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Michael Hesemann
Michael Hesemann is an historian, internationally published author, award-winning documentarist, science writer and investigative journalist. Born in Düsseldorf, Germany, he studied History and Cultural Anthropology at Göttingen University in Germany. He lives in Düsseldorf and Rome.

From 1979-2000, he published and edited Magazine 2000, Europe's largest magazine on mysteries of the past and presence, which came out in German and Czech language with a print-run of 100.000 copies.

His books are international bestsellers, published in 16 countries with a total print run of over a million copies. Hesemann produced several award-winning documentaries, which are distributed in 14 countries, and worked as an advisor for TV stations and programmes in the U.S. (including The X-FILES, SIGHTINGS, ENCOUNTERS, for Paramount, Disney, The Fox Network and others), U.K. (Channel 4, MTV), Japan (NTV), Mexico (Televisa, TV Azteca), Germany (ARD, RTL, SAT 1, PRO SIEBEN, KABEL 1, TV NRW), Poland (TVN) , Italy (Rai Due) and the Vatican (TelePace).


Source: http://www.kingsofconspiracy.com/michaelhesemann.html
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