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Michael P. Lindemann
Michael Lindemann was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1949. He studied Political Science and Psychology at Stanford University during the Vietnam era, developing a lifelong interest in government policy and world affairs; and finished his BA degree in Transpersonal Psychology at Antioch University. He later combined his political and psychological interests as a social analyst, journalist and futurist. In 1989, he founded the 2020 Group, a private research organization studying forces that shape the future.

Since 1989, Michael Lindemann has earned national recognition for contributions to the study of UFOs. In 1990, he launched the Visitors Investigation Project to conduct and publish UFO research. His publications include:

1991 - UFOs and the Alien Presence: Six Viewpoints (240-page book published by the 2020 Group; republished 1995 by WildFlower Press)

1992 - UFOs and the Alien Presence (35-minute videotape, written and hosted by Michael Lindemann, produced by Spears/Thomas Entertainment Group, commercially distributed nationwide)

1996 - UFOs and the Global Situation 1996 (75-minute videotape, 2020 Group/MPM Productions, commercially distributed nationwide)

In 1994, Michael Lindemann co-founded and then headed the Institute for the Study of Contact with Non-human Intelligence (ISCNI, Inc.) on America Online, the world's first online institute devoted exclusively to studying claims of human contact with other intelligent life. In October 1996, ISCNI was converted into an online subscription news service called CNI News, which delivers twice monthly news reports on UFO phenomena, space exploration and the cultural and political impacts of contact with other intelligent life.

Michael Lindemann also consults to the entertainment industry, news media, business community, independent researchers and private individuals on all aspects of the UFO subject, as well as other issues impacting the present and future conditions of human society. A dynamic public speaker, he has offered lectures and seminars in every part of the United States, and is a frequent guest on radio (Art Bell's Dreamland, Timeless Voyager, Hieronimus and Co., End of the Line, etc.) and television (Sightings, Encounters, Paranormal Borderline, The Other Side, etc.). He is currently working on a new book about space exploration.


Source: http://www.rain.org/cosmic/bio.lindemann.htm
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