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Jose Escamilla
Producer-Director, Jose Escamilla has been editing film and video for over 20 years. Video productions in release nationwide include: L.A. Gang Violence - a documentary about LA Gangs and Donny - The Educational Dinosaur, a cartoon series featuring the voices of Ruth Buzzi, Richard Moll, Swoosie Kurtz, Brenda Vaccaro, Kathy Ireland, Ed Begley, Jr., Dr. Joyce Brothers, Tom Bosley, Carlos Palomino, and Nel Carter.

His video career was suddenly interrupted when the earthquake hit Northridge, California, destroying all of his music and video editing equipment and a new release that he had been editing and scoring. Jose and his brother moved back to Roswell, New Mexico (their home town) in order to regroup before returning to Los Angeles.

If he had not moved to Roswell, he would not have been in the place where he videotaped the first, of over 1,500 hours of video, that is considered by some as very unique, however, controversial unknown objects, now known as "Rods". March 15, 1994 in Midway, New Mexico, marked the start of videotaping unusual objects darting in front of his video camera. Other people shared their videotapes with Mr. Escamilla of unique objects appearing on their videos, thus creating a new unexplainable phenomenon.

Jose's UFO experiences that occurred at Midway, New Mexico, have put him on a variety of lectures and television and radio programs talking about the subject. He has appeared on television shows such as The Learning Channel, Geraldo Rivera, Hard Copy, Sightings, Encounters, The Other Side, Inside Edition, the BBC in London, Spanish Language programs, and on many Network News broadcasts, ABC, NBC, CBS NEWS. He has appeared in many UFO-related magazines, America On-line, The Internet, CompuServe, Newspapers and radio talk shows. He has lectured at many conventions on the subject including, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and Mexico City. His first hand experiences with the phenomena and background in the Entertainment Industry, lend a unique quality in presenting UFOs to the public.

His video Rods - Mysterious Objects Among Us, was released through UFO Central Home Video. And Jose has also produced Rods: The New Evidence, which is available on DVD.

Jose Escamilla's website is Roswell Rods.



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