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Henry H. McKay

Click here for Henry McKay's UFO Archives

OntarioUFO was founded by Michelle McKay. Her great-uncle was UFOlogist Henry H. McKay (1927 - 2007). He was a UFOlogist from 1965 until he passed away in 2007. His investigations and research focused mainly on physical traces of UFO landing sites and related power disturbances, as well as extraterrestrial contactee cases (a.k.a. alien contact and abduction). He was the first Director of MUFON Canada and was in the Air Force. He was also a member of NICAP and an associate of CUFOS, and was also on the Board of Directors for the North American UFO Federation. He also gave a brief at a hearing to the Royal Commission on Electric Power Planning in regards to UFO related power disturbances.

From: Michelle Mckay, Ontario UFO

"On April 15, 2007, my great-uncle UFOlogist Henry McKay passed away. His contributions to UFOlogy and crop circle research will never be forgotten. Uncle Hank began his research in 1965, when he was with the Air Force and one of the guys in the tower saw something they felt was bizarre. They turned to my uncle to investigate, this was his first case.

Those who knew him personally can attest that he was strongly dedicated to his research and gave his life to it. Even up until the last moments before he went into the hospital, he was actively investigating. I will never forget him, standing in his suit, telling me about his present investigation into "mysterious balloons" in the area. He was once the Director for MUFON, taught UFOlogy at a high school in Toronto, and worked on some of the well known UFO and crop circle cases across Canada.

Sue Darroch of ParaResearchers said it right when she said that there is a bond between paranormal researchers through our love of the paranormal, even if we have different methods and opinions. So true, thanks Sue. I want to thank all of you in the paranormal research community for your condolences and appreciation for my uncle's long standing contributions to this research; it really is appreciated and seeing everybody who cared about what he did provides comfort and helps with his passing. Not only was he highly intelligent; he truely was a good person and had a very caring "spirit" if you will, about him. He was cremated, the way he wanted to be. He passed away very peacefully and was at ease with his predicament and doesn't want anybody to grieve over him. We will all miss him greatly. This tribute page is for you, uncle Hank..."



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