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Jim and Coral Lorenzen

Coral (1925 - 1988) & James Lorenzen (1922 - 1986)

Coral and James Lorenzen were a couple who have written a page in history of Ufology. They founded the APRO in 1952. Years after, it becomes so important that Coral quits her job. Frank B. Salisbury and James A. Harder are the first scientists to join the APRO.

Born in Hillsdale, Wisconsin in 1925, Coral Lightner, while playing at Ward School in Barron, sees a UFO during a hot summer of 1934. Intrigued, she tells the whole story to her father, who's impressed. The day after, they try to find out what she saw. Did a pilot crashed on Barron? No. In 1937 though, at Harry Schlomovitz's cabinet (family doctor), Coral tells him of her sighting. Surprise, he owns some books of Charles Fort. While reading each one, she gets convinced what she saw has been seen by many others. Witty, smart, organized, Coral quickly acquires a good dose of technical knowledge, including Astronomy. Coral Lorenzen graduated high school in 1941.

Born in Grand Meadow, Minnesota, in 1922, James Lorenzen is a professional guitarist. Coral marries James Lorenzen. During WW2, she works - among all - for Douglas Aircraft. The couple lives in Douglas, Arizona.

On June 10, 1947, Coral has a second sighting, while sitting in their back porch. Following Kenneth Arnold's case, Coral notices others have witnessed the same objects in Bisnee, Arizona. Coral collects articles and reports. From 1949, they meet George Adamski, but she's not much convinced. They have a son called Larry.

In August 1951, they moved to Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, where James obtained a job as engineer at a radio station. Correspondant for the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Coral writes articles about flying saucers. Astonished by the amount of mail she receives, she is convinced the USAF is hiding the truth.

In January 1952, Coral and Jim decide to found their group, the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO). Fifty people join them. Third sighting on May 21 at Door County. Hundreds of witnesses. In June, Coral faces surgery and questions the survival of the APRO. The association lives on. Their intentions, promoting the existence of interplanetary flying saucers and the contact with their occupants, puts the APRO under surveillance of the Robertson Committee in 1953. APRO has an extensive UFO investigative network with representatives in more than 50 countries, especially in South America.

In 1954, the Lorenzens move to Alamogordo, New Mexico, where Jim works for Holloman USAF base. Coral is hired too, by the same base. There, the couple is joined by many specialists and volounteers.

Quitting her job in 1956, the Lorenzens are unable to gather scientists until her first book, The Great Flying Saucer Hoax (1962). She reads the papers of Colorado University's biologist Frank B. Salisbury about plants growth. She sends him a copy of the book. Salisbury is convinced and engages himself into Ufology, bringing James A. Harder onboard the APRO. In 1957, the garage is converted to APRO archives.

In 1960, Jim accepts a job at Kitt Peak's National Observatory as associated technician.

In 1964, Coral suffers a back injury, while 1966 is a tough year: both her parents die. Frank Edwards' Flying Saucers - Serious Business (1965) attracts her attention for the many mistakes. After all, the APRO exclusively holds the reports of most abroad cases included in Edwards' book. She then decides to contact the publisher for an updated version of her book, Flying Saucers - the startling evidence of the invasion from outer space (1966). In 1967, she publishes Flying Saucer Occupants.

In the 1970s, with the aid of a small grant, APRO begins microfilming its UFO sighting files.

In 1986, the APRO has 3000 members.

Coral dies in 1988, along with the legendary APRO.


Source: http://www.ufopsi.com/articles/coraljimlorenzen.html
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