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Chris Styles
Chris Styles is a Canadian UFO researcher who has been seen on such national programs as CTV's The Dini Petty Show, CBC News, and several episodes of Paramount Television's program Sightings. Chris has been an active UFO investigator of both classic and current UFO incidents that have occurred in Atlantic Canada. He is best known for his work on the Shag Harbour Incident of October 4, 1967. His work on the Shag Harbour Incident has already had an impact on the way that UFO crash/retrieval scenarios are viewed. In 1994, Chris received a modest research grant from the Washington-based group, the Fund for UFO Research, which helped underwrite the cost of an extensive document search that involved non-transferable Canadian military documents held at Canada’s National Archives in Ottawa.

In Spetember of 1995, Styles directed an underwater search for physical evidence that may have remained on the seabed of Shag Harbour. That effort was funded by Paramount Television and resulted in several segments for their syndicated show Sightings. He has appeared in several US documentaries such as the 120-minute A&E production UFOs II: Have We Been Visited?

Chris planned for a further expedition in an area known as "The Rip" which is situated down current from the last known surface position of the UFO. It lies beyond the limits of previous search efforts. "The Rip" contains a unique sonar target detection whose acoustic signature has defied interpretation by leading geophysical scientists.

Chris did much of the on screen work and served as a technical advisor in several Canadian UFO feature documentaries such as Ocean Entertainment’s The Shag Harbour Incident and Northern Lights - The Canadian UFO Experience, a 2-hour feature production of Roadhouse Films. His most recent on-camera appearance was in the U.S. History Channel’s 60-minute feature documentary UFO Files – Canada’s Roswell, which was first broadcast in March, 2006.

Chris Styles has a background in music, special education and was once heavily involved with armory work as it pertains to the sport of fencing. He is currently employed as a special aid for a disabled individual who is severely affected by cerebral palsy. Chris serves as MUFON's Assistant Provincial Director for Nova Scotia.

In 2001, Chris co-authored Dark Object with fellow UFO researcher Don Ledger. He has published several speculative papers on different aspects of UFO research and has presented at various UFO symposia.



MUFON 1996 International UFO Symposium Proceedings
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