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Afrika Bambaataa

(Godfather of Hip Hop Culture) Bambaataa has been deep into knowledge topics like the Cosmic Universe (U.F.O.s, Aliens, Subterranean Worlds, Gods, Demons, Devils, Angels, Humans, Planets, Stars, Solar Systems, Galaxies, Demenisions, Time Travel and You, for numerous of years. As a young person whom has pioneered Hip Hop Culture with his Universal Zulu Nation, as well as being a student in the teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Minister Farrakhan, The Supreme Grand Master Teacher As Sayyid Issa (Nayya:Malachizodok York-El) and others. Bambaataa has always pushed the 5th Element of Hip Hop Culture, which is Knowledge.

Bambaataa has said that he has seen many strange things in his life, especially in his travels around the world pushing Hip Hop Culture and The Universal Zulu Nation. He said that in the year 1979, while sitting on the benches in the Bronx River Houses with two buddies of his, that all three of them witnessed 3 glittering white round-shaped objects in the clear blue sky. The 3 objects kept following each other, disappear and reappear back in the same place and repeated this for about 5 minutes. Bam said that you had to look straight up deep in the clear blue sky in this one area. Him and his friends thought they was bugging, because they seen planes fly by since Bronx River is a air space that planes from Kennedy and LaGuardia Airport fly over frequently, but this was no airplane, Bam said. This was higher than the planes and the objects had this white gliterring glow about them and they all agree that they seen 3 UFO's flying over Bronx River Houses.

Another time in Connecticut driving at night on the New England Expressway coming down towards the Bronx New York, Bam and two friends witness strange movements in some black clouds. They stop the car on the side of the highway to witness this cloud or a dark mass of mist. This cloud or dark mist started to get wide then small, then wide again, then skinny, then it started to look like the cloud or dark mist was heading straight after the three of us, where as one of Bam's friend grab Bam by the arm and yell out, "Let's get the fuck out of here," that's when they all jump back into their car and speeded off to try to get away from this cloud or dark mist, but it look like this mist was chasing us. They made it to a McDonalds Restaurant jump out the car,ran inside and started telling all types of people to come outside and see this bug cloud chasing them. Some people came out to see what was the fuss about, but looked up and there was nothing there. So many of the people went back into McDonalds thinking and saying out loud that we're crazy, full of shit, bug out, but to Bam and his home boys, it was, "fuck them, we know what we saw." Bam, still to this day, thinks behind those clouds or dark mist was the mothership that Elijah Muhammad has taught about so much.

But throughout Bams travels, he has witness and heard of so much other things that he tells the world whever he goes especially when he does interviews, that we are indeed in a Strange Universe, where there is a whole lot of funky shit going on our planet so called Earth and in all the Universes.


Source: http://www.zulunation.com/UFOLOGY2.htm
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