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Rear Admiral Sidney W. Souers
Sidney William Souers (March 30, 1892 – January 14, 1973) was an American admiral and intelligence expert. He held the posts of:

• Director of Central Intelligence, Central Intelligence Group, 1946
• Executive Secretary, National Security Council, 1947–1950
• Special Consultant to the President on military and foreign affairs, 1950–1953

Rear Admiral Souers was appointed as the first Director of Central Intelligence on January 23, 1946 by President Harry S. Truman. Prior to this, as Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence, Souers had been one of the architects of the system that came into being with the President's directive. He had written the intelligence chapter of the Eberstadt Report, which advocated a unified intelligence system. Toward the end of 1945, when the competing plans for a national intelligence system were deadlocked, Souers' views had come to the attention of the President, and he seems to have played a role in breaking the impasse.

1st Director of Central Intelligence


1892 Born Dayton, Ohio
1911-1912 Student at Purdue University
1914 A.B., Miami University, member of the Kappa chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon
1920-1925 President, Mortgage & Securities Company, New Orleans
1922-1928 President and founder, First Joint Stock Land Bank
1925-1926 Executive, Piggly Wiggly Stores, Memphis
1925-1930 Executive Vice President, Canal Bank & Trust Company, New Orleans
1927-1930 Member, New Orleans Port Authority
1929 (April 29) Appointed Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Naval Reserve
1929-1934 Member, Board of Directors, Aviation Corporation
1930-1933 Vice President, Missouri State Life Insurance Company, St. Louis
1932-1940 U.S. Naval Reserve, Intelligence Officer, inactive status
1933-1973 Executive, General American Life Insurance Company
1940 (July 22) Called to active duty
1944 (July 24) Became Assistant Director, Office of Naval Intelligence, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Navy Department
1945 (November 8) Designated Deputy Chief, Naval Intelligence, with the rank of Rear Admiral
1946 (January 23) Appointed Director of Central Intelligence, Central Intelligence Group
1946 (July 22) Relieved of active duty
1947-1950 Executive Secretary, National Security Council
1950-1953 Special Consultant to the President on military and foreign affairs
1973 Died, St. Louis, Missouri


Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sidney_Souers
No infringement intended. For educational purposes only.