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Muhammad Ali

Muhammud Ali, professional boxer and world heavyweight champion who claims to have seen UFOs on at least seven different occasions. On one occasion, while driving along the New Jersey Turnpike, a cigar-shaped UFO passed in front of his car. The object was surrounded by a row of colored lights. His most publicized UFO encounter occurred while he was jogging in Central Park in Manhattan during the early hours of the morning. Ali was accompanied by several witnesses, including newspaper reporters and his manager, Angelo Dundee. He first caught sight of the object as it traveled slowly and silently over some nearby buildings. Within seconds, the object was positioned directly above him. It descended until it was only a few thousand feet above the ground. Then, a second object suddenly appeared from the opposite direction, and approached the first UFO. After a while, the UFOs disappeared. Ali believes that the UFOs carried friendly visitors from another world.

"If you look into the sky in the early morning you see them playing tag between the stars." – Muhammad Ali



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