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Wendy Connors

Robert Gribble's
National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC)
Seattle, WA

The Gribble NUFORC Collection consists of dozens of reel to reel tapes, each containing 12 hours of recordings, hundreds of cassettes and thousands of pages of documentation. However, Bob would record calls and not enter them into the Call Log, or Case Files, which is normal across the human spectrum. These witness reports he referred to as his Hotline cases. Unfortunately, some of the recordings have no date given and in some cases, even the year is unknown.

No. Tracks: 40 Total Running Time: 05:07:48

01: Chicksands RAF Communications Center, UK. July, 1965. Three witnesses observe a large dark object over the oak trees. While near the object, they could not hear each others voices or any other sound. Post was notified, went on alert and closed. Similar objects reported at seven other military locations at the same time. 08:18

02: Oroville, WA. Spring, 1968 & 1969. A unique case. Back to back daylight sightings. First by a father and son and again a year later, by the mother and other son, who were in the house at the time of the first encounter. Witnesses first hear a crashing thundering noise like a jet crashing, then a metallic cylinder with pointed front and blunt rear hovers between the porch and the power lines. Object moves across the road and railroad tracks before departing. A year later, the same type object repeated the same movements. 14:32

03: U.S. Navy Spy Ship Off Coast of San Fuego Harbor, Cuba. January, 1973. 3 cigar-shaped objects are radar painted and on a collision course with the ship. General quarters called. As objects pass they are soundless. 02:26

04: Webster, MA. 1980. Police report a witness observed a black, disc-like object, leave a lake and travels straight up. 02:50

05: Off Coast of CA. 12.13.1981. Oakland Air Traffic Control, along with Air Defense Command and NORAD radar, paint several hard targets 200 miles off the coast. Targets traveling in unison and suddenly make a 180 degree turn at 2000 knots. 02:34

06: Tujunga, CA at Topanga Canyon. 1986. Two witness encounter a disk over their vehicle that shines down a bright light, illuminating the car and causing the vehicle to stop. Object gave off a humming sound and a smell like burnt cinnamon. Witnesses suffered from short time loss and weeping blisters on their skin. 11:36

07: Eggermont, MA. 1980s. Police Chief reports a man who was jolted awake by a loud noise and bright white light coming in his room. He observed a triangular object that left triangular depressions in the ground and a cut on the man's chest. Samples taken from scene of encounter. 03:48

08: Tom's River, NJ. 10.27.1988. Mostly observed over water, a very large triangular-shaped craft maneuvers erratically and then hovers. No sound. Object had red, green and orange lights and came within 100' of the witness. 05:54

09: Anza, CA. 10.24. 1988. Round object with a square opening in the bottom and two tube-like protrusions is observed by witnesses in a vehicle. Before and after the encounter, there were helicopters patroling the area. 10:00

10: Stanton, ND. 1989. Mercer County Sheriff reports a witness next to a gasification plant in Beullah, ND, observed a bright object over their farm causing electrical outage and microwave oven to continually malfunction. 02:24

11: Prospect, KY. 1989. Object chases a man and his son in their truck and hovers over his barn. Object described as helicopter-like, with a bubble windshield, giving off a whistling noise. 07:06

12: Jacksonville, FL. 03.26. 1989. Call from FAA Center Supervisor that an object is painted on radar and following an aircraft around Augusta, GA. 03:46

13: Clear Lake, CA. 06.24.1989. Mother of a police officer is driving from Seattle to Clear Lake at 5 am. Witness observes a reddish oval object sitting on the ground with 3 or 4 small people around it. Suddenly, she found herself driving on an unfamiliar road and it was two hours later. She couldn't account for what happened after she first observed the object and people. Possible abduction. 17:30

14: Grass Valley, CA. 1989. 9 lighted objects moving in unison with a larger orange object. Orange object looked like a pinwheel and then exploded. There was no sound. 05:42

15: S.W. Harbor, ME. 07.22.1989. Commercial aircraft taken off from Blue Hill Harbor, encounters a metallic, polish-aluminum, object hovering next to their left wing. Cockpit instrumentation is affected. 14:46

16: Portland, ME. 08.26.1989. Air Traffic Control notifies the Center that four Delta Airlines mechanics observe a reddish object over the airport. Strong returns from radar. Pilot aborts landing to investigate at request of tower. Object enters restricted air space three miles from former President George H. W. Bush's Kennebunkport compound. 27:26

17: Grable, WY at Big Horn Basin. 09.20.1989. Objects land on Sheep's Mountain. Objects came in groups over a six month period. 2 F-16 aircraft blocks the flight path of one object. Objects described as submarine-shaped, grayish-purple in color and turning to orange when landing. 20:04

18: Indianapolis, IN FAA Flight Center. 09.29.1989. Four white lighted objects at 25,000' but not tracked on radar. One object breaks from group. Report of objects came from two commercial pilots. 01:44

19: Attwood, MI. 1989. Andy sees a flying saucer. 05:06

20: Kenora Ontario, CN. 11.21.1989. Object hovers over house and affects the lights and appliances. Three recordings. 16:42

21: Omaha, NB, Rapid City, SD, Fargo, NM & Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN. 1980s. Five air carriers report an object with contrails. 03:10

22: Alton, CA. 1989. Near a nuclear power plant, a bright object with lateral wings is observed. From the ground ascended several columns of smoky-black lights. Above the UFO was an aircraft. Recording ends abruptly. 06:38

23: Baltimore, MD Approach Control Tower. 1980s. A box-shaped object with antenna passes in front of a woman pilot in a Piper Cherokee at 5000'. An FAA jet doing work in area, also observes the object. 02:52

24: Bishop, CA. 1980s. Large, black fuselage-type object with square windows, no sound or wings, flies in front of a car at treetop level. 03:48

25: Chesapeke, VA. 1988. Police officer observes a circular craft hover over a house. Object had bright red lights. 05:08

26: Humble, TX. 1980s. While walking his dog on the beach an object over the water, with an Apollo Capsule shape, shoots a blue beam hitting the man. Object lands. Witness walked over to the object and a hatch opened. Several EBEs attempt to communicate with the witness. Witness could not account for 35 minutes. Possible abduction. 12:14

27: Nellis AFB Between St. Lake City, UT and Banning, CA. 1980s. Group of small red, green and blue lighted objects, are observed by a truck driver. The objects light up the side of a mountain and then hover over him and his rig. Suddenly, a weird animal runs in front of him. As he got back in his semi, it began to bounce around and the vehicle was taken over. Possible abduction. 21:04

28: Plymouth, NC. 1980s. A disc-shaped object is observed by over 100 people. Object had approximately 20 pulsating red lights with one white light in front. Object changes from a disc to a triangular shape before zooming off at high speed. 03:36

29: Portland, OR near New Haven. 1980s. Two bright objects approach a woman's car, illuminates it and follows her for 25 miles. When she fled into her home, it was illuminated by a large disc with two lights. 05:28

30: Seville, OH. 1980s. Woman observes an octagonal shaped object, gold colored and 3 to 4' in diameter, Walk from a field across the road while giving off a rustling sound. Object returns on the same path and tries to Hop up in the air. After several tries, it succeeds and takes off at high speed. UNIQUE 06:08

31: Waterloo, IA. 1989. Young woman, driving in a severe thunderstorm, sudden drives into broad daylight made by a small hole in the clouds. From this opening comes a ball of fire heading directly towards her car. Object collides with passenger side front window and covers the car with a greenish-black substance, except where the object made contact. There was no damage to the windsheild. UNIQUE 10:46

32: Gray's Harbor, WA 8 Miles off Coast. 1988. Cruise ship co-pilot observed 6 bright objects sailing horizontally. Lights from objects reflected on the water and ship. Multiple witnesses and objects observed for over five minutes. 06:22

33: Elk, WA. 11.21.1992. A house, close to the Inland Power Company and on a lake, is visited by a bright object changing red to green. Object causes multiple power outages. Four witnesses report that their eyes hurt after observing the object. 04:56

34: Las Vegas, NV. March, 1993. A three year old begins seeing aliens. 02:56

35: Alexandra City, AL at Lake Martin Dam. 03.08.1993. 100 witnesses observe a disc come out of the water. Reported by a retired police officer. 10:10

36: Lansing, MI. 02.04.1993. Three triangular-shaped objects with double rows of lights and several small, cylinder-shaped objects with red lights, shoots out a flaming light. Some of the objects merge with the others. 10:38

37: Above Clayton, NM. 02.21.1993. Two commercial pilots report a steady light under 1000' maneuver around. Object then descends north of Clayton. 05:16

38: Edwards Air Force Base near Rosamond, CA. 02.24.1993. Four people traveling in a van, observe a cluster of lights. As the cluster neared their vehicle, it was a black, oval shaped object with 3 lights at each apex. Object tilted as it come over the vehicle. 10:14

39: South Haven, MN. 02.24.1993. Large square object with four red lights, hovers over farm buildings, then dropped close to the ground. The lights from the object reflected off the farm buildings and the snow. Object gave off no sound. 04:12

40: Largo, FL. 03.08.1993. Airliner passes under a huge glowing object, which lit up the plane. Plane returns for another look. Sighting made by witness on the ground. 04:56

Wendy Connors
P.O. Box 8552
Albuquerque, NM 87198


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