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Dr. Steven M. Greer, M.D.

Dr. Steven Greer is the founder and international director of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI). A lifetime member of Alpha Omega Alpha, the nation's most prestigious medical honorsociety, Dr. Greer is an emergency physician and former chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Caldwell Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Greer, as director of CSETI, has led research teams throughout the world investigating the existence of ETI (Extraterrestrail Intelligence), and on several occasions, has successfully established preliminary contact and communication with extraterrestrial spacecraft at close range.

He has written Extraterrestrial Contact: The Evidence and Implications which has been acclaimed as one of the most comprehensive and insightful books on the subject.

He is currently working on The Disclosure Project for which he and his team have interviewed 100 military, government and intelligence witnesses to UFO encounters or secret government projects involving UFOs. These witnesses provide irrefutable evidence regarding the existence of Extraterrestrial intelligence visiting Earth and the development (reverse engineering) by super-secret projects of the ET energy and propulsion systems. Dr. Greer shows the connection between these projects and the solutions needed for the world's environmental and energy crisis.

He has met with and provided briefings for senior members of government, military and intelligence operations in the United States and around the world, including senior CIA officials, Joint Chiefs of Staff, White House staff, senior members of Congress and congressional committees, senior United Nations leadership and diplomats, senior military officials in the United Kingdom and Europe and cabinet-level staff members of the Japanese government, among others.

Dr. Greer has been seen and heard by millions worldwide on shows such as The Larry King Show, CBS, the BBC, NTV in Japan, plus dozens of TV and radio programs. He has addressed tens of thousands of people live at conferences and lectures around the world, including the international convention for MENSA, The Institute of Noetic Sciences Board of Directors, and the Sierra Club.


Source: MUFON 2001 International UFO Symposium Proceedings
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