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Jean-Charles Duboc
"My name is Jean-Charles DUBOC, and I am a retired Air France Captain. During Air France Flight 3532 from Nice to London, on 28 January 1994, I observed, with my crew, a dayliqht UFO near Paris. We had few passengers on board and none of them had reported that observation to the crew. The time was 1:00 P.M., and the visibility was excellent with some altocumulus clouds.

That object had been identified initially by a steward who was in the cockpit and by the copilot as a weather balloon, but when I identified it, it looked quite different. In fact, this UFO was in evolution and it looked like this (I shall then show a drawing), with a bank angle of 45°. It seemed to be a huge flying DISC. It stabilized and stopped moving (moving horizontally the drawing).

We observed it over one minute on the LEFT on our plane, surprisingly totally stationary in the sky, and it disappeared progressively (turn of the drawing).This large object was below us at the altitude of 35, 000 ft (we were at 39 000 if), at a distance of about 25 nautical miles.

The colour was RED BROWN with BLURRED outlines.

The apparent diameter of this object could be compared to the diameter of the moon, or the sun. That means that it was about 1000 feet wide".


Air France Pilot & crew encounter Giant UFO over Paris in broad daylight

Jean-Charles Duboc statement / press conference Barcelona - July 24, 2009


Source: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread539306/pg1
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