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Donald M. Ware, Lt. Col (USAF Ret.)

Donald M. Ware has studied UFOs since he saw seven alien vehicles over Washington, DC on July 26,1952. He received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University in 1957 and an M.S. in Nuclear Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology in 1972. After serving his country as a fighter pilot, staff scientist, test manager, and teacher, he retired from the Air Force in 1983. He has studied birds around the world, and had three articles published in scientific journals. He served as State Director and Eastern Regional Director for MUFON, and he became a Director of the International UFO Congress in 1993. His search for truth has led to physical, mental, and spiritual interactions with the larger reality represented by the alien presence. For many years, he has focused his attention on the influence of higher intelligence on our world leaders. He is an Advisor to the Exopolitics Institute, and the new IUFOC.

Ware has held truthseeker meetings in his home the first Saturday of each month since 1983, meetings similar to those held by Dr. Sadler’s each Sunday afternoon for 18 years. His open-minded study of the persistent mysteries of mankind and these meetings has resulted in a group of well-informed people along the Emerald Coast of Florida, ready for the Urantia Book teachings. He has also attended 160 conferences for many types of truthseekers and has over 700 books in his loaning library.

In 1989, he bought the Urantia Book at a UFO Conference. Being large, it sat on the bottom of his reading stack for ten years, only being used occasionally in his research. During his meditation for 1999 new year’s resolutions, he was inspired to move that book to the top of the stack and not read any other book until he finished it, cover to cover.

His web site is http://home.earthlink.net/~donware.


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