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High Strangeness
Ufology has always had its share of unique strangeness as it has evolved. This compilation covers the years 1952 to 1976, when hairy beasts wandered out of flying saucers, Men in Black silenced witnesses to UFOs and monsters prowled the countryside. You will find lectures, actual experiences related and the after-effects of this high strangeness that remains, even today, one of the most endearing chapters in Ufology. So come along and listen to Gray Barker, John Keel, Norman Oliver, Stan Gordon, Dr. Herbert Hopkins, Hayden Hewes, Dr. Ivan T. Sanderson and Albert K. Bender as they return you to the days of early Ufology. Oh, yes, I almost forgot. There are 3 bonus recordings for you to enjoy also.

01: Gray Barker lectures on, They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers, presented at the September 27, 1956 1st Annual Convention of the Michigan Flying Saucer Federation, Kalamazoo, MI. Mr. Barker is introduced by John Mayday. 74:00

02: Albert K. Bender speaks on The World of Kalek and the Men in Black at James Moseley’s, 7th Congress of Scientific Ufologists, NYC on March 16, 1967. Bender’s talk was tape recorded and played at the symposium. Bender did not appear personally. 28:30

03: Dr. Herbert Hopkins, M.D. (Psychiatry), gives an in-depth recollection of an encounter with a Man in Black, at his home, in 1976. Dr. Hopkins was involved in the Stephen’s UFO case. With Dr. Hopkins is Betty Hill, Abductee and researcher. Recorded on September 11, 1976. 39:30

04: Norman Oliver gives a lecture entitled, Are There Men in Black? to the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA) on February 7, 1970. Mr. Oliver is introduced by Mr. Arthur Shuttlewood, who investigated the famous Warminster incidents. 45:00

05: John Keel lectures on the Men in Black in 1986. 39:00

06: Gray Barker lectures on the Men in Black in 1976. 27:30

07: John Keel lectures at the March 16, 1966 meeting of Saucer News. This is a remastered special edition of the lecture dealing with Keel’s preliminary
investigation of the Pt. Pleasant, WV incident commonly known as the Mothman phenomenon. 28:30

08: Gray Barker gives an informal overview of his work and interest in Ufology to help publicize his new book, They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers.
Barker also gives background to the Albert Bender M. I. B. mystery and his Flatwoods Monster investigation. Recorded on July 4, 1956, prior to his keynote address to the 1st Annual Convention of the Michigan Flying Saucer Federation two months later. 30:00

09: Dr. Ivan T. Sanderson, biologist, naturalist, writer and lecturer, gives a recollection of his investigation into the Flatwoods, WV monster incident on the November 25, 1956 WOR-NY broadcast of the Long John Nebel Party Line. This was at the request of newsman, Hugh McPhearson, friend of Gray Barker. 36:00

10: Hayden Hewes of the Flying Saucer Investigation Bureau (FSIB) is interviewed regarding Mo-Mo, a hairy bi-ped that terrorized people in 1972. This was the attempt to combine UFO phenomena with the appearance of hairy bi-peds sightings, although a definitive connection has yet to be established and remains unresolved, with rare reports of such creatures continuing to date. This recording was taken off-air and the telephone connection for the interview was not the best. It is, however, very listenable and fortunate to have survived. 56:00

11: Stan Gordon, researcher into the Unionville, PA UFO/HB case and other high strangeness cases, gives an overview of the investigation of the Unionville case to Larry Moyers of the Flying Saucer Investigations Committee (FSIC) of Akron, OH. In this telephone conversation, Gordon tells of the shooting of a hairy bi-ped, mind control capabilities of the creatures, etc. A personal insight into the UFO/HB phenomenon. 20:00

12: Richard Shaver and Ray Palmer of Fate Magazine, are interviewed telephonically on the Long John Nebel Radio Program, in 1956. 57:46

13: Long John Nebel Radio Program from March 13, 1958. Discussion of the Richard Shaver Mysteries and the Deros. 01:55:35

14: Ray Palmer Discusses the Richard Shaver Mystery on June 25, 1977. Ends abruptly. 38:25

15: Morris Ketchum Jessup’s only Known Recorded Interview by Clara John of the Little Listening Post at Washington, DC. in 1955. 21:42

16: Gray Barkers’ Interview with Allende, from 1967. 27:53

*17: Ann Grenzslinger is Interviewed Regarding her Research into the Death of Morris K. Jessup, by Gray Barker, in 1980. 50:39

*18: Carlos M. Allende (aka Carl M. Allen) is Interviewed October 14, 1982 by Dan Whitman and Richard (last name not listed). 90:00

*19: Carlos M. Allende’s Last Known Recording…an Audio Letter to Gray Barker in 1982. 61:00


Wendy Connors

* Mis-labeled and missing audio tracks.

This audio is part of the collection at Community Audio: https://archive.org/details/HighStrangenessGuide

No infringement intended. For educational purposes only.