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Dr. Martin Plowman, Ph.D.
In 2008, Dr. Martin Plowman studied at the university of Melbourne and received his Doctorate of Philosophy in Ufology, the study of unidentified flying objects.

Martin Plowman has travelled the world for his Ph.D., studying the phenomenon of UFO's at various hot spots around the world, from Australia to Peru.

He is a nuts-and-bolts investigator and doesn't believe in flying saucers. However, he has an open mind and continues to study the subject with zest. Martin's study has lead him to believe there is something going on that cannot be explained and is sure it's been that way for a very long time.

"If people around the world are seeing something that really isn't there, it still is not beneath science to study". Martin is a realist; he needs the facts to back up what people say they have seen. It's a breath of fresh air that could bring more credibility to the subject of UFOs if he can find evidence to support people's claims. You could say he is the Sherlock Holmes of Ufology.

Martin also believes the role of Shamen in some ancient cultures has helped those cultures come to terms with unidentified flying objects. "Shaman can help a culture bring these happenings into their everyday lives and help them get over the whole issue".

The best places he visited for perhaps observing difficult-to-explain phenomena are the Northern Territory in Australia and Roswell in New Mexico. "It might be cliche, but it is a truely strange place".

In 2011, Dr. Martin Plowman wrote and published a book on the subject of UFOs, titled The UFO Diaries and is available on-line from Jeffreys Books & Stationary.


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