped me zoom to see the black ball (barely). Anyway, just wanted you to have these, Thank You! Sincerely."

Cody Lee

Date: March 22
Location: Near Trenton, Ontario

On March 22, I received the following e-mail from a resident of who reported the following UFO sighting:

"Hi Michel.

I found your site because I was searching for somewhere to report what I witnessed early this morning. While watching tv in my chair beside the picture window of our home, a bright light caught the corner of my eye. For a brief split second, I assumed it was a falling star. Then I realized it didn't fade but was getting larger and brighter. That made me spring from my chair for a closer look. What I saw was saucer-shaped with coloured lights - yellowish, reddish, blueish. I got a pretty decent look at it, I'd say for half a second or so before it accelerated away faster than anything I've ever seen. This may sound cliche but I immediately had a feeling I knew what it was that I saw, but I don't want to go charging to any conclusions. Could that be a drone of some sort? There is a military base in Trenton which is about a two hour drive from here.

It seemed to appear from a high altitude from a west north-west direction and when I saw it closer, it looked as though it was only 1000 feet or less from the ground. It disappeared in a straight line toward the south. We live on a quiet road and it was a dark night last night. The whole thing lasted about 4-5 seconds at around 2:45 am. Almost immediately after it disappeared, a car came by our house (not frequent at that time of night); from his perspective, he should have definitely saw what I saw.

Thanks for reading. This is no hoax or false report. I'm a little freaked out by this and hoping for a possible explanation."

Regards, Jason

Sent from my iPhone

Previous Posts

Date: January 1
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On January 2, I was told about a UFO sighting that took place in the Moonlight Beach area during the previous evening, at around 9:30 p.m. The witness said that he had gone outside on his deck to take a smoke when he noticed a peculiar formation of orange lights. He called out his two sons and his wife so that they could confirm what he was seeing. All four witnesses stood and watched as the lights from the main "V-shaped" formation suddenly blinked out. A fourth orange light moved from right to left, heading in the same direction where the other lights had been stationary just a few seconds before. Below are drawings based on the original sketch made by the main witness.

As it turns out, the witness was Christopher Johnston, a co-worker who recently passed away on Friday, May 15, 2015 due to Cancer at the age of 50. He will be greatly missed.

Stationary V formation of orange lights with a fourth one to the right.

V formation of lights disappeared as the remaining light moved to the left.

Date: August or September 2014
Location: Near Ottawa, Ontario

On Tuesday, January 6, I received the following e-mail from an Ottawa resident:

"Mr. Deschamps,

I'm writing to you with an inquiry regarding something I witnessed a few months back that has been puzzling me ever since. I recently came across the NOUFORS site while attempting, yet again, to find any explanation for what I saw or, at the very least, just a closely related sighting. I have yet to find anything, but this site was the first I came across that mentioned anything remotely similar.

It was during the summertime, and I was hanging outside with a friend. She was talking, and I was observing the night sky as I often do. But this particular night I saw something unlike anything I've ever seen. It was a clear night, and nothing out of the ordinary seemed to be going on. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, this vibrant blue object shot a short distance through the sky and then vanished just as quickly. The object was mostly oval in shape, except what I assumed to be the bottom of it was flat instead of round. It appeared to glow blue - and when I say "blue", I mean it was an electric blue, not the regular blue you see on airplane lights. But the light only seemed to be the outline of the object, as well was two stripes through the middle of it. There were no contrails behind it at all, and when it vanished it almost seemed to be "diving" beneath the black of the sky. Also, from where I was it appeared to be outside the Earth's atmosphere as opposed to inside.

I haven't witnessed anything like this since it happened, but it's left me with a peculiar feeling and it seems ingrained on my memory as if it just happened the other day instead of months ago. I'm hoping that you might have seen something similar, or heard stories, or even just straight-up have an answer for what it was.

I can't remember the exact date of the sighting (glimpse, anyway). I do remember that it was sometime during the end of August or beginning of September, and it was around 10 or 11 at night. I have no issues with you entering my report or using it in any manner; just let me know if you have any further questions about it.

It was definitely a colour I've never seen used by any of the aircraft we have. I know what a plane or helicopter light looks like, and it was definitely not either of those (those are the only form of aircraft I've seen around here in the 5 years I've lived here).

It was also an odd shape that differed greatly from any commonly used aircraft, or any that I'm aware of either. And its behaviour (appearing and disappearing quickly) seems a little too sci-fi/futuristic to be a modern-day Earth machine to me.

I also live in Ontario (outside of Ottawa), so I might take you up on the phone call. Are there any times, or days, that are better to call than others?
I really don't mind if you use my name, to be honest. Whichever you prefer to use is fine.

Thank you, and warm wishes to you as well!

Take care and thank you for your time,


Date: 1980s
Location: Near Toronto, Ontario

On Wednesday, January 14, I received the following e-mail from a Greater Toronto Area resident:


I had my own experience about 35 years ago (circa 1980?). You can read about it here - GoogleUFONews.com. It was reported in one of our local newspapers.

I've been trying to track down this article ever since to no avail. Perhaps someone in your organization can be of assistance.

I don't recall which newspaper, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun or The Mississauga News. It read and I quote, "Dozens of Mississauga residents report a UFO as big as a football field".

Here's a photo literally identical to what we saw.

Take a look at my drawings I made many years before 1988My Official UAP Report


T. Blank


"In the winter of the late 70s or early 80s, January perhaps, I just got off work at 9:30 P.M. from the auto dealership. I was a car salesman at the time. I started driving towards the city of Toronto, Canada, on the QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way) eastbound to meet some friends at a bar on the Esplanad (a street lined with nightclubs). I was not under the influence of any drug or alcohol.

As I was driving, I noticed a string of lights slowly rotating counter-clockwise over the city of Toronto, at about the ten o’clock position from my point of view. This caught my eye because these formation of lights were very unusual. The lights were evidently in a circular pattern with about two-thirds visible as the other third rotated out of view. Imagine a pie plate with about 25 lights around the circumference of it. As this “pie plate” would revolve, a third of these lights would be hidden from view as if they were obstructed by a solid body. It was at night so all I could see was these rotating string of lights, but they were definitely on a “fixed” platform as the lights were revolving in unison.

Although I’ve heard of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon and was curious, at that time in my life, I didn’t really give that much thought about them. I’ve always been interested in nature and especially about the universe. I’ve seen all kinds of aircraft and advertising blimps at night before. I drove taxi’s off and on for fifteen years on the night shift and have seen countless meteors, lightening, satellites, etc. On two occasions I’ve even seen extremely bright, slow falling, green fireball meteors lighting up the ground, for a couple of seconds, as if it was daylight. I’ve read, in later years, were other witnesses reported green fireballs as Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. I chuckled to myself thinking how easily “UFO believers” can be fooled by natural phenomenon.

Anyway, these circle of lights were slowly descending and approaching towards me (westbound), while I was driving about 115 kilometers per hour on the highway (eastbound). These lights were getting closer and closer as “we” approached each other. I recall thinking to myself that this must be some kind of advertising balloon and those lights were letters. As I kept driving, I was paying more and more attention to this object because the closer it was getting, the more unusual it looked. I kept glancing at it, while driving, waiting until it was close enough to read what these letters were saying, still thinking it was some kind of advertising blimp. The closer it got, the more I looked at it. Now at my nine o’clock position, the string of rotating lights appeared to bank left like an airplane would “turning right”. Actually, it wasn’t banking at all. It was dipping forward pointing towards the ground. At this point, I realized that these lights were not letters at all. They were different shaped and sized, yellowish white lights. I surmised the reason these lights were different in shape was because they appeared to be “imbedded”, “recessed” into some solid body. I assumed that’s the reason they appeared to be different shapes and sizes.

During the time when this Strange Flying Object started to bank left, or I thought from my point of view, I was struggling with myself trying to understand whether this was a plane, blimp, or a balloon. It was flying too slow for a plane, yet, too fast for a blimp. Also, it didn’t appear to be flying or floating. The best way I can describe its motion is that it looked like it was “sailing” in the sky, as if it was in its own, separate environment, outside our sphere of perception.

What’s interesting here is that the human brain tries to associate what the eyes are seeing, to something already seen or experienced before. That’s why I was at war with myself trying to decide whether this object was a plane, blimp or a balloon. Every time I resigned myself to what I must be witnessing, I jumped to another conclusion. This jumping from one conclusion to another occurred during the whole experience.

I was imagining all kinds of things. For example, if it was a plane, the only way these lights could have been positioned was in a circle because this plane must have had some kind of supporting structure in a circle from wing tip to wing tip. This didn’t make any sense at all. I’ve seen advertising planes before. This was nothing like this. Not even close. Then I was trying to imagine a “Goodyear blimp” with these letters going across its side. This was nothing like it either. So here I was, trying to drive and watch this object at the same time.

As I was driving, I started to slow down because I kept looking at this circle of lights more than the road ahead of me. In retrospect, I don’t even know how I kept my car on the road because I was so awed by this display in the sky. As the object kept dipping forward more and more, it eventually ended up totally perpendicular to the ground! The first thing that came to mind was a big Ferris wheel rotating in the sky. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

At this point I slowed down to about 50 KPH (30 miles an hour in a 60 MPH highway for my American friends) and put my four-way, flashing hazard lights on my car fearing that another car would crash into the back of me for going so slow on a 100 KPH highway.

As I was mesmerized by this strange Unidentifiable Aerial Object, a surge of adrenaline hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn’t realize how BIG this thing was. At first I thought it was the size of an airplane fairly close. IT WAS GIGANTIC! Absolutely ENORMOUS in size. At least twice the size of a football field, bigger than an aircraft carrier! It must have been miles away.

I don’t know what gave away its size. Maybe the reflections of light on the ground. The best way I can relate this sudden realization is like one of those illusions most of us have seen. You know, when you look at a pixel drawing with an image you can’t see until you stare at it for a while? After a period of time, you make out the face of a woman or something like that? That’s kind of the transformation I experienced. At first I thought the object was the size of a large plane, than suddenly I REALLY saw it. IT WAS HUGE!!! I yelled out loud to myself, “Holey F**k, IT’S HUGE!!!”. I don’t F***ing believe it, it’s F***ing HUGE!!!. I thought it was fairly close at first, then bang!, it was farther away and larger than my brain first comprehended it.

Speaking about this surge of adrenaline. Have you ever had a really close call having a car accident? When your heart rate skyrockets to about 180 beats per minute? That’s what I felt when I realized how Gargantuan this object was! I could actually feel my heart pounding like crazy. To be frank, that’s when it literally scared the hell out of me, when I realized how big it was. At this point, I rolled down my window and pointed to this giant “Ferris wheel” in the sky to the other motorists, but it appeared no one seemed to notice as they screamed by me at regular highway speeds. I remember how cold it was when I rolled down my window. It was something like minus 30 Celsius below zero.

After, I don’t know how long, probably only a few seconds of rotating in this perpendicular position, this Unidentified Aerial Object started to climb and right itself and “sail” back to the direction it originally came from. I rolled up my window, turned off my hazard lights, and started to speed up to chase it. Still, it seemed other motorists didn’t notice this object. That still irks me to this day why nobody seemed to notice.

As I was approaching the city limits, this object was in its flat position again climbing over the city. Then, all of a sudden, the rotating lights turned off except for a red “aircraft like” blinking light (which I never noticed before). After a few seconds, the rotating lights turned on again. It was like in the movie “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind“. The lights just blasted on. Then after a few seconds they turned off again as it seemed to be over the city. Strange behavior.

Now I was exiting off of the highway onto Spadina Rd. I lost track of these lights because of the tall buildings. When I was on the street where I was going, I saw a cop parked on the other side of the road writing a parking ticket. I stopped in the middle of the road and ran over to him. He was quite taken aback by my seemingly aggressive approach. I asked him, “how long have you been here?” I forgot what he said, but I asked, “did you see that big circle of lights flying in the sky? He said “no”. After parking my car, I met my friends at the bar, “Bailey’s”, (Dave B. and Craig C.) and told them what happened, but they didn’t take me seriously as they’ve already had a few drinks and were more interested in the ladies then listening to my astonishing, wild experience.

After sitting at the bar by myself for an hour or so I went home. I was living at my parent’s house at the time, temporarily, so when I got home around 11 P.M., I called the police. I didn’t know who else to phone at the time. They didn’t take me seriously of course so, after that, I phoned the Toronto International Airport and managed to get through to Air Traffic Control and asked them if they had anyone call in with a UFO report. Nothing. So I called the police again and convinced them to take me seriously as I wanted to make a report. They told me they can send a couple of officers to my house. As it was late and my parents were asleep, I told them I’d rather come to the station the next day to report. Next morning, when I contemplated going in I decided not to, fearing they would think I’m some kind of wacko UFO fanatic.

As the days went by, scanning the newspapers looking for a “UFO sighting” to no avail, I started doubting myself. I was trying to convince myself that perhaps I was somehow mistaken. Maybe it was something not out of the ordinary at all. Maybe it was a balloon or airplane of some kind. Maybe like thousands of others, I witnessed something that I misinterpreted for something else.

About a week or so later, on or about the tenth page of the Toronto Star or Toronto Sun, buried in the bottom right hand corner, there it was! A short article. “Dozens of Mississauga residents reported a UFO as big as a football field.” I don’t recall the whole article. “Finally” I said to myself. “I knew it was real”, “I knew I didn’t imagine this”. I’ll never, ever, doubt myself again, no matter how much ridicule I’ll be subjected to.

I have some regrets however. One is It didn’t occur to me at the time to contact the media instead of the police and the airport. My second regret is I wish I had others with me to have this one in a million experience. And most importantly, I wish I knew what I was witnessing right from the beginning so that I would have found a way to park my car and really pay attention to this strange, enormous “craft” in the cold night sky."

Date: January 28
Location: Near Coniston, Ontario

This morning (Thursday, January 29) at 11:30 a.m., I received the following report from a young lady's iphone:

"Wednesday January 28th at 10:00 p.m. I was driving home from work, right after the 70km zone in Wahnapitae. I seen a circular object in the sky going over the kmhighway. It was flashing green on the bottom and above it you seen a dark circular figure. I nearly drove into the ditch looking at it. After about 6 seconds, it was gone, I couldn't see it anymore.

Sent from my iPhone"

Date: April 22
Location: Near Coniston, Ontario

On April 23, I received the following e-mail from a resident of Six Nations, near Hamilton:

"On Wed. April 22, 2015 I was traveling South on Chiefswood road into Ohsweken. I saw an orange light in the south. Initially I thought it was a tower light then I then I realized it was a bit high for a tower light and I noticed it was moving towards me. I was driving so I could not get a good look. About 5 min later I looked and there were 2 more following the first. I was still driving. As soon as I could I pulled over.

Less than a minute later, I rolled down my window to check if I could hear anything. I looked to see if there were any other colour lights with the orange . It was 3 orange lights and they seemed to be equal distance from the one ahead. No sound. It was snowing so again I thought low flying helicopter-no noise nor
any spot lights and they were not in any hurry. I turned down a street and picked up my son about 10 min. On our way out we spotted one more light coming from the same direction and it appeared to be floating, not traveling in a straight line and not in a hurry. We watched it disappear in the snow heading east. About 5 min."

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