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Jorge J. Martin

Jorge J. Martin, a journalist by profession, was born in New York City in 1952, of Puerto Rican parents. After living in the U.S.A. for five years, his family moved back to the island of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean. He studied political science at the University of Puerto Rico.

Mr. Martin was introduced to the UFO phenomena in 1975 with the investigation of a young woman's CE-3 (Close Encounter of the Third Kind) case when he was a member of the Puerto Rico Center of UFO Investigations, then associated with CUFOS (Center for UFO Studies) and the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek. Jorge has been employed in different fields such as sales and journalism, but continued investigating UFO cases after the local group was disolved in 1978.

Jorge Martin has been researching the UFO phenomenon in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean for over 25 years. He has investigated and reported on the many important UFO incidents that happen on the island, one of the world's most active places pertaining to the UFO/Alien enigma.

He has written hundreds of articles on UFOs and related subjects for newspapers such as El Vocero, El Oriental, and El Interrogador in Puerto Rico and has had articles published in the MUFON UFO Journal and UFO (California) magazine. Several international authors and investigators have published his UFO reports in their books, such as Timothy Good, Leonard Stringfield, Sebastian Robious, Antonio Ribera, and Salvador Freixedo.

Martin has participated as lecturer in many international UFO conferences, as well as in many international documentaries and T.V. talk shows, mainly reporting on the Puerto Rico UFO situation. Jorge brings the very latest information on UFO/Alien activity in Puerto Rico to The UFO Anthology CD-ROM.

Mr. Martin was a speaker at the Ozark UFO Conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas (1991), the First UFO Conference in Springfield, Missouri (1992), and prior First World UFO Congresses in Tucson, Arizona; Las Vegas, Nevada, and Dusseldorf, Germany. He is currently the editor of the Puerto Rican magazine ENIGMA that publishes articles and reports on UFOs, paranormal phenomena, and other related subjects in Spanish.

Jorge joined MUFON in 1990 and is currently the State Director for Puerto Rico. He married and had brought his bride to Richmond for the 1993 MUFON UFO Symposium. He had titled his presented paper "The Astounding UFO Experience in Puerto Rico". Due to the late arrival of his paper, it was not published in the 1993 symposium proceedings.



MUFON 1993 International UFO Symposium Proceedings
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