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Alien Abduction
and Animal Mutilation

1957 - 1976
Alien abduction of human beings began slowly in historical Ufology. This compilation of recordings encompass the years 1957 to 1979. Included are other types of alien abduction, termed Mutes, or animal mutilation. This phenomena began slowly too, but both alien abduction of humans and animal mutilations, remain one of the most elusive and puzzling phenomena within the UFO genre of research.

01: Beyond Tomorrow: The Outer Limits. This CBS radio drama from 04.13.1950, is the earliest known recording dealing with the concept of extraterrestrial
abduction aboard a flying saucer. A portent of the reality to come. 28:00

02: 2000 Plus: The Flying Saucer. From 1951, this radio drama continued with the concept of alien abduction of humans using a flying saucer. 28:00

03: Antonio Villas-Boas Case. Brazil, SA. 10.15.1957. Villas-Boas was abducted by a female alien, taken aboard a flying saucer, gassed and sexually assaulted. This case was investigated by Dr. Olavo Fontes. Fontes relates the case to Richard Hall and others at the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, during a trip he took to Washington, DC in 1966. This is an extended version. 18:00

04: Barney Hill. Barney Hill relates his and wife Betty’s encounter and abduction of 09.19.1961 on the Harv Morgan radio show, Contact, 10.05.1964O. This was
before he had been played the hypnosis tapes by Dr. Benjamin Simon. Thus, the actual event is being remembered without the detail brought about by medical
hypnosis, which had just been completed. Also on the program was Earl J. Neff and Wes Fitch of the Cleveland Ufology Project. 15:00

05. Dr. Benjamin Simon, MD. Simon is interviewed on the Larry Glick radio show, 11.24.1975. He gives a detailed account of his involvement in the Hill case and his personal thoughts regarding the hypnosis sessions and the abduction story from Barney and Betty Hill. 33:30

06: Barney Hill Hypnosis 01. This is a compilation of excepts from the complete hypnosis sessions done by Dr. Benjamin Simon, a noted Boston psychiatrist, over seven months in 1964. 40:00

07: Barney Hill Hypnosis 02. 53:45

08: Betty Hill Hypnosis 01. This is a compilation of excepts from the complete hypnosis sessions done by Dr. Benjamin Simon in 1964. 40:30

09: Betty Hill Hypnosis 02. 60:00

10: Betty and Barney Hill are interviewed on the Alan Douglas Show, 05.25.1966. Betty and Barney give an in-depth accounting of their abduction, including for the first time their knowledge of the events under hypnosis, which Barney didn’t know when he gave his interview with Harv Morgan in 1964. Earl J. Neff of the Cleveland Ufology Project co-hosts the show. 94:00

11: John H. Luttrell, a journalist, reported on the Betty and Barney Hill abduction case for the Boston Traveler in 1965. Luttrell is interviewed on the Fred Cole Show. 13:45

12: John H. Luttrell is interviewed on the Alan Derry Show in 1965. 25:00

13: John G. Fuller, author of Interrupted Journey which chronicled the Hill abduction in 1966, is interviewed on the Merv Griffin Show, 08.17.1966. 10:00

14: Barney Hill is interviewed on the Mike Douglas Show, 10.25.1966. 17:30

15: Captured by a UFO. Betty and Barney Hill are questioned on the David Schumberg show by a panel of scientists and academics. Participating are: Dr. James E. McDonald, Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, Dr. Carl Sagan, Dr. Leon Jerrif and Mr. Edward Eddleson. Aired 03.17.1967. 45:00

16: Betty Hill and Marjorie Fish. Marjorie Fish was a lay scientist who developed a three dimensional view of the Star Map Betty Hill saw on the UFO during the abduction. This unique recording was made by Marjorie Fish during her interviews with Betty Hill and was done in Betty’s kitchen during the course of preparing dinner on 08.08.1968. Unfortunately, most of the recording is missing and assumed to be on another reel that probably hasn’t survived. 02:45

17: Marjorie Fish and Betty Hill lecture at the Flying Saucer Investigations Committee meeting in Akron, OH on 10.03.1968. 27:00

18: Marjorie Fish audio letter to Richard Lee of 10.12.1968, giving an in-depth explanation of how Fish came to discover that the Hill Star Map was an actual view of a star cluster in our galaxy. A rare and important insight into the Star Map specifics. 01:40:30

19: Star Map. Stanton Friedman comments on the validity of the Betty Hill Star Map. Date unknown. 05:45

20: Betty Hill is interviewed on the Tom Snyder Show, 10.23.1975, regarding the abduction, release of the NBC TV movie UFO Incident and the Star Map. 43:25

21: Betty Hill and Dr. Benjamin Simon are interviewed on the Today Show to promote the NBC TV movie, the UFO Incident, on October 25, 1975. 08:30

22: Betty Hill gives a lecture about the abduction at MUFON member Chip Howard’s home on 04.02.1976. 44:45

23: Betty Hill lectures at the Fate Magazine Convention in 1977. 32:30

24: Betty Hill promotes her book. Date and show undetermined. 07:00

25: Betty Hill undertakes a lie detector test on F. Lee Bailey’s show, Lie Detector, on 05.23.1982. 26:30

26: John Michell (UK) lectures on Alien Infiltration on 05.21.1966. 60:00

27: Animal Mutilation Case, Calgary, CN, 08.23.1967. Witness statement to Herbert Clark of the Vancouver, BC Flying Saucer Club. 23:30

28: Snippy the Horse Mutilation Case, Colorado, USA, 11.02.1967. Mrs. Burl Lewis, owner of the horse Lady (Snippy was used by local area newspapers), is interviewed by Larry Moyers of the Flying Saucer Investigations Committee of Akron, OH. 20:00

29: Jim (Leslie James) Lorenzen, Director of the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO), lectures on Animal Mutilation at the November, 1974 Hal Starr UFO 79 Symposium. 31:45

30: Herbert Schirmer, Ashland, NE police officer, is interviewed by Col. Stahl and Duane Beard on 12.13.1967, regarding his abduction. Chief Walskin also attends the interview. 30:00

31: Herbert Schirmer gives a short lecture in Florida on his alien abduction. 1974. 20:00

32: Betty Andreasson is interviewed on the Transitions radio show in 1979. 09:30

33: Raymond E. Fowler, prominent abduction researcher, is interviewed on radio regarding his investigation of the Betty Andreasson abduction incident on 04.23.1979. 39:30

34: Raymond E. Fowler is interviewed on television regarding his investigation of the Andreasson abduction incident on 05.23.1979 and to promote his book. 17:45

35: Betty Andreasson and Raymond Fowler are interviewed on the Mike Douglas show, 06.12.1979. 15:30

36: Carrol Wayne Watts, Loco, TX, is interviewed regarding his alien abduction on 03.31.1968. 34:45

37: Edward Robinson of Calgary, CN is interviewed regarding his alien abduction in August, 1968. 04:45

38: Maureen Puddy, Frankston, Victoria, Australia, is interviewed regarding her alien abduction on 07.24.1972. 19:00

39: Pascagoula, MS Sheriff Department interview of Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker on 10.11.1973. 38:30

40: Charles Hickson is interviewed by Dr. James Harder. 16:45

41: Chuck Burgess, Pascagoula, MS newspaper reporter is interviewed by Kevin Doyle on radio, 10.12.1973, regarding Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker. 11:00

42: Pascagoula, MS Sheriff, Fred Diamond comments on the Hickson/Parker abduction investigation 12.12.1973. 00:45

43: Fred Diamond, Sheriff of Pascagoula, MS, is interviewed on the radio, 12.12.1973. 07:45

44: Pascagoula, MS radio news report of 10.16.1973. 01:30

45: Charles Hickson interviewed and comments by Dr. J. Allen Hynek in October, 1974. 19:30

46: Calvin Parker hypnosis audio clip from 1974. 11:15

47: Charles Hickson statement on UFOs, Extraterrestrials and his abduction in 1974. 11:30

48: Charles Hickson interviewed in Jackson, MS in 1999. 30:00

49: Travis Walton gives his first interview on 11.11.1975 following his abduction in the Apache-Seagreaves National Park, AZ. 26:15

50: Travis Walton interviewed on 04.23.1980 by Page Bryant and Jack Kennicutt. 16:30

51: Cleve Baxter, expert polygraph examiner, lectures on The Use of the Polygraph in UFO Encounters at Hal Starr’s UFO 79 Symposium, November, 1979. Baxter rips debunker Philip Klass. 37:00

52: Liberty, KY Abduction of January 6, 1976. Abductee/researcher Lydia Morel relates the investigation and her friendship with the abductees. 49:00

53: Dr. James Harder lectures on, Do Aliens Communicate at the 1974 UFO Symposium. 27:30

54: Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle lectures on abductee’s propheses at the 1974 UFO Symposium. 24:30

55: M. I. T. Abduction Conference interviews with Dr. David Pritchard, C.D.B. Bryan and John Carpenter on 09.09.1995. 42:45

56: Dr. David M. Jacobs lectures on Alien Abduction in 1998. 18:00


Wendy Connors

This audio is part of the collection at Community Audio: https://archive.org/details/CEIVAnAudioHistoryOfAlienAbductionAndAnimalMutilation19571976Guide

No infringement intended. For educational purposes only.