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Carlos A. Guzman Rojas

Carlos A. Guzman was born in Mexico City. During his childhood, his interest in the UFO phenomenon was sparked by one of the largest UFO waves in Mexico, which occurred during the summer of 1965. The newspapers reported daily sightings. He received his B.A. in Business Administration from the National Autonomous University of Mexico in 1976, and completed his M.B.A. at the University of the Americas in 1979. His professional experiences and employment has been with transnational companies in Mexico, such as Warner Lambert, Bristol-Myers and Sunbeam-Oster.

In 1977, Mr. Guzman attended The First International UFO Congress in Acapulco, Mexico, where he had the opportunity of meeting some of the most outstanding UFO researchers of that time. He has written articles for several international UFO magazines like the Spanish magazine Stendek, a magazine in Chile titled Center of Investigation in Rocketry and Astronomy, as well as the Mexican review Extraterrestrial Contact. He also collaborates in the Mexican magazine UFO Contact.

In July of 1991, Mr. Guzman appeared on a national TV broadcast on UFOs in the program titled What Do You Think? The program was aired live for 11 hours and ten minutes, and received one of the highest ratings on Mexican TV. This was followed in 1991 when he was interviewed by the two most important Spanish TV Networks in the U.S.A. - Telemundo and Univision. Carlos is the director of the Center of Research for UFO Phenomenon (CIFEEEAC) where the center is known for its diffusion and UFO research. Since 1992, Mr. Guzman has served as MUFON's State Director for Distrito Federal (Mexico City).

In 1996, he finished writing his first book titled Testimonios OVNI (UFO Testimonies) and has worked on another book which covers detailed reports of the UFO sightings in the 1990s.


Source: MUFON 1996 International UFO Symposium Proceedings
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