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Fabio Zerpa

Fabio Zerpa (born in Rosario, Uruguay) is a parapsychologist and UFO researcher. He currently resides in Argentina.


Fabio Zerpa arrived in Argentina in 1951, and was already interested in extraterrestrial life and had already studied Psychology. After some years of investigation, he started to give his first conferences at the beginning of the 1960s. In 1966, he created the radio program Más allá de la cuarta dimensión (Beyond the Fourth Dimension). Since then, Fabio Zerpa has reported on more than 3000 cases of UFO sightings and contact with extraterrestrials. Since 2001, he has been the director of the on-line magazine El Quinto Hombre (The Fifth Man). In December 2005, Zerpa was named cultural ambassador of the city of Colonia in his native country.


Un hombre en el Universo (A Man In The Universe, Cielosur – Argentina – 1975)
El OVNI y sus misterios (UFO And Its Mysteries, Nauta – Spain – 1976)
Dos científicos viajan en OVNI (Two Scientists Travel By UFO, Cielosur – Argentina – 1977)
Los Hombres De Negro y los OVNI (Men In Black And UFO, Plaza & Janes – Spain – 1977)(Reedited by Planeta – Argentina in 1989)
El reino subterráneo (The Underground Kingdom, Planeta – Argentina – 1990)
El mundo de las vidas anteriores (The World Of Past Lives, Planeta – Argentina – 1991)
Apertura de lo insólito (Opening of the Unusual, Club de Lectores – Argentina – 1991)
Predicciones de la Nueva Era (Predictions Of The New Age, CS – 1992)
La vida desde adentro (Life From The Inside, Beas – 1993)
Los OVNIs existen y son extraterrestres (UFOs Exists And They Are Alien, Planeta – Argentina – 1994/5)
Ellos, los seres extraterrestres (They, The Alien Beings, Ameghino – 1996)
Los verdaderos Hombres De Negro (The Real Men In Black, Ameghino – 1997)
Predicciones para el nuevo siglo (Predictions For The New Century, H&H Editors – 1999)
El Nostradamus de América (Americas' Nostradamus, Ediciones Continente – 2003)


Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fabio_Zerpa
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