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Profiles In Ufology: Major Donald E. Keyhoe, Dr. James E. McDonald
and Frank Edwards

Volume 1
Major Donald E. Keyhoe, USMC ret., brought the subject of flying saucers into the main stream of American life with his article, Flying Saucers are Real, in the January, 1950 issue of True Magazine. News commentators had covered the early reports by people beginning in 1947. It was Frank Edwards who scooped the then famous news monger, Walter Winchell, by getting the news that the article was to appear to his radio audience. Major Keyhoe, by all rights of fairness, was the first modern Ufologist. He would later take over the leadership of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). The rise of scientific thinking regarding UFOs was the direct result of Major Keyhoe’s commitment to investigate the phenomena and to form a world-wide organization to this effort. This anthology of recordings covers Major Keyhoe’s contributions to the field of Ufology from 1953 to 1975.

Dr. James E. McDonald, atmospheric physicist at the University of Tucson, Arizona, believed that the ETH (Extra-terrestrial Hypothesis) was the most plausible hypothesis regarding the origin of the UFO phenomenon. He incurred the wrath of many of his fellow scientists, debunkers and the United States Air Force.

It was my pleasure to have known Frank Edwards. We shared many a correspondence in the 1960s. Perhaps my claim to fame in Ufology came when I sent Frank the first copy of AFR 200-2. While attending the University of Iowa, a flood in my apartment over a Christmas vacation, destroyed my saved correspondence with Frank. However, I have spent decades trying to find a suitable tribute to give my friend and this compilation is the result of that effort. As the first true newscaster to bring Ufology to the public, Frank
enjoyed not only writing his books, but giving all of us a thrill on his daily newscasts. This compilation contains the following areas: Newscasts, Stranger than Science radio vignettes, Outer Space Mysteries radio vignettes, Interviews, Guest Spots on Radio and TV and Lectures. This is the most complete compilation of Frank Edwards material presently available. I miss you Frank! – Wendy.


01: Major Donald E. Keyhoe is interviewed on the Betty Grobley radio show in 1953. This is the earliest recording known to date featuring Major Donald E. Keyhoe after his newest book release, Flying Saucers from Outer Space. 08:18

02: Major Donald E. Keyhoe and Time magazine’s science editor, Jonathan M. Leonard, debate the flying saucer issue on America’s Town Meeting program of
11.16.1953. 32:00

03: Major Donald E. Keyhoe gives an update regarding Sec. Air Force, Harold Talbot and the two mystery satellites orbiting the earth on Frank Edwards and the News, 1954. 02:35

04: Major Donald E. Keyhoe is interviewed by a reporter from WKAP radio in November, 1957 regarding the Levelland, Texas UFO Case. This was one of the first
interviews of Keyhoe after taking over as Director of NICAP. 11:16

05: Armstrong Circle Theater, UFO: The Enigma from the Skies. Hosted by Douglas Edwards on 01.22.1958. Guests were Major Donald E. Keyhoe, Col. Spenser Whedon, USAF and Dr. Donald H. Menzel, whom each give a position on the flying saucer controversy. It was this program where Major Keyhoe’s microphone was turned down, causing a charge of censorship by the UFO research community. 52:00

06: Major Donald E. Keyhoe is interviewed on the Mike Wallace Interviews, 03.08.1958. 26:45

07: Major Donald E. Keyhoe is a guest on the Long John Nebel Party Line, 03.10.1958. Keyhoe discusses NICAP, Armstrong Circle Theater program and his interview with Mike Wallace, two days earlier. Poor quality recording. 70:01

08: Major Donald E. Keyhoe gives a lecture to the Cleveland NICAP Subcommittee in September, 1958. 68:00

09: Keyhoe/Tacker Debate. On 12.05 1960, Major Donald E. Keyhoe and Lt. Col. Lawrence Tacker, USAF, appeared on the Dave Garroway TV Show to discuss the UFO phenomena. By the time the segment was over, Keyhoe and Tacker were at each other's throats over the subject of UFOs. 26:30

10: Major Donald E. Keyhoe is interviewed regarding NICAP on Capitol Assignment, 12.27.1961. 19:45

11: Major Donald E. Keyhoe and Col. James Bryant are interviewed regarding NICAP and UFOs on the Les Crane Show, January 27, 1965. Keyhoe is severely ridiculed by Crane, causing an uproar by listeners and Les Crane losing his show. 19:30

12: Major Donald E. Keyhoe gives a phone interview to Bob Roark at WPIN Radio in St. Petersburg, FL in February, 1965. He discusses the Wallops Island UFO incident among others. 16:20

13: Major Donald E. Keyhoe is interviewed 04.20.1965 by Dave Garroway. Morey Amsterdam is also a guest. Poor recording in the beginning, it does improve somewhat. 20:05

14: Major Donald E. Keyhoe is interviewed 03.04.1966 on the Mike Douglas Show. 08:00

15: Major Donald E. Keyhoe is interviewed 03.17.1966 by Bob Kennedy. 19:30

16: Major Donald E. Keyhoe gives a NICAP Press Conference address at the Commodore Hotel in Washington, DC on March 26, 1966. 30:30

17: Major Donald E. Keyhoe appears on the TV game show, To Tell the Truth, 04.11.1966. 09:25

18: Major Donald E. Keyhoe is a guest speaker on 12.09.1966 at the Oakridge National Laboratory. Following the lecture, he gave a slide presentation to the audience and answered questions. Unfortunately, the introduction of Major Keyhoe is lost. 82:00

19: Major Donald E. Keyhoe is interviewed telephonically on 01.06.1970 by Alan Douglas. Joining Alan Douglas and Major Keyhoe is Cleveland Ufology Project Director, Earl J. Neff. Off-Air recording and portions suffer from minor signal loss. 43:30

20: Major Donald E. Keyhoe and Col. William Coleman, USAF, debated the reality of UFOs in Canada on the Great Debate in the early 1970s. 41:30

21: Dr. James E. McDonald gives a statement to Australian radio in February, 1967. 14:30

22: Dr. James E. McDonald lectures at the Convention of the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE), 03.27.1967. 28:15

23: Dr. James E. McDonald lectures before the American Institute of Astronautics and Aeronautics (AIAA) Luncheon at the Olympic, WA Boeing facilities, 08.28.1967. 27:45

24: Dr. James E. McDonald is interviewed by David Schaumbreau on Science Panel in 1968. 06:00

25: Dr. James E. McDonald lecture, UFOs: A Case Study in Public Mis-information, at Kent State University, OH on 09.24.1968. 69:40

26: Dr. James E. McDonald lecture at Pt. Mugu Naval Air Station for the American Institute of Astronautics and Aeronautics (AIAA) in 1969. 73:39

27: Dr. James E. McDonald lectures on Science in Default at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in 1969. This is the most famous of Dr. McDonald’s lectures. 40:30

28: Frank Edwards. Medley of newscasts on flying saucers: 1952-1954. 56:15

29: Frank Edwards. Medley of Outer Space Mysteries Vignettes. 21:30

30: Frank Edwards. Medley of Stranger than Science Vignettes. 65:20

31: Frank Edwards lectures at the Detroit Flying Saucer Club on 06-26-1956. 41:30

32: Frank Edwards guests on the Long John Nebel radio program 11-01-1959 Disc 1 of 2. 61:00

33: Continuation of Track 32. 34:00

34: Frank Edwards lectures at the Akron, OH Flying Saucer Investigation Committee. Introduction by Larry Moyers. 57:45

35: Frank Edwards guests on the Merv Griffin Show 07-01-1966. 10:00

36: Frank Edwards guests with Earl J. Neff of the Cleveland, OH UFO Project on the Alan Douglas radio program 09-12-1966. Disc 1 of 2. 60:00

37: Conclusion of Track 36. 38:50

38: Frank Edwards' Flying Saucers are Serious Business Self Promo LP. 25:50

39: Desmond Leslie relates the state of Ufology in the United Kingdom in August, 1954. Leslie was a believer in the Contactee movement and a close friend of George Adamski. 25:30

40: Dr. Adolph G. Dittmar is the founder of recording the audio history of Ufology in the 1950s. This extremely rare recording has Dr. Dittmar speaking regarding the early history of Ufology on June 24, 1956. 30:00

41: Dr. Ivan T. Sanderson, biologist and naturalist, is interviewed on the Long John Nebel radio show regarding his Biological Theory of UFOs, 11.25.1956. 60:00

42: Robert Coe Gardner is interviewed by the equally famous Max Miller on 09.14.1957. 40:00

43: Dr. Willy Ley. During the 1950s and early 1960s, Ley was the Carl Sagan of the times. In this recording, he speaks on UFOs at the Civilian Saucer Intelligence – New York Symposium on 05.23.1958. 22:53

44: Public affairs program from 1960. Professor Eric F. Goldman of Princton University, moderates the program, Are Flying Saucers Only Science Fiction? Guests on the panel are: Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Dr. Donald H. Menzel, Dr. Ronald Leonard Sprinkle, Dr. Frank Saltzburg and John G. Fuller. 54:31

45: We Are Not Alone! From 10.21.1966. This program was conceived from Walter Sullivan’s book of the same name. It explores the possibility that we are not alone in the universe. 60:00

46: Dr. I. M. Levitt is interviewed 11.23.1966. He was a debunker of the UFO phenomena. 14:00

47: Hubert J. Barnahard lectures on UFOs, sometime in the early 1970s. 38:45

48: Otto K. Binder is interviewed by Anthony Amandola on 11.18.1966. 04:30

49: Robert Gribble interviewed by the San Francisco Bee on 03.24.1977. Gribble is the founder of the National UFO Reporting Center in 1974 and Phenomena
Reporting Center in 1955. 23:14

50: Robert Barry of the Aerial Phenomena Investigation Society, on his radio show. 11.20.1959. 74:00

51: Robert Barry as Director of the 20th Century UFO Bureau in 1979. 29:29

52: Brinsley le Poer Trench is interviewed in 1955. 07:10

53: Waveney Girvan comments in 1959. Poor recording. 19:16

54: Herbert C. Clark of the Vancouver, BC Flying Saucer Club, is interviewed in March, 1958. 09:08

55: Dr. von Eshleman and Thomas Holzen, members of the Sturrock Panel, are interviewed on 07.03.1998. 25:00

56: Riley Crabb on UFOs in 1967. 43:44

57: Gene DuPlantier radio vignettes of 1967. 28:05

58: Stanton T. Friedman lectures in March, 1974. Taped from audience by Rob Swiatek. Poor recording, but important, in that it is one of Friedman’s early lectures which can be compared to his lectures of today. 76:00


Wendy Connors

This audio is part of the collection at Community Audio: https://archive.org/details/ProfilesInUfologyMajorDonaldE.KeyhoeDr.JamesE.McDonaldFrankEdwardsGuide

No infringement intended. For educational purposes only.