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Betty Hill

(28 June 1919, Newton, New Hampshire, USA - 17 October 2004, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA (lung cancer)

Betty (1919-2004) and Barney Hill (1922-1969) began the abductee movement when they claimed to have been abducted by extraterrestrials, who medically examined the married couple aboard their spaceship. The Hills were fictionalized for the 1975 TV movie, The UFO Incident.

American Folk Figure. Along with her husband Barney Hill, the couple gained notoriety in 1963 with their claim that they encountered a Unidentified Flying Object and were abducted by aliens on September 19, 1961. Their story inspired several books and motion pictures, including "Interrupted Journey" (1966) and "Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience" (2007), with Betty being portrayed by actress Estelle Parsons in the 1975 movie "The UFO Incident". She passed away of lung cancer, more than 35 years after the death of her husband.

One of the most public UFO abductees; in 1961, she and her husband were "abducted" while driving through the White Mountains of New Hampshire (they were returning from their honeymoon in Canada). Many years later, under hypnosis, they reported to be taken by aliens, and went around the country discussing their experiences.

Was a direct descendant of the Pilgrims who landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts aboard the Mayflower. The Mayflower departed England on September 16, 1620. Hill and her husband, Barney, were allegedly abducted by extraterrestials on September 19, 1961. The Hills began their trip on September 17, 1961, the day after the 341st anniversary of this historic departure.

Barney Hill (12 May 1960 - 25 February 1969) (his death)

Aunt of Kathy Marden, co-author of Captured.



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