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Bob Lazar and Area S-4

Robert "Bob" Lazar (born January 26, 1959) is an individual who claims to have worked as a scientist and engineer, reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology at a site called S4 near the Area 51 test facility. He claimed to have passed several tests by U.S. military officials and was warned that should he reveal anything, his family would be executed (Lazar reportedly signed an agreement to this). Lazar stated the space craft on which he worked creates its own gravitational pull and can pull the fabric of space and time toward it. Both universities from which he claimed to hold degrees have no record of him, and he has never produced any credentials that prove he was even employed by the U.S. Government.

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The Bob Lazar Story
L. Broden, UFO Area
original source|fair use notice

Summary: This is a really fascinating story and the story itself has as many supporters as it has debunkers. In 1989, a man named Robert Scott Lazar contacted the Las Vegas television station (KLAS) and claimed that he had been working as a physicist on the government's most highly classified project, Galileo, which involves back engineering alien technology.

"I am exactly sure of what I saw. I know what mainstream science is like, I know where physics stands — I know all of that — and this is an extraterrestrial craft; this technology is hundreds and hundreds of years in advance of us, and that's the end of that story." - Bob Lazar on SIGHTINGS - THE UFO REPORT

This is a really fascinating story and the story itself has as many supporters as it has debunkers.

In 1989, a man named Robert Scott Lazar contacted the Las Vegas television station (KLAS) and claimed that he had been working as a physicist on the government's most highly classified project, Galileo, which involves back engineering alien technology.

The research took place at a hidden base there, referred to as S-4. S-4 is located 16 km south of the famous Area 51, by Papoose lake.

He stated that the craft he was shown displayed technology that was hundreds of years in advance of us.

Since going public and telling his story, he has had his life threatened and he has been shot at.

The television journalist George Knapp was interested in the story and started searching for more information.

Here started the investigation problems. The S-4 base is in a restricted area; it is impossible for anyone outside of the government to directly visit the place and confirm or deny Lazar's story.

Bob Lazar's background has been difficult to verify. His hospital birth records, college transcripts and employment records, including those of his employment with Los Alamos National Laboratories through EG&G, had been erased.

Lazar claimed to have worked at the Los Almos National Laboratories, but no record of his employment there was found. Hovewer, his name appears in an old telephone directory of Los Alamos scientists. An article in a July 1982 edition of the Los Alamos Monitor, which shows a picture of Bob standing by a jet car and refers to his employment as a scientist with Los Alamos, is also hard to explain. There are also Los Alamos employees who told KLAS TV's George Knapp they remember Bob Lazar.

Bob Lazar worked between December 1988 and April 1989 at S-4. During this period, he would have had access to very private information. He had seen documents and autopsy of aliens corpses. The main purpose of his work was to "reverse engineering" alien flying saucers. Lazar observed nine different kinds of saucers parked in the hangar.

Bob Lazar worked on a flying saucer with a diameter of 9 - 12 m. It had a console and the seats were small, almost made for children. He was told that the aliens came from from the fourth planet of the binary star system Zeta Reticuli 2.

Lazar said in an interview that the alien craft flies by amplifying gravity waves. According to Lazar, the saucer is powered by a reactor placed on the floor. As fuel, the saucer would have an element with the atomic number 115, an ore which cannot be synthesized on Earth. The element is also the source of the gravity-A wave which is amplified for space/time distortion and travel. This kind of propulsion would allow to make the flying saucers invisible and the discs do not need to travel in a linear mode. That means they can cover huge distance in very little time. In our physics, speed is defined as a distance divided by time. These discs operate by warping time itself and space itself. They break Einstein's famous rule that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.

For those who believe Bob Lazar, his evidence supporting his claims is considerable. Lazar comes across as a very credible individual with a solid background in physics, electrical engineering, and propulsion systems. He is able to provide a great amount of detail in describing his employment, the base, his co-workers, and the alien craft itself that would be difficult to fabricate.

If the claims of Robert Lazar are true, it represents one of the most secret and bizarre operations of the United States government.


Source: http://www.ufoevidence.org/documents/doc1249.htm

Robert Lazar regarding his reverse engineering work on an extraterrestrial vehicle at S4 outside of Area 51

Bob Lazar talking about his work at the S4 facility reverse engineering an
extraterrestrial vehicle for the US Department of Naval Intelligence.

This craft originated 37 light years from Earth in the Zeta 2 Reticuli star system. Briefly without going into too much detail, Lazar stated that the craft was using element 115 as a stable nuclear power source of energy, which is converted to electrical energy through a 100% efficient thermoelectric generator to power gravity wave amplifiers which are connected in a delta configuration, that can be directionally focused through wave guides at the bottom of the craft. This highly concentrated focus of gravity waves warps the time/space field around the craft and attaches itself to the warped field and snaps back at the distant point in the space/time matrix that would normally take many light years to travel. It is commonly known in physics that a strong gravitational field will alter the flow of time.

Example of a wormhole with the same concept that the structure of space/time fabric
can be warped to go from point A to B without traveling the path of a light ray.

Bob Lazar stated that the Element 115 used as the fuel and gravity source in the “Sport Model” Flying Disc was a stable yet unknown element at the time. More than a decade later after Lazar gave his testimony, on February 2, 2004 scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, in collaboration with researchers from the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Russia (JINR), announced that they discovered Element 115, and it was stable as Lazar claimed.

Element 115 was added to the periodic table as Unumpentium.

Here is the personal candid video recording I made of this interview, which is the ONLY recording ever made of this interview.

Note: This was the first-time ever public appearance and speech by Bob Lazar. This meeting was done inside the big military tent (apparently furnished by Groom Base....through the effort of the late Travis, owner of the Little A-le-Inn in Rachel, Nevada). It was a historic event which Norio Hayakawa sponsored.

(I ask in this video about the geometry of the craft he was working on.)

Bob Lazar 1.5 hour interview near Area 51 in 1993.mp4

Interestingly enough, Dr. Greer acquired the below classified memo regarding a prior similar meeting sponsored by the same group 2 years earlier in 1991 which brought attention to the Area 51 base and the NRO classified advisory about the meeting to the groom lake base with a distribution to MAJI OPS and COSMIC OPS. These operations deal exclusively with the extraterrestrial issue. I'm sure they were watching us closely in 1993 as well.

COSMIC Ops, MAJ Ops and MAJI Ops refer to MAJESTIC UFO/ET related operations

1994 NOV - Leaked Area 51 anti-gravity craft captured on surveillance camera - This authentic video has been leaked from the Area 51 secret military base in Nevada by a high ranking military source who worked within the complex. The UFO or anti-gravity craft was recorded November 1994 on military surveillance cameras somewhere within the Nellis Test Range, which includes Area 51 at Groom Lake. The video shows the mysterious object change shape and move around erratically. At one point, the object is seen to cover 13 miles in just 6 seconds, the craft accelerated rapidly from speeds as low as 30 mph to over 500 mph, and made right angle turns at roughly 140 mph making extensive changes in velocity and performing manoeuvres that no aircraft, that we know of on this planet, are capable of doing even with today's technology. In order to make such extreme G-force manoeuvres the craft would need to have its own gravitational field within the craft. The object bears a resemblance to the Alien Reproduction Vehicle (ARV).

Leaked USAF surveillance camera video at Area 51.mp4

Aerial overview of Groom Lake Area 51 (aka Dreamland) relative to S-4 facility at Papoose Lake south of Area 51

The Area S4 Facility located on the Papoose Dry Lake with camouflaged underground hangers just south of Area 51 where Bob Lazar claimed to have worked on reverse engineering of the ETVs. A warning sign outside of Area 51 states the use of deadly force is authorized by the Wackenhut security forces employed by the CIA. Here is a link to a Google Map of the Area S4 facility. I find it a curious coincidence that one of the main roads going into the Area S4 facility is named "Mercury Hwy" after the town "Base Camp Mercury" created in 1950 named after the many mercury mines in the area. The element mercury is significant as indications show it was originally used in the antigravity propulsion systems.


Source: http://thewebmatrix.net/disclosure/1993.html

No infringement intended. For educational purposes only.