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Robert P. Swiatek

Rob Swiatek has been involved, one way or another, with UFOs since 1968. At the time, his interest was sparked by a spate of sightings and popular books and the then-ongoing activities of the University of Colorado UFO study. The sense of mystery instilled by the phenomenon, along with the concomitant feeling that it is of vast importance, have never left him. In the early 1970s, he joined the Mutual UFO Network as an investigator and is now a Virginia state section director. It was at the 1986 MUFON Symposium that he met Bruce Maccabee and subsequently became involved with the Fund for UFO Research (FUFOR).

Since that time, he has been actively engaged with Fund initiatives and currently serves as secretary-treasurer of that organization. In the course of his Fund work, he has, several times, joined researchers in surveys and investigations at sites in New Mexico linked with alleged UFO crashes; has interviewed, along with his Fund associates, dozens of individuals claiming to be UFO abductees in the Washington, D.C. area, and has helped organize many regional conferences on UFO themes. He is also a director of the UFO Research Coalition. Rob has been a guest on a variety of TV and radio shows and has spoken at numerous seminars.

Rob has an undergraduate degree from Bloomsburg State College (now Bloomsburg University) in Pennsylvania, where he double-majored in Physics and Earth Sciences. He has been employed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office as an examiner for many years; however, he has yet to have an application on a saucer-shaped craft cross his desk. Rob is convinced that application of the scientific method ultimately will decipher the UFO enigma. His wife, Susan, shares his UFO interest and participates actively in research and with the Fund.


Source: MUFON 1999 International UFO Symposium Proceedings
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