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Dr. W. C. Levengood

Since 1954, biophysicist W. C. Levengood has authored or co-authored a significant number of scientific and technical papers on a wide range of subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biophysics, Botany, and other subjects that have appeared in some of the most prestigious peer-reviewed, scientific journals including Science and Nature that have also received numerous citations in additional peer-reviewed, published studies. W.C. Levengood also holds several patents for inventions and applications related to these fields of study.

Levengood received an M.S. and M.A. degrees in Biophysics and Bioscience. He served as a research physicist at the Institute of Science and Technology at the University of Michigan and did biophysical research with private-sector companies. He still does consulting research and owns his private laboratory in Michigan for his personal researches.

In fourteen years of scientific investigation on crop circles and bovine excision most commonly known as cattle mutilation, Doctor Levengood examined more than 250 crop formations in detail, both in US, England and other countries around the world. (See Crops documentation: "Crop Formation: Colt Neck, New Jersey, 2002 Laboratory Code No. KS-05-124)

Colt's Neck, New Jersey, USA

Doctor Levengood is currently studying very low electrical pulses in the molecular structure of water and living systems. He has been also working on the secret of the Water of Life.

He showed that a spring water treated by Michael El Nour acquires a different molecular structure and contains what he calls "free energy". This energy is different from electricity.

As he wrote to Michael El Nour during his experiments on the Water of Life: "In my laboratory, your water was examined for internal energy variations, or in thermodynamic terms, changes in free energy. The molecular water of liquid water is constantly changing; therefore, one must examine these free energy changes over time to determine if the overall patterns are different than those found in normal water with no induced enrgy patterns. For this purpose, I use a method originating in my laboratory - published in the scientific literature under the title: Evidence for Charge Density Pulses Associated with bioelectric Field in in Living Organisms", W.C, Levengood & J.L. Geyde, Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine...

With this method, free energy changes in water are manifested as variation peak amplitude of the Charge Density Pulses (CDP) taken at specific time points. If a chemical compound is introduced into water, as for example ordinary table salt, the free energy is increased and this can be quantitatively observed in the dissipation characteristics of the CDP wave form."

While ingested, a water treated by Michael El Nour accorded to the Water of Life protocol, also triggers changes in the measurable level of energy of a human being. According to Doctor Levengood: "All the values (of the Peak Amplitude) statistically indicates significant changes in one's model/cycle of energy".



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