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James M. McCampbell

James M. McCampbell ( - 2008) had a variety of business interests including a current effort to establish a marketing company, as a Distributor for the American Entrepreneur's Association, and by performing periodic consulting assignments. Recent examples of the latter are developing a drive train and marketing plan for electric automobiles and preparing the management system for the national program in coal liquefaction. He also contributed to the policy evaluation for plutonium fuels and safety surveillance for the new Alaskan Gas Transmission System.

In 1974, he played a key role in planning and managing a $17-million consulting service for the Department of Interior. The mission was to provide technical support in the environmental protection on the Alaskan pipeline. He also designed an extensive, computerized, management system to trace all activities on behalf of the environment.

A graduate of the University of California, McCampbell's past experience includes 11 years in scientific development for Bechtel Corporation. Typical projects under his management included master plans for Air Force research centers, economic development plans for southern Iran, industrial plants, major research facilities for NASA, and a fast breeder nuclear power station.

He served in corporate planning and development regarding expansion of in-house computer facilities to serve outside markets. McCampbell's other technical experience included the Atomic Energy Division of American-Standard as a senior theoretical physicist, where he directed expensive economic and technical evaluation of plutonium production, and consulted on nuclear design and reactor stability.

As a scientist with Westinghouse Electric Corporation, he planned experimental programs in reactor kinetics. He was responsible for measurement of fallout from nuclear weapons at Nevada and Marshall Island test sites when he was a physicist at the U.S. Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory.

Among his professional affiliations have been the American Nuclear Society, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He has been recognized in American Men of Science and several other biographical reference publications.

He was an experimentalist and carried out studies on the effects of microwaves on various substances and apparatus components and magnetic fields on compass needle rotation, among others. But Jim had many other 'extracurricular' interests as well.

He prepared a rather comprehensive catalogue of impact craters all over the Earth and studied ancient religious sites looking for spatial patterns in both.

He passed away Sunday afternoon, December 7, 2008 in Belmont, California, after a relatively short illness.

UFO Writings of James M. McCampbell

Electromagnetic Method of Reducing Drag In Fluids, Disclosure of Invention, December 26, 1973.
UFOLOGY, book published by author, 1973, republished by Celestial Arts, 1976. (Out of print.)
Humane Weapon Using Microwave Radiation, Disclosure of Invention, December 1973.
Interpreting Reports Of UFO Sightings, MUFON Symposium Proceedings, Des Moines, 1975.
An Hypothesis Concerning The Origin Of UFO's - Horses Under The Hood, Symposium of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Los Angeles, 1975.
UFO Technology And Technicians, Golden Gateway UFO Conference, San Francisco, August 10, 1975.
Scientific Deduction And UFO Investigations, Skylook Magazine, 1976.
UFO Interference With Automobile Electrical Systems, Part I: Headlights, Symposium of Center For UFO Studies, Chicago, 1976.
Further Evidence of UFO Radiation, MUFON Symposium Proceedings, Scottsdale, 1977.
Forbidden Frontier - Communicating With UFOnauts, MUFON Symposium Proceedings, San Francisco, 1979.
UFO Interference With Radios, MUFON Journal, February 1981.
Overheating Of Batteries, MUFON Journal, January 1982.
UFOs And Spinning Compasses, unpublished, May 1982.
UFOs And Hot Rings, MUFON Journal, November 1983.
UFO Interference With Vehicles And Self-Starting Engines, MUFON Symposium Proceedings, Pasadena, 1983.
Opinion Survey Of UFOlogy, An Analysis Of A Questionaire Distributed At MUFON Symposium, Pasadena, 1983, summarized in MUFON Journal, 1985.
UFOs: More Engine Effects, MUFON Journal, March 1983.
The Scientific Challenge Of UFOs MUFON Journal, April 1984.
Hum And Whistle A UFO Tune, MUFON Journal, Feburary 1985.
A Taste For UFOs MUFON Journal, May 1985.
UFOs: A Periodical Review, MUFON Journal, 1985.
Government Policy On UFOs, unpublished, July 9, 1985. (See note below.)
Why Scientists Reject UFOs, unpublished, January 27, 1986.
Effects Of UFOs Upon People, in Evans, Hilary with John Spencer, editors, UFOS 1947-1987
The 40-Year Search For An Explanation, Fortean Tomes, London, 1987.
Significance For Society If UFOs Are Extraterrestrial, condensed version entitled What 'ET' Would Mean For Mankind in Evans, Hilary and John Spencer, editors, Phenomenon, From Flying Saucers To UFOs-Forty Years Of Facts And Research, for BUFORA, Futura, Olndon, 1988.

Samples of published works (underlined are active links):
"UFO Interference With Vehicles and Self-Starting Engines" - MUFON 1983 UFO Symposium Proceedings
"Chapter 5, Electrical Interference" - UFOLOGY, 1973
"UFOlogy II: Some Final Answers"



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