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Dan Wright

Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dan Wright is a life-long resident of the state. With a Master's Degree in Political Science, he has been a career State of Michigan employee. He lives in the village of Morrice with his wife Linda. He has an adult son and two adult daughters.

Mr. Wright joined MUFON in 1978 as a State Section Director. After reporting on a flap of UFO activity in mid-Michigan that year, he was appointed State Director in 1980.

In 1985, Dan was named to the MUFON Board as Central States Regional Director. In that post, he supervised 20 state directors, encouraging newsletters and public relations and instituting multiple levels of investigative review prior to finalizing case reports.

In Autumn 1987, Dan cut short his regional directorship to accept appointment as the Deputy Director in charge of North American investigations. First devising an IFO-UFO photographic slide set for members' use in public appearances, he set about reviewing all case reports. He created computerized database criteria for encoded entry of all historical case files, a UFO Source Test of witness misperceptions, and a Field Investigator's Exam for trainees.

He then wrote a new and more detailed computer input form for approved case reports and two new chapters for the fourth edition of the MUFON Field Investigator's Manual, his labor of love being a chapter on proper interviewing methods.

In 1992, Dan resigned from the Deputy Director position and accepted appointment on the MUFON staff as Project Manager of the Abduction Transcription Project, which he also devised. This was prompted by his perception that abduction researchers needed a repository for such reports and unbiased analysis of the compiled results.

In 1988, the Symposium Proceedings were dedicated to Dan Wright. He is also a four-time nominee for the MUFON Award for Oustanding Work in the UFO Field.


Source: MUFON 1995 International UFO Symposium Proceedings
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