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Errol Bruce-Knapp

Although born in Alexandria, Egypt, in October 1942, Errol Bruce-Knapp was brought up in Canada and was one of the many Canadian broadcasters to bring a touch of professionalism to Britain's emerging commercial radio industry. He joined Radio Caroline in April 1964. His theme tune was Jimmy McGriff's I've Got A Woman, and he was heard on both Caroline ships before transferring to "Swinging" Radio England in 1966. This station referred to itself as "Boss Radio", its disc-jockeys were called "Boss Jocks" and Errol now became known as "Bosscat" Bruce. After the pirate era, Errol returned to Canada and worked for CKFH, CHUM-FM, Q107, the CBC, was part of the TVOntario team that created the expression 'Fast Forward' for a high-tech TV programme and was involved with North America's first All-Night Show.

Errol has worked in broadcast media for over 45 years and had worked the Toronto radio scene since the late sixties. He ran the Virtually Strange Network web site under his full name of Errol Bruce-Knapp, and he also moderated the UFO UpDates E-mail List which he had started in 1995. His long-running UFO radio programme, Strange Days...Indeed, eventually got cancelled and was no longer on the air. So Errol began producing it in weekly podcast form, which are still available from his web site.

There is a fascinating interview with Errol, in which he discusses his offshore career, on The Spectrum Radio Network (also available on You Tube).

He'd been intrigued by UFOs for many years and got involved, on a full-time basis, in 1993 when he got his first computer and joined The Mutual UFO Network of Ontario. He retired and lived quietly in Peterborough, Ontario up until his death on August 11, 20



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