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Captain David Coote

David Coote began flying in 1976 and has been a military and civilian pilot. His experience includes flying as a scout in the cavalry, an instructor pilot in an attack helicopter battalion, a helicopter pilot based on offshore oil rigs and freight and passenger operations for commercial airlines. He has flown in Europe, New Zealand and North America. For enjoyment, he has flown model planes, para-sails, ultra-lights, gliders, balloons and airships - props, rotors and jets. With over 10,000 hours flight time, he is currently a captain for a U.S. airline that operates a fleet of both Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

A few years ago, David learned of disturbing information regarding the abandonment of our soldiers in prisoner camps after the Vietnam war. Like most people, he didn't want to believe that official policy would allow such a thing. Since then, he has endeavored to find out what else we are not being told. It was during this time he learned that a respected, credentialed, career military officer, Colonel Philip J. Corso, (who had testified at the House Subcommittee Hearing on the MIA/POW issue) was the author of a book titled The Day after Roswell. This was a turning-point for David Coote who then decided he had better take a second look at the subject of extraterrestrial-related phenomena.


Source: http://www.paradigmresearchgroup.org/X-Conference2005/panelists.htm
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