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Mel Tormé

The late singer Mel Tormé reportedly observed a UFO over New York City in August 1963. While walking his dog at 2:00 one morning, Tormé saw a pinpoint of red light in the night sky. As the object moved overhead, he was able to distinguish a saucer-shaped craft behind the red glow. He estimated its altitude to be about 5,000 feet. Suddenly, the UFO darted off in a southerly direction only to come to an abrupt stop within a fraction of a second. It began to perform figures of eights and loops. Tormé, who had a pilot's license, had never seen anything maneuver at high speed. The object's sharp turns defied the laws of aerodynamics. After about five minutes, the object took off and disappeared. Tormé believed that what he saw was probably a craft from another world.


Source: The UFO Encyclopedia by Margareth Sachs - 1980
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