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Date: 2019
Location: Alberta

On Thursday, October 3, I received the following e-mail from a Sudbury resident whose friend took the accompanying photos:

Hey! A friend of mine recently moved to Alberta and when he was picking up his daughter from school, they saw this. I know nothing of this type of thing but he's curious as to what it is, so I thought you may know what it is?

Date: Thursday August 22, 2019
Location: Near Blind River, Ontario

On September 8, I received this following e-mail from a Canadian resident who happened to be vacationing with his wife in Iron Bridge, Ontario:

"September 8, 2019

Dear Mr. Deschamps,

To provide context to the following report, I would like to share with you my background. I am 64 years of age and am a registered clinical psychologist working in the field of mental health. I have a B.Sc. (1977) with a major in experimental psychology and a minor in astronomy and a Master's degree (1980) specializing in perceptual and cognitive psychology. During my graduate training, I focused on psychological and physiological foundations of perceptual and cognitive distortions. After graduate school, I further trained in behavioural psychology and this is the primary modality in my clinical work. As such, I have formal scientific training and am well versed in understanding the challenges associated with eye witness testimony and the veracity and bias inherent in such observations. I view myself as an empiricist who is highly skeptical in regards to extraordinary claims and I subscribe to the notion that such extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I have viewed the field of "Ufology" as the study of a "human phenomenon" which may or may not reflect something outside of human psychological/perceptual factors although the evidence thus far is that these events are a human psychological experience. However, a rational explanation for the sighting which I will describe herein has, for the past two weeks, eluded me and because of that, I decided to submit this report "for the record", the details of which are based on the contemporaneous notes I took at the time of the incident. I am submitting this report in the hope others may have observed the same event and can offer some insight.

I would further add that since I was a young child, I have been interested in astronomy and cosmology with my eyes frequently pointed up to the sky and I remain as current as possible in developments in the field. I have spent many hours observing the heavens with the naked eye and through telescopes and am familiar with observing stars, planets, comets and meteors. I was fortunate enough to have observed the August 1972 'great daylight fireball' while living in Southern Alberta. I have also observed many man-made objects traversing the sky in my lifetime ranging from common fixed and rotary winged aircraft, to B52 bombers and their fighter escorts flying over Southern Alberta at extremely high altitude out of Malmstrom Air Force Base Montana, to watching numerous satellites pass overhead in the first hour after sunset, including the International Space Station. In short, I believe I have a good grasp on the normal behaviour of celestial and of man-made objects one might observe in the sky.

My wife also has a Master's degree and works in Health Care Administration.

The Incident

Location: This past summer, my wife and I spent six (6) weeks at our family cottage on the North Shore of Lake Huron located near Blind River Ontario. We have spent most summers at our cottage over the course of the last 25 years. The cottage is located on the Lake Huron shoreline within 30 feet of the water facing East and South with an unobscured view over the lake which, of course, looks like an ocean. There are only about 20 cottages along the shore and most are seasonal, with only a few being year round residences. All the cottage properties are surrounded by a Provincial Park that is undeveloped and with no roads. It is a very quiet area and isolated enough that it would likely qualify as a dark sky area.

Date and Time: The following observation took place on Thursday August 22, 2019 at 2140 hours Eastern Daylight Time.

Weather Conditions: The sun had set some time earlier and the sky was effectively black, especially looking towards the East and South over Lake Huron. The sky was completely cloud free and many stars could be seen but it was far too early for the moonrise. There was not a breath of wind and the lake was completely still and mirror like. None of the nearby cottages had lights on and it seemed as if most were unoccupied at the time; as such, it was incredibly quiet and still. As the nearest town is 25 km distant (as the crow flies), there was no light pollution of which to speak.

Sequence of Events: My wife and I had spent the day closing up the cottage and packing the truck in preparation of leaving the next morning. We were sitting inside the cottage, having a late supper and watching TV when I noticed through the main front windows (looking eastward) a large and very bright oval-shaped orange light in the sky over Lake Huron, which immediately struck me as very odd, moving relatively slowly but steadily from north to south (my left to right). I pointed it out to my wife and we immediately went out on to the front deck for a better look. The light was the size of a large kidney bean held at arm's length and was not sharply defined but rather had a somewhat fuzzy appearance. I cannot stress enough how orange the light was and how bright and large it was. As comparison, it was subjectively as bright as a half-moon would be. The light appeared at about 35 degrees above the horizon and for a period of about 60 seconds, moved in a straight line from north to south. The light intensity was steady with no pulsing or flashing or any other behaviour. No lights associated with aircraft were visible nor did any details of a solid object but rather, it appeared as a bright glowing light with fuzzy edges moving steadily across the completely clear night sky. There was absolutely no sound associated with the light. As there was no point of reference in the dark sky over the lake, there was no way to judge distance or altitude of the light but subjectively, given its size, it seemed to be within a few kilometers out over Lake Huron. As the object never stopped moving, there was no way to triangulate it so as to calculate a distance. After the 60 seconds of north to south movement in a linear manner, the light suddenly began to diminish in perceived brightness and appeared to slow in its motion but then, it was clearly moving away at an angle heading southeast further over the lake. The light became smaller in size and its brightness continued to diminish as it moved at an angle away from us and it appeared to be moving much farther away from our location at much greater speed. Within 15 seconds, it became a point of orange light the size of a star then vanished from view while still relatively high above the horizon. At this time, I shared with my wife that this could not be a weather phenomenon given the perfect observation conditions and the perfectly calm weather as previously described. I also shared with her that I could not account for this light in terms of astronomical objects due to its size, brightness and motion, nor of aircraft given the apparent lack of navigation or anti-collision strobe lights and the complete lack of sound. I have observed many commercial jets flying over Lake Huron, day and night and in these conditions, one can hear their engines for a long time and from great distances with the same applying to prop planes and helicopters as sound carries so well over the lake when it is calm. My wife suggested it might have been a drone, but with no people around and the object heading way out over the great lake at what appeared to be a considerable distance, this seems highly unlikely. As we were debating this for about a minute, my wife asked "what about that orange coloured star?" There was a star-sized light that was a slight orange in colour located higher in the sky about one hand span at arm's length from where the original light disappeared. I suggested it was just a reddish star and my wife said "but it just appeared", to which I responded that our eyes were getting more dark adapted and we were starting to see more stars. She insisted otherwise and to my great surprize, the "Orange star" suddenly began to gain in brightness over a 5 to 10 second period to a level much brighter than any full Venus. The gain in brightness gave the appearance of an object getting closer to our location but at great altitude and distance but then, as quickly as it had brightened, it diminished in brightness and then disappeared from view completely. The object or objects did not appear again. The entire episode described herein, from first noticing the light while inside the cottage to the second light disappearing from view, lasted about three (3) minutes. Given the apparent altitude of the object in question and the duration of its presentation, one must question whether there were any radar observations: many commercial flights take place over Lake Huron and that airspace would be well covered by air traffic control.

Other Information: Because we had been packing the truck all day, I did not have access to my binoculars which I greatly regret given how large and bright the object initially appeared to the naked eye. Also, we had no proper camera at our disposal and our cell phones were charging. My wife tried to get a video but by the time she retrieved her cell phone during the first part of the observation, the light was diminished in brightness and the phone's camera could not pick it up. I have never seen any such aerial phenomena before in my life and this left a strong impression as I cannot come to any rational explanation to explain this light nor the behaviour it demonstrated. For the record, neither I nor my wife were under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs.



Here is a view (video) of the sky where the object was observed by the witness and his wife.

Date: 2004
Location: Pacific Ocean

Imagine sailing across the Pacific Ocean in a twenty-nine-foot sailboat and being followed by UFOs throughtout the voyage. This is exactly what happened to Neb Borkovich and his sailing companion, Donald Begay, a full blooded Navajo Indian. Followed is a narrative of the encounters with the unknown, as well as their struggle to understand who might be behind this, what their motives are, and what it means to Neb and Don personally, and to humankind in general. Followed puts the reader at the helm, allowing them to see what these men saw and feel what they feel. This is a bona fide, well publicized case, complete with documentation and supported by a thorough research of the subject. Combined with their everyday sailing exploits, it makes for a great read on many levels.

The book consists of two, equally fascinating parts:

1. A description of the actual events as they happened during their voyage from La Paz, Mexico to Hawaii, and then to San Francisco in the Spring and Summer of 2000.

2. An analysis of the case, including video enhancements, drawings, expert opinions and correlations to other similar experiences.

As with any investigation of this kind, each answer only poses more difficult questions. With each sucessive chapter, Followed brings the author and reader alike closer to the door of the ultimate and undeniable truth behind the appearances of UFO vehicles in the skies of the planet. That which we always took for granted may only be a fleeting illusion. What we thought belonged to us may never have. This book is not attempting to paint a rosy picture, nor does it seek a validation of the author´s views, but presents you with the hard facts of a reality that is far stranger than fiction.

On Saturday, August 31, I interviewed Nebojsa Borkovich over the phone as he described his encounters in detail:


Date: August 26, 2019
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On Tuesday, August 27, I read the following message on the Valley East Facebook page:

"Anyone else see a perfectly round black shape cruising at incredible speed across the sky. Going south to north, in the east sky??weird. Happened at 8:00 tonight. Just curious to see if anyone else seen it."

The witness soon responded to my querries and wrote: "Date: August 26, 8:00p.m. East sky (I live in New Sudbury off Falconbridge Rd.) travelling south to North. Black sphere, no sound. Going in a straight horizontal line across the sky at incredible speed."

Another Valley East Facebook page member posted a photo that one of his friends' security camera captured, a month or so ago. Here is the photo:

Date: July 10th, 2018
Location: Newmarket, Ontario


This report just came in. MUFON is analyzing the video:

July 10, 2018 - In Newmarket, Ontario, Canada at 8:50pm EDT facing the eastern sky (near the intersection of Yonge St. and Mulock Ave), this craft was traveling in a south to north direction. On closer examination, the body of this craft appears to be rotating slowly as it moves though the sky. The video was recoded on an iPhone 6 by Alison, who has seen unidentified craft in the same area multiple times, both day and night."
Courtesy Earth Mystery News website. Has anyone else seen this craft?

Date: March 1997 - Recorded on July 17, 2019
Location: Prescott, Arizona

The following written account was written by a resident of Prescott, Arizona who, in March 1997, witnessed an event which would later be referred to as "The Phoenix Lights" UFO event . She tried to report her sighting to MUFON, but no one returned her call.

"Well I could try and give you an idea of this one.. You know the old woman's tea or coffee cups look like? Ok imagine putting two open parts together and one more little smaller cup on either end in the same direction and add half shape u shape windows next to each other all around the smaller cup and on the bottom of the other end was a triangle foundation with lights at the three points.. I remember the inside being all white from what I seen and moving lights pulsating around that smaller cup from under the windows and seeing a transparent half wall that pulsate as well and seeing the dome look of the top inside and everything is white.. This thing made no noise and if anyone had a good pitching arm could hit it that's how low it was and the length I would say two maybe three football fields at our local ball ball parks.

This ship I'm telling you about before it came down lower I would say about 1000 ft level it looked like it gave birth to smaller ships then the smaller ships grouped off I would say 4 or 5 in a group.. A group went towards the East and a group went towards the North and a group went towards the west then the ship I described to you lowered down and I had a good look at it.. I say it hovered maybe about 10 or 15 minutes before heading East.. Now this happened around dinner time just before dark.. As the ship got further away I thought to myself how much they look like planes at a distance and wonder how many planes out there we see might be UFOS.. It was years ago but I still remember every detail of it.. It was crazy..

I have seen many others before and after but not as close as that one was.

The funny thing is when people post pictures of there sightings it must of been there for awhile and when I seen this one I was in OMG and WOW and observing it and didn't think to grab the camera but I wished I did.. I just wanted to really look this ship over while it's close before it was gone.. I noticed no seems around it to connect or be welded no it was a smooth surface.. The material looked as if you put metal on a vehicle before painting you know that scratchy look before painting.. I remember how excited I was and tried to get the neighbor across the street to looked above his house but he wouldn't in fact I bet he thought I was crazy..

I know this sounds strange but I tried waving my arms to it getting its attention but then thought to myself wait what if it's dangerous and shouldn't be doing that so I stopped.. The feeling I got was it was just observing us..

I had just gotten home from the hospital from giving birth to my youngest daughter so I pretty much remember when.

Not sure if you could draw a picture of my detail of the ship as I'm not good at art.. I hope you got the idea what I seen."


The following recording is a conversation between myself and this resident of Prescott, Arizona as we discuss the sightings she and her family have had, including the ones that led up to the Phoenix Lights event of March 13, 1997:

D.N. - Prescott, Arizona.mp3

Date: Tuesday, July 9, 2019
Location: Garson, Ontario

At around 2 a.m., a resident of Garson and three other people were outside installing a hitch on a vehicle when they noticed a strange object heading towards them. The female resident described it as being a large, egg-shaped object, blue and green in color, with specks of lights. It maneuvered above them for a moment, then took off rapidly with a loud whooshing sound!

Date: Friday, June 14, 2019
Location: Near Sault Ste Marie, Ontario



Date: Tuesday, May 25, 2019
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On Sunday, May 26, I received the following message from one of my friends via Messenger regarding another UFO sighting in our District:

"This past Saturday, May 25, approx. 12:30 am, my friend near the Caruso Club in Sudbury witnessed an unknown craft in the Eastern sky, of what appeared to be quite large in size, dark grey in color, no lights or illumination on it whatsoever, flying silently in a north-easterly direction. He described this craft/object as looking like a "monolith". No visible wings or method of propulsion. Plain, rectangular, monolithic in shape.

He said it was very "ominous" looking.

I'll see if he wants to give more details."

Date: Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On Wednesday, May 22, I received the following e-mail from A sdubury resident who witnessed an unusual object in the evening sky, the night before. She submitted a photo of the area with a drawing of the object (included below) but will provide additional information when we meet. This sighting was also witnessed by a mother and her son who live near Maley Drive, so they had a different perspective on the object, and I will be collecting information from them as well.


I saw the following shape in the sky at a distance of around 100 ft off the ground and approx. 300 m away as I was looking out our large east lacing picture windows last night. If you also have any suggestions as for what it would be I would be happy and releived to hear from you. I'm not sure what it could be but I have never seen anything like this before:

Location: Sudbury ON, from home on Brebeuf Ave. Location of shape was above what it looked like : Scare-coeur highschool or Notre-Dame Ave.

date: Tuesday, May 21st 2019

time: approx 10:45 pm

duration of the sighting: 2 seconds

behaviour of the object(s): hovering in a horizontal direction from left to right for the first second then "flew" off very quickly to the left in the distance.

colour of the object(s): very light in colour - tint of purple/green

shape of the object(s): horizontal oval. It looked like the size of a large drone.

any sounds heard: N/A

weather conditions: clear skies, night sky.

and how you lost sight of the object(s): Did not last long, flew off to the sky as mentioned before and could no longer see due to large poplar tree."

If anyone else has seen this or any other sighting, please contact me ASAP with all the details that you can remember. Thank you!"

Date: Saturday, February 16, 2019
Location: Blind River, Ontario

This daytime video was sent to me via Facebook Messenger on February 17. It clearly shows a UFO as it moves past the moon and continues on its way. It is similar to something I video-taped back in May 1992.


No infringement intended. For educational purposes only.