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2016 Sighting Reports

Date: December 10
Location: Falconbridge, Ontario

On December 10, I received a text message at around 3 a.m. from an eyewitness named David who claimed that he had just captured a UFO using his cell phone camera. I downloaded the clip from my cell to the computer and converted it to an mp4. On the video, there is an object with an unusual configuration of flashing lights which does not conform with the light patterns you find on aircraft. While on duty in the town of Falconbridge, he noticed some flashing lights in the sky. He lowered his driver-side window and proceeded to record the object which was completely silent.

In another message to me, he wrote:

"The direction I was filming in would be west of Edison road in Falconbridge. I was travelling southbound on Edison road. 2:30 AM was around the time I saw it. It was motionless and I'd guess maybe 1000 feet off the ground."

The witness also added that he wished he could have stayed there so that he could watch and continue to film the object, but he was on the job.

David - Falconbridge UFO 2016.mp4

Date: 1970s
Location: Wahnapitae, Ontario

On November 30, a resident of Azilda told me about a sighting he had when he was 15 years old while growing up in Wahnapitae. One evening, his mother asked him to go get some food at the corner store. Upon his return home, he noticed a bright light in the distance, about the size of a dime at arm's length. The bright white object moved closer until it was about 3/4 of a foot wide at arm's length! Coming in from the north, the UFO suddenly made a right-angle turn and shot off so fast, it left a trail of white light behind it that faded as it disappeared in the distance. The witness told me that he couldn't explain what it was at the time, but that it obviously made an impression on him since he constantly watches the skies whenever he's at camp up by Shining Tree.

Date: November 10
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On November 10, I received a photo from a friend who said that he and his family had been in the area of the A&W when he snapped three photos in the direction of blue barrie hill at around 4:30 - 5 p.m. Here is the last photo in which he caught something odd in the cloudy sky.

Date: October 29
Location: Near Willisville, Ontario

On Saturday, October 29, my friend Will Motychka and I went on a day trip to Manitoulin Island so that I could bring him to the location where a couple of UFOs had landed and left doughnut-shaped ground markings a mile or so outside of the small town of Spring Bay, Ontario, back in mid-September 1990.

On our way back to Sudbury, I decided to go up the Willisville road in order to take breathtaking photos of the surrounded area from a high elevation. The following photos were taken by Will and he immediately noticed the green orb in the photos. And upon further examination, using the negative option from a photo editing program, he noticed another orb in the cloud cover when he zoomed in on the last photo.

Left: Photo of blue orb. Right: Enhancement of photo taken by Will Motychka. Apparently, the Great Lakes
region has produced several reports of bluish-green orbs in the recent past.

Quote from article linked below:

"These orbs have been photographed en masse this year. The photos clearly show semi-transparent blue orbs with several smaller white orbs attached either to the mother orb or in close orbit around the larger orb.

The Great Lakes region will be analyzed in depth to see if there are underwater bases there, especially under Lake Erie."


Photo of a strange sphere taken over Dallas, Texas on November 25, 2015


UPDATE: These 'green orbs with tiny white specks' are actually a type of lens flare associated with certain makes of cell phones. Please go to: https://www.metabunk.org/orbs-with-dots-pdaf-focus-pixels-in-sun-reflection-lens-flare.t8872/

On Sunday, August 28, I received a series of reports and update from someone who has reported UFO sightings to me in the past. Here are the three e-mails I received from this eye-witness:

"Thanks for keeping NOUFORS alive, it means a lot for people to report their sightings and be taken seriously. I have reported to you in the past (2011) and before relating my latest sighting, I would like to add to one of my previous reports. #4, the zig-zagging satellite may have been an actual man-made satellite with atmospheric optical illusion causing it to look like it was moving erratically and then disappearing into the distance (fades away because of the angle of sight and the earth's atmosphere. So I would officially call that one "debunked"."

"I have seen several orange glowing orbs that I have not previously mentioned, along with some friends, on multiple occasions while in the bush behind Montee Rouleau near Blezzard Valley. I won't bother getting into the specifics of those, since there are many other detailed accounts and my anecdotes here are not particularly significant except to mention the location. No fireballs but absolutely bizzare and unexplainable objects

During the summer of 2013, I was looking out of an upstairs window at around 3 am from a house on Montee Rouleau where we have an unobstructed view of the field with the bush and ridges behind. I saw three luminescent orbs form a triangular pattern very low to the ground, less than a kilometer away (seemed like it was over the neighbour's farm). It hovered motionless, except for the blinking colours which would flash one at a time in red, green or blue randomely with no repetition. Each orb could light up in any colour and in any order but always maintained the same position and formation. I knew the transmission line might be in that general area so I thought it might be an electrical issue with one of the towers. In the morning, however, I used binoculars to scan the exact area and found absolutely nothing that could produce this effect, only trees.

And then there was yesterday..."

"August 27 2016, roughly 7-8pm, Hanmer, ON.

I am located near the Hanmer mall, just off St-Marie st (interesting that one of the most recent sightings reported on your site is in this exact area) my wife and I were outside on the patio looking towards the sunset in the West when movement caught my eye. There was a dull-white disc shape (not sure about shape, could have been cigar-like but definitely lenticular from the side-view) moving swiftly from North to South. It was followed by another, then another, untit easily a dozen objects had passed without leaving a sound or a streak in the sky. The last one flew through a large cloud on the horizon, hinting that these were large, far away, and very fast. This last one discounts a flock of seagulls as the culprit; plus, immediately after a flock of birds did fly across the same view (South to North), at a great distance, and were shadowed by the sun behind them and so looked nothing like the strange objects. The colour seemed to match the clouds and acted almost like camouflage.

Unless there were white jet fighters flying by the dozen over Hanmer, I would say this is strange. It was my wife's first UFO sighting and certainly one of the most significant of my own."

E. L.

NOTE: This report pertains to the same event that I mentioned on the Valley East Facebook page after I heard about it from some co-workers who actually witnessed the UFO sighting themselves. It was also stated that there two poilice officers in a cruiser that apparently also witnessed the event.

On Saturday, August 27, I received the following sighting report via a friend of mine whose co-worker was one of a dozen eye-witnesses who described seeing an odd reddish object in the general vicinity of the Tim Horton's at the corner of Lasalle Boulevard and Notre Dame Avenue on August 13th. Even though there were other witnesses to this event, this observer wants to remain anonymous:

"Saturday, August 13, 2016 approximately 10:20pm. Overcast night. Had rained off and on. Not raining when light show appeared.

Location - Notre Dame Avenue traveling towards train tracks.

Myself as driver and friend as passenger both witnessed the event.

Notice a light source moving back and forth across the bottom of the clouds on the right side of Notre Dame avenue. Short arc pattern around 30 degrees. Could not see any light source coming up from ground level (such as a spotlight). Pulled into the parking lot by Staples to get a better look.

Still moving in an arc pattern every 5 seconds or so. Drove through the flour mill area trying to get closer look and possibly find source. Light kept appearing for about a half hour in the sky just skimming the bottom of the clouds then disappeared.

No sounds were ever heard. Light was constant in the same area and same pattern."

On Friday, August 26, I received this message from an old friend and fellow MUFON member who contacted me about his sighting and the photos he took:

Re: UFOs on Manitoulin Island - August 5

Hi Michel,

Chuck, here - a fellow MUFON investigator from the past.

I have a significant sighting with Canon camera and high resolution RAW image I would like you to take a look at. There are at least thirteen ET ships in this photograph I took last week while on a spiritual retreat and star photographing as well. Also the same evening I captured a video of one of them, but it's a sphere but a jet is in it as well to compare.

Some close ups of the ships as well to help you see them.

We should talk as I have seen so much over the past years it is amazing and I have other photos as well.

Have a nice day.


Here is the actual corrected account that Chuck sent me on September 30, 2016:

Sighting occurred on Monday August 15, 2016 @ 12:17:45 AM for 1 second:

I was taking photos of the Milky Way over Lake Huron of Burnt Island Rd. near the small town of Silverwater on Manitoulin Island. Suddenly night with my camera then a flash of white light caught my left eye but I ignored it as this area has heavy aerial traffic from the airport several miles away. Then a few seconds later a very intense bright flash of white light and then red light caught my eye. As I quickly turned and saw a vehicle standing still with bright orange red light like and led strip on its side. So I immediately took a 1 sec photo with my Canon EOS REBEL T3i camera on a weighted down tripod with a remote corded trigger.

The next day while reviewing the Canon CR2 RAW file and I noticed the RAW photo had 13 or so stationary ships within it scattered around the sky. After showing it with others including MUFON and NOUFORS we realized these other ships where likely refractions from the camera trigger lag. In Photoshop I was able to clear it up and see more detail. The central ship with glowing orange sides then a bright long oblong white and bluish back end is all that is clearly the real object in question. The close up of this object shows it has a front flat end which is where the white and red bright flashes came from, and the UFO in question looks more like a chevron shaped type of craft.

Chuck Courville

Photo (with enlargement) taken of Burnt Island Rd. near the small town of Silverwater on Manitoulin Island August 15, 2016 @ 12:17:45 AM

Camera Model: Canon EOS REBEL T3i

Lens was set to Infinity

EXIF Info:

RAW-CR2 File: IMG_2968.CR2

File size: 22.72 MB

File Type: CR2

Dimensions: 5184 x 3456

Bit depth: 48 bit

ISO-speed: ISO-3200

F-stop: f/3.5

Exposure time: 1.0 sec.

Shutter speed: 0.0 sec.

Set on Manual mode

Chuck Courville

On Wednesday, August 24, I received the following e-mail from a long time friend who used to be skeptical of UFOs until he had his first encounter in 1995:

"July 23/2016 -- 11:04 pm


Saw another one on this date at approximately 11:04 pm when I was coming home from work. Again I did not get pictures but it came down and met me at the corner of Boland St. and Paris, right at the parking lot of old St. Joseph's. I would have written you sooner but I still do not know what to make of it. By the way, this one seem to follow me. I'm taking it rather personal lately. I was hoping maybe someone else may have reported it. It was very big.

If you can get some time on the weekend or whenever, I could pick you up and take you through everything and show you how this happened."


Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On July 13, I received the following e-mail from a female eyewitness who reports seeing UFOs on consecutive nights:

"Good evening. I am just an amateur sky observer and I have been noticing strange lights in the sky. I am 51 years young and maybe too much time on my hands...lol. It has been every night that I see them. Anytime from say 11:00 p.m. - 4:00 a.m. It goes ahead in bursts a couple of times. Then in reverse for a second or two. Sometimes, it even goes up and down. Very sporadic in nature. I know that they are not any aircraft that I know of as the movements go in constant different directions but still staying in relatively the same area of the sky. I see 2-4 lights regularly in different areas of the sky. They have different coloured lights. Sometimes blue, red and white. I have tried to use binoculars but my hands are not steady enough to see. I have also noticed once in a while, a light that seems to be the size of a star, but I really can't tell, come out of nowhere...last for about 1 second and then..poof...gone. I have noticed the skies are definitely not just stars and planets anymore. It has my curiosity piqued to say the least.

I would like to join and become a member but I’m not sure how to apply for membership. Could you please send me an email stating how I may do this. I appreciate you taking time to read my letter. I will be awaiting your reply. Have a great night! Keep your eye in the sky!

I am quite relieved to see your website because it helps me know that I am not losing my mind. I think my bf thinks I’m nuts...lol. He is VERY much a non-believer in aliens or alien crafts. As an afterthought....if they are aliens...how do we know if they are the friendly ones or the bad ones?"


Date: Thursday, July 7
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On July 11, at around 10:44 a.m., I was chatting with Ken Klingbell when I asked him if there was anything new...? He replied by posting the following photo and a description of what he saw:

"This object was orange, looked like it had a flame coming out the back and was going so fast that I only got 1 sec of it. It was heading east from St. Roch Lane. My son Jesse and his friend Casey also saw it. Casey saw it first and phoned over to tell me. My son answered the phone. Casey said: 'look outside quick!' At first, Jesse thought it was a Chinese lantern but it was moving fast, and not much time to record it...got a second of footage on the JVC cam. I took a snap shot off the video. This happened at about 10:10 p.m. I was so worn out from moving into my new place, I couldn't move around very well. I'm slowly getting back to skywatching but we have bears come through here."

Date: Saturday, April 2
Location: Hanmer, Ontario

On April 2, at 10:09 p.m., a Hanmer resident posted a comment on the Valley East Facebook page. Her original post (on the night of the event) read:

“Anyone else see two fireball things flying in the sky near st Marie's? It lit up and then was coming down slowly. very weird.”

On Friday, April 15th, I met with D.O., another Hanmer resident who happened to be in the same general area of the sighting, at approximately the same time. With his help, I've pieced together the following account of that lady's sighting:

"The event happened Saturday, April 2, right around 10 p.m. The location is very close (just West) to the Hanmer Plaza in Val Therese (Valley East), just off Highway 69N, in a residential subdivision, off of St. Mary’s Boulevard where she described the 2 “fireballs” moving into and then toward was exactly the area where I was."

[It wasn’t a long event, she was in the moment — and she didn’t have her phone with her.]

She took some time to acquire some images off the net that she felt looked very much like what she witnessed. Find them embedded in the posting (2 images).

"Looked like this," she wrote.

"There was two like this, actually" , she added.

When she was asked if they might have been Chinese Lanterns (on a snow-storming day and night, with a mini-blizzard immediately before it with near white-out conditions, and then strong winds, gusts, and blowing, shearing snow at the time), she replied:

“That's what my hubby said too but it was so weird; it just appeared and then lowered behind houses. I have seen Chinese lanterns before but maybe. Was creepy. lol”

[I find it very interesting that she describes it first as “weird” and then “creepy”. That’s a precursor to actual fear, an instinctive subliminal reaction going on. Something extremely unusual. She had an emotional reaction to the sight and behaviour of it. She didn’t have the observational acuity to observe the specifics of climate and atmospheric conditions at the time, which were very volatile, but she did note that it was very windy (as it was in the area all day, all evening, all night). It was also very cold, with a solid wind chill factor. I was in the same neighbourhood at precisely the same time and WAS observing all of these conditions closely.]

[I’d like to mention that there is a very old, natural creek directly right in the area of where it was moving Eastward out of her sight. The creek has been there since before pioneering and settlers’ times. It was once quite deep with a strong current (and is now allowed to fill up again and really 'flow' once more). It flows quite a distance in both directions and feeds from a very large hinterland/marshland to the SouthWest. It eventually connects with an extremely long and very old (ancient) deep, swift creek a few km's away called Whitson Creek that cuts across a massive portion of the Sudbury Basin itself.

This creek right by where the sighting happened also forks off and extends under the neighbourhood over which the “fireballs”/spheres appeared and traveled over. The neighbourhood was actually built over it and an underground channel made around it.]

Here’s the original conversation her and I had. I tried to be as non-intrusive as I could so she wouldn’t end the talk if she became uncomfortable. She posted it on Facebook right after it happened. As you’ll see, she said she was alright with me connecting you with her.

P.S. There were also sightings and rumours from Capreol a few days ago.

I'm always right in the area (and the neighbourhood, exploring, etc.). If there's any way I can be of help, let me know and I'll do what I can.

Her account is excellent because it completely throws natural atmopsheric phenomenon and other usual explanations out the window. Would be good to have.

After I met and spoke with D.O., I was told that the two orange-red fireballs had appeared one after the other in a vertical formation, one above the other. And then, as each "fireball" descended from the sky at a gradual slow speed, they would stop, slightly move over to one side or the other as they maneuvered low over some residential backyards, and then dwindled in size as you would get if the objects were moving away from your eyes in a straight line and eventually disappeared.

My thanks go to D.O. for his help with this report.

Date: Saturday, March 26
Location: Near webbwood, Ontario

On March 30th, a Sudbury resident (E.B.) reported to me that she had had an encounter with an unusual object on the evening of March 26, at around 9:00 p.m. while coming back from her camp in Massey. The night sky was clear and only one star was visible to her at the time. She described seeing an object that flew over her car and appeared to be above the tree line. She said that it glowed like a firefly but not a strong glow, kind of dim. She went on to say that it was shaped like a pill measuring approximately 30 cm long. The object may have been larger - or further away from her - since it is extremely difficult to estimate the size and distance of an object seen at night. She is still amazed by what she saw and told me that she cannot scientifically explain what it was she saw, that night.

Using the following chart, the witness was able to let me know that the approximate color of the object she saw was C8.

Thank you for the report, E.B.

Date: From 1981 to 1997
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On March 15, I interviewed a local Falconbridge retiree who related some of the UFO sightings he witnessed during the past twenty years or so. He also told me that there were other witnesses with him during his observations.

Shoe-shaped object that Gerry saw from 50 feet away
as it followed the Hydro lines on the 69 bypass in 1997.


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