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Alien Cosmic Expo 2017 - Toronto

After having attended the 2016 Alien Cosmic Expo with my friend Bruce Roach, I wanted to see who the speakers were going to be for the 2017 event which was being help at Toronto's Crowne Plaza. The moment I saw who the speakers were going to be, I told Bruce that it would be in our best interest to attend this event as well. Saturday seemed like the obvious choice for us since we weren't in a position to afford the entire weekend. We opted for the one day when most of the presenters would be there, including Steven Greer (United States), Gary Heseltine (England) and Susan Hansen (New Zealand). Other presenters would include Grant Cameron. Stanton Friedman and the Honorable Paul Hellyer, former Canadian minister of Defense.

Later that afternoon, a showing of Steven Greer's documentary, UNACKNOWLEDGED, was presented to the audience and the camera crews that were there to film the event.

Click here for Gary Heseltine's Presentation
Click here for Susan Hansen's Presentation Segment
Click here for Grant Cameron's Presentation Segment
Click here for Paul Hellyer's Presentation
Click here for Life Achievement Award given to Paul Hellyer
Click here for Stanton Friedman's Presentation
Click here for Steven Greer's Presentation Segment
Click here for Steven Greer's Q&A
Click here for Marc St-Germain's Presentation

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