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Larraine Cilia

Larraine is President of the UFO-PRSA and is a senior researcher for RACE (Research of Australian Close Encounters,) having been a member of the society since it’s founding in the year 2000. Larraine is also the New South Wales Director with AUFORN (Australian UFO Research Network).

Originally from the UK, Larraine has had many experiences during her life which can be placed under the banner of Paranormal, many of which were UFO related. This prompted her to join the group to study and investigate the phenomenon. During her research in UFOlogy, Larraine developed and interest in counselling, taking reports from people who were perplexed by their sightings and close encounters with other worldly craft and beings.

Her main observation was that counsellors are not conversed in this subject matter and were in desperate need of someone like herself who understands the depth of the material to counsel and help people to come to terms with their experiences. She is greatly in admiration of the work that has been achieved overseas by the late

Professor John Mack, Bud Hopkins and Mary Rodwell here in Australia. This has inspired Larraine to complete her training in counselling and create an experiencer support group.

Larraine is co-ordinator and spokesperson for Project Bluewater gathering reports from NSW coastal areas for a data base and has presented evidence at numerous conferences. Larraine is a member of the Paranormal Investigators team that appeared in Paranormal Investigators, The Challenge Series Two, aired on TVS1 Sydney, C31 Melbourne, QTV Brisbane and C31 Adelaide in 2009 and currently screening on Community TV Perth.


Source: http://www.ufosociety.net.au/page64.html
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