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Date: October 2018
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On , a Sudbury resident riding in a cab at around 2 a.m. was coming back from a house party. She was headed back home and the cabbie proceeded to turn on Maley Drive and go west towards the railroad crossing.

Date: 2006 and 2016
Location: Wawa and Iron Bridge, Ontario

On Sunday, September 30th, I met with two people from the Blind River area who came to talk to me about their UFO encounters. They came over as Todd Fraser and I were visiting with our friend Joan Morningstar at her residence. The first person to speak was T.M. who wishes to remain anonymous. She describes the two encounters she personally had, in addition to a second-hand UFO sighting made by her husband who didn't want to report it. The recording I made with the second witness is listed below this one:

T.M. - September 30, 2018.mp3

Date: Late 1980s
Locations: Bruce Mines, Ontario

The second person I recorded is named James Meager and he's a retired grade school teacher who had an encounter with a friend of his near Bruce Mines, on their way back home from Sault Ste Marie:

James Meager - September 30, 2018.mp3

Date: August 28, 2018
Location: Mt. Olive, Illinois

On Sunday, September 9th, I received the first of three e-mails from a resident of Mt. Olive, Illinois, who took video and photos of something she can't identify:

"I am an average 48-year-old mother who works and raises her daughter. I have nothing to gain by sending this video or photos. I live in the United States and I have witnessed things on video I never thought I would see. I was never into hunting for the truth about UFO's. I am not crazy, although when I first watched my videos, I thought I might be heading down the path of craziness. I don't know who to send these to and it scares me to think that the raw unedited footage would cause some unwanted repraisels on my end. What you will watch was filmed in my parents' backyard in the dark. This is definitely not a small drone. I haven't done anything with this video. I lightened up a few pics to see what I was looking at. It scares me to think our own government would keep this from us. I just want the truth. You must watch the video in the dark to get a good look. All pics are screenshots from the video.

Please let me know if you see what I see. You must watch the video to the very end.

The sky does not look normal at times here.

Please know this is not a hoax or joke."


Then on Monday, September 10, I received the second e-mail with the following details and several photos she made from her video:

"Thank you for responding. My name is Jeanette rensing. I live in Mt. Olive Illinois with my parents. Just to let you know I have shown my parents, my mom is such a skeptic and my dad said I should send the videos and photos to someone. I have more videos and more pics.

The first video I took was in benld Illinois which is 11 min long. It was early on August 26 at 520am at my sister's house. I was outside smoking. I just happen to look up to the west which would be over mt. Olive. Benld is fairly close. Anyway when I looked up I saw something just take off from a stand still and manuvering unlike anything I have seen. I ran inside to get my phone and started recording. I will send some pics from that recording.

The video I sent you was taken at 12:40 am on 08.28.2018 in Mt. Olive in my parents yard. We live out by a lake called lake kaho. There is really no direction. Everything that I see is usually either directly above. I can turn in every direction and not have to strain to see things that definitely do not look like stars. There seems to be more than 1 or 2. It is hard to see because we had no moon light and we are just outside of town. That video was taken from the yard at my parents. I was pretty much holding the phone straight up facing either west or southeast. The reason I say that is I have about 15 videos with pics from all of them.

We have had rain for the last few days but there is normally activity every night since August 26.

Now just some background on me. I have never been deemed crazy not been placed in any mental institution. I feel like I need to say that. Lol. I do know lights in the sky. I know the patterns of lights on airframes. I work in aviation. Well aware of Airbus lanes they go right across the house.

With that being said. I see helicopters and planes. One night, I watched a plane going north at night at my parents' house. As soon as the plane passed, I watched what I thought was a star flip a light from the west side of the object to the east side of the object and then leave its stationary position and take off east. It was practically straight above my head. It would have been located on the west side of the plane. Then after that one took off, I saw 2 more move the same direction. Not sure where they came from. I know they must of been a little further west.

Then some nights after I see a plane pass, I will see objects flashing lights. Just like you would flash your bright lights. This was not reflection either.

All I know is I have several pics from the last few weeks, all from videos. Here they are. I don't know what this stuff is, but it doesn't look normal."




Date: Approx. July 25, 2018
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On August 16th, I received the following e-mail from a Sudbury resident who said that she, her husband and possibly a hundred other witnesses saw an object as it circled around an airliner:

"On or around July 25, at 6 p.m., my husband called me outside to see what was going on above our home. The first thing I noticed was the trails criss-crossing the sky from jets. There had to be at least 10 which was unusual. But then, he pointed to a fresh trail being left by a jet. I could see a silver object circling around it. It was very strange. Although all we could see was a flash from the object as it moved around the jet, you can imagine how shocking this was as the jet was traveling at a high rate of speed, and the object was basically turning circles around it.

Prior to me getting outside, my husband said that the object actually went from one side of the sky to the other in seconds, pulling up to the jet with seemingly no effort at all. There is no question that we do not have the technology to have built something that could move like this."

Date: April 18, 2018
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

I recorded the following UFO accounts made by Shane Messier, a Sudbury resident who has had several sightings since age 9

Shane Messier.mp3

Date: March 28, 2018
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

I received the following e-mail from a Sudbury resident who said that he and his daughter had witnessed a UFO on Highway 17:

"Hi there. I saw what my daughter described as a flying boat or blimp over the south end at 5:45 PM tonight. I was heading southwest past countryside arena on hwy 17 when I spotted a white object floating over the four corners. At first, I thought it was a drone but then realized that the item was a lot larger. My daughter was able to keep her eye on it and said it got larger as it got closer to the vehicle and then described it as a blimp. Then it was gone."

I received this follow-up e-mail the next morning:

"Not much more to tell, but it was so clear that I would have expected to hear that there would be more reports on it. It could not have been a plane as when I lost sight of it when I looked at the road, I would have been able to find it again, as it was a crystal clear day. Probably be more sightings as someone has to keep the idiot with the nuke button from destroying the planet, but on the bright side, he may also be the person who discloses the truth."

In subsequent e-mails from this witness, I realized how small the world is. On March 29, I received this e-mail after I had asked if they could draw the object that they saw:

"I will try, as she lives to draw. I think you visited a site that my grandfather found in Spring Bay in the 90's. He was a friend of ____ . My grandfather was Gordon McAllister. Did you know that after you checked that area, military guys came a few days later and told my grandfather not to visit that spot for a while as radiation levels were extremely high and that the old couple that lived closest to that spot and saw lights that night both died within six weeks of that incident. I am only going from memory as my grandfather died 15 years ago but thought you might be interested."

Then on April 1, I received this additional e-mail from this eyewitness:

"I verified the facts with my father and two guys from the North Bay NORAD base did show up a couple of days after you inspected the site; they just assumed you told them. The radiation levels were said to be 100 times higher than acceptable, and Joe Robinson and his wife who saw the lights that Sunday night were both dead within six weeks of seeing the lights. The only reason the spots were found was that the old couple told one of my grandfather's chums and he went and looked. To drive to that spot, you were on my grandad's property although a good portion of that pit is owned by my family but the circles in the pit are a few feet on someone else's property. I will write something up for you about my sighting this week, if possible."

The only thing is - I only got to that site in June of 1991 for my initial inspection of the landing traces. If there had been radiation at the site, I would have felt it somehow. I even used a compass and nothing happened. But it's interesting to find out these additional details about the Spring Bay, Manitoulin Island UFO landing trace case after all these years.

Date: June 28, 1997
Location: Blind River, Ontario

In June 1997, I met Joan Morningstar at her home near Blind River when my friend Todd Fraser and I went over to investigate her UFO-related experiences. After I had done the following interview with her, the three of us and a fouth person witnessed two separate UFO sightings within minutes of each other!

Joan Morningstar.mp3


You can also see Joan as she recounted her experiences for APTN's INDIANS + ALIENS.

Indians and Aliens - S02E05.mp4


Source: http://aptn.ca/indiansandaliens/

Date: 1972 - Present
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On Saturday, March 3, I went to interview a Sudbury couple who had several unexplained events which dated back to before they got married. These include the sighting of a very large triangle-shaped UFO.

Bill and Helen Kingerski.mp3

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