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Michael MacDonald
Michael MacDonald is a Halifax based producer/director/writer specializing in paranormal, sci-fi, aviation, and horror films. Known for his UFO and paranormal work, Michael wrote and directed The Shag Harbour UFO Incident, Intruders! Abductees Speak Out!, and the 2-hour feature doc, Northern Lights: The Canadian UFO Experience, all for SPACE network.

In 2009, Michael and partner Ian Johnston premiered their documentary, Famous Monster: Forrest J Ackerman, featuring John Landis, Ray Bradbury, and Forrest Ackerman, at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. The Globe and Mail called it, "Engaging, funny, and to be cherished."

Michael also wrote, directed, and appeared in Supernatural Investigator: The Antichrist, and Visions From the Edge: The Art of Science Fiction.

A licensed pilot, he scratched his flying itch and made, The Hero's Hero, which portrayed the life of Canada's most decorated flying ace, Billy Barker. Pierre Burton called it "A terrific profile of a real Canadian hero."

MacDonald is currently preparing Our Lady: There's Something About Mary, a documentary probing the apparitions and visitations of the Virgin Mary, for VisionTV, and is cuing up his first feature film, which he describes as a "Fun and wild UFO ride."

Michael also teaches film, and can often be found roaming the halls of the Centre for Arts and Technology, Halifax campus.


Film and Television Directing, Producing, Writing, Editing, Cinematography; Music Composition; Aerial Photography; Licensed pilot.


Source: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/michael-macdonald/8/14b/55
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