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Farah Yurdozu

Farah Yurdozu is Turkey's first female UFO researcher – writer, and author of several best-selling books in her native land. Fluent in Turkish, English and Spanish, she is known on several continents as an authority on UFOs, paranormal and the metaphysical. Now living in the New York City area, Farah continues her work as a UFO researcher, writer and lecturer, and appears in major UFO conferences all over the United States from Roswell to California, Nevada to New York City.

As a experienced teacher and a UFO investigator, Farah Yurdozu is teaching the "UFO 201: Introduction to UFOLogy" class at International Metaphysical University. Farah’s gifts as a psychic medium were featured in TLC's paranormal investigation TV series Dead Tenants. She is a columnist for the leading monthly publication UFO Magazine and a journalist/producer at Jerry Pippin Internet Radio. She is also a writer for Italian X-Times Magazine, and British UFO Matrix Magazine. Though her work reflects a passion for all aspects of the paranormal, her main area of study is abductions and close encounters. Farah Yurdozu has a Spanish Language teaching degree from Istanbul University and has been teaching Spanish in New York City.

Farah Yurdozu’s newest books are:

Love in an Alien Purgatory (2009) USA
UFO Forbidden Zone / UFO Yasak Bölge (2008) Turkey
Confessions of a Turkish UFOlogist (2007) USA
You Are Your Soulmate (2007) USA
UFO Truths and Lies / UFO Gerçekleri ve Yalanlar? (1999) Turkey
Life is a Horror Movie / Yas,am Bir Korku Filmidir (Novel, 1999) Turkey
Metaphysical Love in Madrid / Madrit’te Metafizik As,k (Novel, 1995) Turkey
UFOs Are Coming / UFOlar Geliyor (1993) Turkey

Farah Yurdozu has spoken at:

5th Exobiology Congress, 2009, Ecuador
Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo, 2009 California
MUFON International Symposium, 2008 California
International UFO Congress, 2008, Nevada
Roswell UFO Congress, 2008, New Mexico
Culture of Contact, 2008, New Jersey
Atlantic Coast UFO Conference, 2008, Atlantic City
Bay Area UFO Expo, 2007, California
Roswell UFO Conference, 2007, New Mexico
Culture of Contact, 2007, New York City
Aztec UFO Conference, 2007, New Mexico
NUFOC UFO Conference, 2005, California

See Farah's International Metaphysical University video here:


Farah is also a columnist for UFO Magazine in USA, X-Times Magazine in Italy and UFO Matrix Magazine in England. You can see some of her published articles here:


Farah's newest book is Love in an Alien Purgatory, available at Amazon, here:

Farah Yurdozu: Love Alien Purgatory

Farah’s website is: www.FarahYurdozu.com


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