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Peter Khoury

Born in 1964, in Lebanon, Peter Khoury migrated to Australia in 1973. He met his future wife, Vivian in 1981, marrying in 1990. They have 2 children. What might be Peter's first encounter with a UFO occurred in Lebanon in the summer of 1971 at age 7. He and seven other children had gone up onto the flat rooftop of his neighbour's house to play. Peter was the last to walked through a heavy door that leads onto the roof. He then saw all his friends "frozen" like statues in front of him, while a silent egg-shaped craft hovered above. All eight children later found themselves on the ground floor after some time had elapsed, with no memory of the intervening period.

In Sydney, during February 1988, Peter and Vivian saw a strange light doing extraordinary movements in conjunction with a beam of light effect.

A frightening and life-changing alien abduction experience occurred on July 12, 1988. Khoury had lay on a bed and was overwhelmed by paralysis. A number of beings became apparent around him. One of them, a tall thin golden yellow coloured being, with large black eyes, inserted a long needle-like object into the side of his head. Khoury blacked out. He regained consciousness with a start and rushed into the adjoining room where he found other family members in a "switched-off" state. Rousing them, Khoury found that while they thought only some 10 minutes had passed, in reality it seemed between 1 to 2 hours had passed. An injury to his head was verified.

At that time, Peter Khoury had no real context to anchor his disturbing experience. Eventually, he became aware of abduction experiences and entered the UFO field to initially understand what happened to him. Eventually, frustrated with the problems and politics that plagued his association with ufology, he acquired a UFO investigators certificate and formed a support group - the UFO Experience Support Association (UFOESA) during April, 1993.

In 1988, Peter had an experience that involved two types of beings, telepathic communication, time loss and 'scoop' marks on his leg. This experience led Peter to search for the truth about the UFO phenomenon. Peter discussed his 1988 experience with a number of professionals and realised the need for support.

In February 1996, Peter lectured with Professor John E. Mack during his visit to Australia and was subsequently appointed the Australian representive for PEER, based at Harvard University. Peter also lectured in Japan, as guest speaker at a three-day UFO Conference.

Despite trying to focus on supporting others, Peter Khoury found that strange experiences had continued for him. In retrospect, the most striking one occurred on July 23, 1992, according to diary entries.

In 1992, Peter had an experience involving two alien females; one was a tall blonde Nordic type, the other Asian looking. Peter retrieved two hair samples which were subjected to DNA profiling with intriguing results. This subsequently became the focus of a Scientific DNA investigation in 1998.

The original DNA work was done on the shaft of the hair. Fascinating futher anomalies were found in the root of the hair. Two types of DNA were found depending on where the mitochondrial DNA testing occurs, namely confirming the rare Chinese type DNA in the hair shaft and indicating a rare possible Basque/Gaelic type DNA in the root section. The samples have been preserved for further analysis.

Between 1996 and 1999, Khoury is unaware of any experiences.



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