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Anders Liljegren
Born in Norrkoping, Sweden, 1950.

Present occupation: works as a database manager with Norrköping’s largest housing company.

One of the founding members of UFO-Sweden in 1970, and co-founder (with Håkan Blomqvist and Kjell Jonsson) of the predecessor to Archives for UFO Research, in 1973.

Involved in the study of several Swedish close encounters, particularly the Domsten case (Swedish booklet written with Clas Svahn) and the Mariannelund (Gideon Johansson) humanoid case.

One of the first researchers in Sweden to gain access to the government archives on the waves of ghost fliers (1930's) and ghost rockets (1946).

Hundreds of articles published in Swedish and English; editor of the AFU Newsletter since 1976 (issue #50 published in December 2005). Today, the principal manager and chairman of AFU.

Contributor to several international compilations of UFO Research: UFOs 1947-1987 The 40 Year Search for an explanation (Fortean Tomes, 1987, ed. by Evans & Spencer), Phenomenon (Futura 1988, ed. Spencer/Evans) and UFOs & Alien Contact (Prometheus Books 1998, Bartholomew/Howard).

In 1997, wrote a chapter, "General Doolittle and the Ghost Rockets", for the book UFO 1947-1997 Fifty Years of Flying Saucers (John Brown). The same year, he wrote a chapter on Swedish cases from 1947 for Jan Aldrich's Project 1947: A preliminary report on the 1947 UFO sighting wave (UFO Research Coalition). Member of the EuroUFONet that attempts to bring European researchers and historical archives collections closer to each other. Also a member of Project 1947 and the Sign Historical Group (SHG) that attempts the same on a more global level.


Source: http://www.afu.info/peopleal.htm
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