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Paul Kimball
After winning multiple scholarships and awards - including the University Medal in History at both Acadia University and the University of Dundee, and the CLB Award at Dalhousie Law School - Paul graduated from Acadia in 1989 with an Honours Degree in History and Political Science, and in 1992 from Dalhousie with an LL.B. A former Program Administrator at the Nova Scotia Film Development Corporation, and consultant for Salter Street Films and several provincial governments, Paul founded the Halifax-based production company Redstar Films Limited in 1999.

His work includes:

Caesar (Bravo) – Producer / Writer, 1999
A Nite at the Opera (CBC) – Director / Writer / Producer, 2000
Dying Fall (indie feature) – Producer, 2001
Stanton T. Friedman IS Real (Space, Bravo) – Director / Writer / Producer, 2001
Denise Djokic: Seven Days Seven Nights (Bravo) – Director / Writer / Producer, 2002
Do You Believe in Majic (Space) – Director / Writer / Producer, 2003
The Classical Now – Season I (Bravo) – Director / Writer / Producer, 2003
Aztec 1948 (UFO TV) – Director / Writer / Producer, 2004
The Classical Now – Season II (Bravo) – Director / Writer / Producer, 2004
Fields of Fear (Space) – Director / Writer / Producer, 2006
Best Evidence: Top 10 UFO Sightings (Space, TVNZ) – Director / Writer / Producer, 2007
Synchronicity (Bravo) – Director / Writer / Producer, 2008

Since 2001, Paul has also established a reputation as one of Canada’s leading UFO and paranormal researchers, both through his work as an award-winning documentary filmmaker (2005 EBE Awards for Best UFO Film and Best Historical Documentary for Aztec: 1948, 2007 EBE award for Best Historical Documentary for Best Evidence; nominated for a total of seven other EBEs from 2005 to 2007), and as a researcher, writer, and speaker. He has appeared on television, radio (Coast to Coast, CBC Morningside, X-Zone, Binnall of America, Strange Days Indeed) and in person at conferences and symposiums in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States, to discuss the UFO phenomenon and the paranormal. His critically-acclaimed blog The Other Side of Truth has registered over 400,000 unique visitors in the past three years.

Paul’s work extends beyond documentaries, however. In 2007, he founded Semaphore Theatre Company, which produced the critically-acclaimed sci-fi play “Doing Time” in November, 2007. The play was directed and co-written by Paul, who had previously adapted Caesar for television and MacBeth as an indie feature which he also directed (currently in post-production). In 2008, Paul directs Eternal Kiss, a feature film for which he also wrote the original screenplay.

Paul is a member of the Nova Scotia Barristers Society and the Society of Composers Authors and Publishers. He is a past President of the Nova Scotia Film and Television Producers Association, and a former member of the Nova Scotia Film Advisory Committee. He is currently a Board Member of the Motion Picture Industry Association of Nova Scotia.


Source: http://ekfilm.blogspot.com/2008/05/bio-paul-kimball-writer-director.html
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