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Elaine Douglass, M.S.

Elaine Douglass is a board member of JAR (Journal of Abduction-encounter Research), has been a UFO researcher since 1985 and she is an expert on UFO abductions. She was a 25-year member of MUFON and state director for Utah when she was removed by International Director Clifford Clift. She organized a group who thought that all of these events were suspect and they launched an organization to reform. Prior to that, she was was State Director for the District of Columbia for many years. She holds a Masters degree from MIT in Military Policy. She is self-employed as a marketing consultant. She lives in Utah.

"Each abduction is a window we look through to see the aliens", Elaine says, "and it’s really important we see the aliens clearly".

Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research (JAR)

In 2007, Elaine joined with friends to create a new publication, The Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research (JAR), an email quarterly magazine (www.jarmag.com). "At JAR, we’re trying to find out — What are the aliens doing? And what do the aliens want?" Elaine believes UFOs are extraterrestrial and the aliens are not simply observing us. "They intend to penetrate human society and they would like to radically alter the future of the human race", Elaine says. "The abductions are one of the ET’s primary methods for getting inside human society. The abductions are a set of techniques for gaining control of individual human beings. The abductions are a profound violation of human rights".

"There is a great divide in the UFO community", Elaine says, "between people who think the aliens are here to help, and those who don’t. But at JAR, we publish ALL points of view".

"The other part of the picture is the US government, the secret UFO coverup. This deeply buried part of the bureaucracy is, along with the aliens, profoundly violating the rights of Americans. At JAR, we’re trying to find out—What is the coverup doing? What does the coverup want?" Elaine has written a number of JAR articles showing that clandestine elements of the US government are involved with the ETs, including joint abduction activity. These articles are available on request. For other articles by Elaine, see:


Operation Right to Know (ORTK)

In the 1990s, Elaine was an organizer for Operation Right to Know, which sponsored street demonstrations calling for an end to UFO secrecy. "Of all the things I’ve done in ufology, I’m proudest of ORTK, and I want to see public protest demonstrations get started again", Elaine says.

"If we want the truth recognized, we must demand what we want and we must demand it publicly, in front of the whole nation. Pleading for attention from the media, pleading for recognition from science, pleading for disclosure from the President, and forever searching for more proof of what has already been proven—these have become weak positions, once necessary steps no longer useful. The public’s rejection of the reality of UFOs is not rational and the effort to fight it with rational argument is exhausted. As for the government, its silence is purposeful and political, and we must respond with public political demands".

"In the 1990s, when ORTK was active, the UFO community lacked the will to insist on the truth, and we lacked the will to demand our right to be free from abduction, by the US government and the aliens. In the meantime, there was and is a monumental struggle going on behind the scenes for control of the earth and its people".

"In this struggle, individual citizens are inconsequential and expendable. No one is protecting our rights, the rights of the people, so we must act to protect ourselves. The coverup is precarious and could not withstand a determined public effort to blow the whistle. This is the way out of our dilemma that ORTK pointed to in the 1990s, but the community hesitated. Have we progressed since that time? I want to see an ORTK-like organization and public demonstrations start again. Anyone who feels the same should contact me".



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